Williams Landing railway station?

  Kerpal Deputy Commissioner

I reckon all the stamp duty, payroll tax and gst generated by this development should cover it!

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  Tornado_ALIVE Station Staff

FYI, this station is planned to serve as a public transport hub with a bus interchage, taxi stands, quick drop off bays, bicycle access so the main focus is on access via public transport.  Therefore the 500 car spots to them is less of an issue.  The plan is for this station to have the ability to service (particularlt via public transport) well beyond Williams Landing, into Point Cook, Truganina and many of the new suburbs being built or proposed around the are.  Also have the facilities to accomodate disabled commuters.

Like many others I do not know what the budget break up is and weather it is realistic or over the top, however if they build what they are proposing (including beyond the station) it will be a very valuable asset for Western Melbourne.  Could they build something right the first time????  I guess we will see.

Also Palmers road has already been linked to the Freeway from Point Cook direction.  only 1 lane each way, however the plan is to increase to 2 each way down the track and provissions are in place.  The overpass will be extended under this development over the railway lines linking up with Pamers rd in Williams landing which will be 2 lanes each way.  North of Sayers road, Palmesr Rd will be realigned with Palmers south of Sayers in Williams Landing.  This road will be a major North / South route to the Freeway and as the are develops further, will be very buisy.  I think a lot of the general public underestimate the scale of the development that will happen out there beyond just a train station.

Perhaps a little bit of forward thinking from this Government for a change and a chance to do it right the first time.  We'll just have to wait and see.
  balikoy Chief Commissioner

Is that the same station which is impossible for local pedestrians to access ?
  Tornado_ALIVE Station Staff

Well it is from Point Cook at the moment, and from the Northern side of the highway, the road has not been built all the way down.  Not such a problem though as their is no station there yet.  When it is finished though, including the extension and continuance of the Palmers Road overpass, it will be acessable by foot, bike, bus and car from both sides.  

  DalyWaters Chief Commissioner

Fancy drawing.

Where is the 500 spaces railway car park?
  Brendan03 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Fancy drawing.

Where is the 500 spaces railway car park?

That render is a very very early rendition and in no way reflects the current design, which was released a couple of years ago. (I started a thread for it a while back)

Found it.

The original image, which is still available on the Dept o' Transport website, though my link in the above page is no longer valid because DOT have changed their website again, varies somewhat from the recent render release.

Original Version

Updated Version
  712M Chief Commissioner

Why does it need stairs, a ramp and lifts?
  42101 Banned

Location: Banned
Why does it need stairs, a ramp and lifts?

So people can get to the platforms perhaps. Rolling Eyes
  balikoy Chief Commissioner

It needs the ramp for the wheelchair users to use when the lift is broken.
  MrIndependant Banned

Location: Banned
Watergardens, Box Hill, Nunawading, Dandenong, Laverton, Parliament, Melbourne Central, Flagstaff & Southern Cross stations have lift access, but do not have an alternative ramp.

All DDA compliant CityRail stations in Greater Sydney are accessible by either stairs OR lift, not both.
  balikoy Chief Commissioner

I could add many other places to that list.    

Nevertheless,  the latest policy is apparently that stations should have some alternative means of disabled access other than the lift,   so that disabled people are not trapped on the platform if the lift is out of order.

Don't blame me,  I didn't make the policy.

I've seen this mentioned twice in the last week or so,  although I don't remember exactly where.
  Villian Junior Train Controller

So why not just put in lift and ramp.
  balikoy Chief Commissioner

A lot of normal people hate long ramps,  particularly when they are in a hurry.
  Villian Junior Train Controller

Well with the increase in passengers at peak times a ramp has got to be safer than the steep stairways they appear to be putting in. Altona is a good example it is only going to take one person to stumble at peak to cause what could be a serious crush/accident.
  steveo2004 Chief Commissioner

It needs the ramp for the wheelchair users to use when the lift is broken.

