Model Railway Pictures thread!

  R700 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Melbourne
Hmm fire and plastic....that will work well! Laughing

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  4464 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gone, like a fart in a fan factory!
I saw the real thing up the Hunter last week.

Your model looks too cleaner than the real thing. The body isn't partially burnt out, nor is the observer's side covered in graffiti  Razz

Funny that!When ordering it over the phone Phil from Trainorama sarcastically asked if i wanted graffiti on it to after ear bashing him over the phone! Laughing
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
I thought it was time to post a pic of my loco collection:

Very Happy
  Lambing Flat Chief Train Controller

Location: My preference....... Central West NSW, circa 1955....
About time we had something in this thread for us old codgers...  Wink

Modified and weathered Trax brass 30T and Trainorama steel S truck at Lambing Flat (HO)

1:24 scale (G gauge) Krauss, converted from an LGB Stainz and based on the Mt Lyell and Burrinjuck Krauss locos, on the Rurr Valley Railway.

Scratchbuilt 1:24 scale model of a Tasmanian Government Railways (ex Tasmanian Mainline Railway Co) E+ closed van.  Constructed mostly from styrene.
  409 Minister for Railways

So your the one behind the Rurr Valley Railway then. All I cam say is that you have done an out standing job on it (workshops are going to be busy for a good long while though Laughing )
  TBP Minister for Railways

Location: Singleton

North West Rail & Steam Museum's, outstanding looking 30T class loco No. 3019, seen on the approach to Tamworth with two Pullman cars in Tow.
This was 3019's first tour north after restoration and re-painting to sky blue, and with gold numbers, copper top chimney.
Cheers Paul Bird, NWR&SM Operator & Manager.
  Pitch Deputy Commissioner

Location: Over There
Looks great James especially the 30T.
  RM62 Deputy Commissioner

What happened the the NCR loco

and who is NCR?

Im from victoria and dont have a clue 8)
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
A couple of fresh pics from Bombo, just to show things are still ticking over on Jambaroo Mountain

The latest motive power acquisition, 42211 shown here sitting in the refueling   siding between jobs.  Bought off Ebay from Thirlmere of all places, she's an early Lima body & chassis with a Modeltorque motor, which so far, has given smooth and reliable performance.  

The engine sheds looking a little worse for wear then when we last saw it! 42103 and 8015 await the next call to duty.  Note the silver paint on the moulded airhoses on 42103.  They show how simple alterations can drastically improve the appearence of the model.  8015 is yet to recieve this treatment.

Fresh out of the shops and awaiting numbering and decalling is HG??? The guard is takign a breather before assisting with loading from the goods shed

From the top of the embankment, near the yet to be completed road bridge we can see into the "Bombo Bowl".  42107 has just skulked by underneath with a short goods destined for up the mountain whilst 4807  appears to missing its chassis.  Perhaps its tyres are being replaced
  Alyx Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, Australia
Excellent Pictures Duffy.
I particually like the shed scene!
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
Thank you.  Im rather pleased with the shed, considering it was my first scratchbuilding attempt.  Ive started work recently on some interior details so keep your eyes peeled in the future
  Mikesta Train Controller

Location: Illawarra
I am a huge fan of this layout duffy especially your taste in locomtives; mostly candy. Way to go Laughing
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
I am a huge fan of this layout duffy especially your taste in locomtives; mostly candy. Way to go Laughing

Thank you Mikesta and yes, the candy does seem to be dominant!  I hope to rectify this a bit in the next year with Tuscan 44, 45 and 48
  SAR621 Chief Commissioner

If your game, find a burner from an oil lamp, bring the wick up nice and high eg. over half a cm so you get a dirty black flame and move it under the doorway (you dont wanna take to long, or your shed will be a scale burnt out loco) and you will get a nice coating of authentic soot on the door.
  Mikesta Train Controller

Location: Illawarra
So what is your current locomotive fleet?
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
Loco fleet is currently:
NSWGR Budd Railcar

8015, 42107 and 3801 are not mine but are currently (and very generously) on loan to me

Thanks for the tip, SAR621. Might be a future attempt but at the moment Im not quite ready to risk burning it down yet!

