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  Shawy Chief Train Controller

Now I have to eat my words! You are quite right, there IS some 60s steam in there - I can't believe I forgot about Malcolm's work, especially since it is so good.


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  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front
Might as well throw mine in either or both the NSW and Loco & Rollingstock collections....
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner


No worries, ou don't have to sound so enthused though!

  KRviator Moderator

Location: Up the front


Don't worry about my lack of enthusasiasm too much. Often happens when I've just got home from work... Though yesterday was my RDO... Embarassed
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

I have updated the list,

  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
Worthy of addition would be Sydney Gunzel. Although not a Railpage Member as such, he participates in many Railpage group outings.
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner


  V544 Chief Train Controller

Location: Melbourne

My fotopic site should be under the Victorian section.

  neety Chief Commissioner

You can add my site if you like
Mostly Aussie stuff, but some NZ and European.
  Flagstaff Red Afro

Location: Eaglemont, Hursty line, Melbourne.
Nice list you've got there,

Now what to categorise my site as... I'd suggest you put it in the victorian section as my photos from Brisbane and Sydney are each in their own album.
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

Site updated, Thank you to Neety and Flagstaff, would love to Ding to give public access to his photo's they do look good,


For MGH, rather than recreating the Image Gallery and all of the band hogging issues it recreates, how about formatting the information I have collated here, into tables and have each phographer submit a representative thumbnail that links to their Off-Railpage image site. With the photographer selecting the state/system of their interest and adding key words, that appear below the thumbnail and link to the offshore webhoster as well.

Chris H
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

I have update dthe list with "Rodney's Railway Photo's" in the Victorian section and Gavin McLaughlan's great pictures.

  Chovies5910 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Here, There and uhhh Penrith
So i just post the link here?

People who add me as a buddy get bonus shots to Wink

  hotdogpants1 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Here.
Heres my site:
I should be listed under Victoria. WinkSmile
  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

Updated 17 August 2008
  cnsylvester Train Controller

I'm trying to find a photo of the train and plane collision at Kingsford Smith Airport way back when.  Can anyone point me in the right direction

  wolfpac Minister for Railways

Location: Over here...
Geeze, doesn't take me long to work out...

Thanks to whoever listed my website in this thread!  Mr. Green I don't usually venture into the Photography forum too often, something about not having worthy photos, but I guess someone out there appreciates my work!  Smile

And no shameless, self-promotion needed... Laughing

  Hendo Deputy Commissioner


No worries, I must admit you got listed quite a while ago! I like the update on your fotopic site.

The list is getting too much to handle in terms of updating so I have started a new one off line which I will post in a few weeks.

  wolfpac Minister for Railways

Location: Over here...

Embarassed Must've been, considering the age of the thread... Laughing And thanks, plenty of updates recently! Very Happy I suppose I should really make a shameless self promotion thread for myself here, too. Smile

Probably a better idea, and makes things easier on yourself.

  Hendo Deputy Commissioner

The New List- Inevitably there will be some repetition with the original list and please accept I haven't categorised it in such detail.


Hansonator’s pics – yes I know James is on the original list, but he has been so prolific in getting out and photographing trains, he deserves another go -

Steve Bromley’s Tassie Rail pics - great

Kim and Chris Andronicus

Allan’s pics from SA, excellent pics and drawings, including Whyalla Tramway -

Aaron’s SA pics, rail and light rail -

Brett Fish’s – Rail and Tpt pics

Brett Fish’s – Steam, Preserved Rail, Tram and Buses

Silver City Comet’s – Rail Operations

Steve Sharrock’s – trains

Steamer’s Gallery -

Scott Hillan’s -  

Robert Parnell


Vlocity 160 Victorian

New South Rails

Chris Nelson

Leon Batman

Tribute to the SMR 10 class

Tribute to the NSW 442 class

PB's Rail & Steam Pictures

Geoff Taylor

Ninth Notch

Fred Kinch’s



Trendyh +

Darren Wood

David Craik’s – World Railway Gallery, including Oz

Doug Knowle’s – Trains, planes, ships and anything else

7SM1’s - and his Bendigo trams

Phil Wormald’s outstanding European, US and Chinese rail pics -


Bwana’s new collection

The WheelsOnSteel forum galleries



Graham Elliot’s Gheringhap photo’s -

Jim Bisdee’s WA Rail photo’s -

Martin Bennet’s Victorian pics -

Rail Geelong -

VLine Cars – some superb detail shots and explanations

Cameron’s gunzel-cam -

CPD Bear’s – CR, AN, SAR pics -

EMDGT26C's photos – some nice pics of El Zorro, SCT and GWA -

Matt Julian’s -

Rodney William’s pics -

Rob J Castillo’s Victorian pics -


Wongm's new site, very nice

sashmo  QR, NSW and NSW private operators

Allan His SA pics have moved to

xr554 has deleted his old directory and it is now at

Alex NR29 has some nice pics of traffic on the TA to Kalgoorlie and other stuff around WA

Michael EL60

Updated 161029K Dec 2008
  sashmo Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane Qld
you can add mine it has a few old QR NSW images and a few more modern era NSW shots. i tend to film whatever railway items appear in front of my camera.


  allan Chief Commissioner

The link to my South Austrlian gallery has changed to

There are other galleries there too...
  xr554 Chief Commissioner

Location: Ashton S.A.
Hendo, I had some trouble's with my old gallery, so i deleted it and made a new one. The link is

Cheers, Andrew
  NR29 Chief Commissioner

Location: Perth Australia
G'day  Hendo My Gallery are located at: also Updated recently

Alex (NR29)
  EL60 Chief Commissioner

Location: left
g'day Hendo my gallery is feel free to add that to your list

Michael (EL60)

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