Not only people in wheelchairs, I have osteoarthritis in both knees, some days I'm good and can walk up and down the stairs and other days I can hardly walk at all. I tend to use the lift at Laverton not because I'm lazy but because they do not have a ramp so when the "lift is out of order" I have no choise but to use the stairs and it could take me upto 5min to walk them depending on the pain, and people get pissed off esp it is peek.
  Via City Loop Chief Commissioner

Wasn't there an issue at Laverton (I think) where an ambulance stretcher couldn't fit in the lift? Could be cheaper than enlarging the lift capacity.
  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Yeah. Dude had a coronary on the platform and they couldn't fit the stretcher in the lift.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
Wasn't there an issue at Laverton (I think) where an ambulance stretcher couldn't fit in the lift? Could be cheaper than enlarging the lift capacity.
"Via City Loop"

Yeah. Dude had a coronary on the platform and they couldn't fit the stretcher in the lift.

Here we go:
  Robuster Chief Train Controller

Location: Werribee
The reason for the ramp, lift, stairs etc are due to the new standards un the Disability Discrimination Act. These relate to disabled access to any property and must be followed.

The act all so takes effect on any upgrade, refurbishment or development works that are undertaken on a site (minus residential), which means there is a need for compliance, no matter now minor those works are.

Which in turn pushes the price higher on any future project.

The act took effect from the 1st of May 2011.
  Murasaki Chief Train Controller

Location: Going sideways... in carriage DET-9216 (>ω<)
So why not just put in lift and ramp.

A lot of normal people hate long ramps, particularly when they are in a hurry.
"Then balikoy"

I can vouch for the ramp hatred. The long ramps at Ingleburn (Cityrail's South Line) make a short visit in the town difficult: it takes me over 1¼ minutes to switch platforms by running. Definitely what I consider an "able-bodied-unfriendly" design. (-_-)*
  Tornado_ALIVE Station Staff

Proposed walk bridge from Point Cook side to WL

Update on the department of transport site, including a video.

  mm42 Chief Train Controller

Ramps:  The proposed ramps are great because they go in a single direction, so if you're walking between the car park and the pedestrian bridge most users would take the ramp.  Also between the pedestrian bridge and heading to the far end of the platform, most users would take the ramp.  This means the ramps will get used by normal people, not just the mobility-imparied.  The ramps that back-track on themselves, such as at Roxborough Park, are next to useless unless you can't use stairs.  

Bus stop: Earlier renders showed a bus bay on the Palmers Road bridge, so feeder buses could drop their pax at bridge level.  Now the buses have to travel further, and the pax climb an extra set of stairs.  Any estimates of the extra connection time required ?  It would need to be at least another 2 minutes.
  Villian Junior Train Controller

This morning as I got on to the freeway I noticed a load of excavation vehicles at the spot where the station going to be built. Are they about to actually start it does anyone know?
  heisdeadjim Chief Commissioner

Read the fred Smile
  Tornado_ALIVE Station Staff

Started a few days ago.  Below outlines it.


Williams Landing Project
Construction update
Establishment of site compound office
Dear resident / business owner
The contract for the design and construction of the Williams Landing Project was
awarded to Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd in August 2011.
The Williams Landing Project involves the construction of a new premium railway
station and an extension and widening of Palmers Road to provide transport access
to Williams Landing, in one of Melbourne’s growing suburbs.
As part of these works, a site compound will be established on the north side of the
Princes Freeway, off Forsyth Road, Williams Landing. Please refer to the map below.
To ensure the safety of the community a 2.4 metre mesh fence will be erected
around the site compound.

Machinery such as excavators and trucks will be used and residents may hear some
noise. All efforts will be made by Abigroup to minimise any inconvenience.
Location of Main
Compound Office
Access point
into site from
Forsyth Rd
These works will commence on 23 August 2011 and will take approximately five
weeks to complete. All work will take place during the normal working hours of
Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm and Saturday 7am to 2.30pm.
The construction of a new railway station at Williams Landing will help serve this
growing community’s current and future transport needs.
The extension of Palmers Road will link the station and Williams Landing
development with the Princes Freeway and Point Cook.
The project team will provide regular information updates to keep the local
community and key stakeholders up-to-date as the project progresses.
Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss any aspect of the construction
process, please contact Abigroup Stakeholder and Community Relations Officer –
Michelle McKenzie on 0407 458 004 or email michelle.mckenzie@abigroup.com.au
For more information about the project please visit
http://www.transport.vic.gov.au/newstations, call 1800 078 387 or email
Kind regards,
Michelle McKenzie
Stakeholder and Community Relations Officer
Abigroup Contractors Pty Ltd.
18 August 2011

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