For those wanting something other then candy, I present 42107 passing the cement silos on its way up the mountain
  Tsubame800 Chief Commissioner

Hmm so that tells me there is a common painting fault on one end 42211 the last 1 has a scratched top.
  Aaron Minister for Railways

Location: University of Adelaide SA
Here are some shots of some of my locos...

My apologies for some of these being a little out of focus, I am still coming to grips with the macro mode on my new camera! Confused

Here are a couple of photos of my kit bashed (South Australianised) Bachmann (Spectrum) tamper, it's not my own work, a fellow club member performed the surgery...

Two of my more favourite models are my Trainorama SAR 930s. I finally got brave enough to remove the body and fit the right lens... 951 has yet to receive such alteration.

The now almost ubiquitous Ghan NR class

  spottyrahr Chief Commissioner

its a work in process..
i feel for the poor 44 though. its as about as old as i am and i think it either needs repairs, or its stuffed.

doesnt go as fast as it use to, and sometimes it wont really start, you gotta move it up n down a little on the track to get it to start going. and it makes the worst sounds :S
  TBP Minister for Railways

Location: Singleton
Vry nice locomotives Duffy, 422's being my favourte GM's of all time.
42103 & 8015 are also very nice to. And in Candy.
Candy has always look more appealing to NSW items.
620/720's as well.
  Mikesta Train Controller

Location: Illawarra
Duffy what types of freights run on your layout are they prototypical to the south coast?
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
At present, none! However, 5 BBWs are on their way to make up a Bombo Ballast 50s/60s/70s era.  Im also planning a milk train (Hopefully Lloyds BMT will become available again) and Limestone (S trucks!).
  Aaron Minister for Railways

Location: University of Adelaide SA
Here are some photos of my club's layouts.

Our permanent layout (still under construction)

Here we have some views of our main terminal station aka Rome (it's been SEVERAL days and it is still not yet built....) - as you can see by the designer dust... Ahem, I mean *weathering* - Yes, that's what it is, but I still must do some dusting....

I have half finished lighting the station, and it was most remiss of me to not have it lit at the time of photographing, I must have been in a rush.


- Of course any resemblance to Adelaide Station is unintentional and purely imagined... Besides, it's back to front... Wink

Every large station needs a large boulevard leading to it, and Rome Station is no different. I am particularly proud of this part of the layout (having supplied most of the skill in getting the *visible* electronics to operate seamlessly). We even have properly sequenced traffic lights, (barely visible) clearly I had too much time on my hands...


I did not realise how good the road surface looked until I photographed it...

One of our members is most talented at scratch building from cardboard, his own personal layout is mostly scratch built from cardboard. He has kindly donated/built several buildings in these scenes. (Remember I said that Rome is not Adelaide, and the bridge you see in the next image does not represent the Morphett Street Bridge Wink)


Including the excellent model of the ruins of the Nairne(?) flour mill.


The bulk of out permanent layout is little more than bare track and some basic terra forming, but we do have a couple of good bridges...


Scenery is obviously still to be completed in these areas, but we are slowly getting there!

Now for our exhibition layout *Paradigm* it can be shown in two sizes 10m x 2m or 8m x 2m. Most of the following photos are of Paradigm in it's earliest of days in the so called *short form*

Under construction


and a couple of scenes from the more completed (current) form, Paradigm is of course constantly evolving as time passes.


There might some more photos to come when I can summons the energy and effort to take them and upload them...  

My *whole* gallery can be seen at and there are also some other pictures available from the NMRI Club's website
  Duffy Chief Commissioner

Location: ACT
Very nice, wouldnt mind a run on it!
  Aaron Minister for Railways

Location: University of Adelaide SA
Very nice, wouldnt mind a run on it!

Paradigm regularly tours interstate - We'll be in Warnambool on the 14th and 15th of Janurary and you would be most welcome to run on it... We've let five year olds we've never met before run OUR trains on it, no worries at all!

For the permanent layout, well you'll just have to come to Adelaide and let us know and we'll let you drive that too!

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