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I don't know why they didn't name it Wynyard.

simple - they don't wish to dig up Wynyard station again ..  just two more holes in the city

Does anyone know what the underlying operating system is for the OSCAR TOS? A version of Windows? Linux? Something else?
afik it would be a hardware option - programmable chip ...

[quote=Nightfire][quote][quote]The Berejiklian Government has announced that the New Intercity Fleet (previously known as "NIF"), will now be named the "Mariyung"[/quote]

Missed a chance there. Cou ...

Page 6 mentions 2020 bushfires and COVID-19.
next version will have the floods or climate change when they do the copy and paste ..

[quote=djf01][quote]But the stations that need it (Town Hall, Wynyard in particular) will never see the D sets (presumably).[/quote]

Especially if they get platform screens Smile. But yes, fair point. ...


For me the longterm key DD capacity and further debottle necking improvements required are

- Sexup Homebush to Lidcombe and later Granville

- Construct Inner West Metro

- Qua ...

Why was the second airport needed when there is capacity at Canberra and Melbourne?

no fast train option ... and no space for the extra plane's .. ie sydney is still open  ...

The NSW Government most certainly does have the money

it's gone very quiet on the other metro lines and the 2nd stage Parramatta light rail ...


Extending the metro around to Regents Park is a good option and then not only could you run ST via regents park services but you could run Lidcombe to Liverpool shuttles to increa ...

Just a crazy idea I suppose.

with all the tunnel work on the main line .. there is a good chance a modern train may not fit the tunnels on the zig zag line

[quote=Yappo]A little late but the first track had been laid in Church st, Parramatta. A small update regarding works along the Carlingford section.

[url= ...

Posted 09 Feb 2021 18:45 in New South Wales by viaprojects

Google Maps recently started to charge for access to their API. At a bet I’d say that the API account is a free one and thus...
no - the api changed for google .. still can u ...

Decommissioning of the network in the 1950’s meant it must have been one of the first tram networks in Australia to be removed even regionally.


real bad news joke .. ...

To be Fair, QR Still has their long distance Loco Hauled Trains.

Tourism and mixed freight / passenger services are a different topic .. would have to use a loco or tw ...

[quote=The Vinelander]

Now let's also compare Sydney to Albury with Melbourne to Albury.

[url=]https://transportnsw ...

[quote=The Vinelander]

Now let's also compare Sydney to Albury with Melbourne to Albury.

[url=]https://transportnsw ...

not a news item .. time for some respect and let it drop ...

Would be great so see investment like this from Australian rail operators or users like linfox and others.

done and ripped up .. we use shipping containers for door to  ...

Posted 05 Jan 2021 19:29 in Sydney Suburban by viaprojects

Posted 01 Jan 2021 19:52 in Sydney Suburban by viaprojects

[quote="RTT_Rules"]I'm guessing what ever the solution Railcorp have more than likely done their homework and are looking for a low maintenance solution that also reduces vibration and noise on the br ...

Seems like a 2021 start date looks more realistic with issues like this still to resolve?


no issues - just re posted from slow news  ...

Posted 25 Nov 2020 18:54 in Sydney Suburban by viaprojects

How much extra weight will the concrete decking be?

We need a civil engineer to post on Railpage Smile


more of a hybrid concrete solution .. should be lighter solutio ...

Amazing investment in Sydney will will bring benefits and investment from business.


not really - the budget is stuffed - and there still spending real n ...

Must be an Australian invention.


government paperwork process .. to rush an old local rail project we had to order another airport .. to get the road upgrades w ...

Without the likes of DHL, Amazon and Australia Post on rail within the next decade it's hard to see what will be left for long distance rail intermodal.


no chance .. AFIK th ...
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