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  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Just a heads up for potential RS/RW creators who do not frequent any other forums. Matthew Peddlesden, the head honcho at UK Trainsim is trying to get an understanding of how the community is reacting to RS/RW.

He is asking why those who have created content for MSTS or Trainz but have not created content for RS/RW or if they have but are not continuing with the new simulator then why not.

He is also asking what it would take for you to switch from your current sim in order to create content for another simulator or to RS/RW.

RS has been out for nearly two years now and the amount of 3rd party content released for it is pretty thin.  If your holding back for any reason here is a chance to let a respected member of the train simulation community know why, and that may or may not have some influence on the powers that be.

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  PhilChorusch Chief Commissioner

Location: Banned
I respect this question superheatedsteam. I was going to make some Aussie content for RS which is why I brought RS, but sadly the simulator didn't want to work on my system, so I am happy to stick with MSTS Wink

Best Regards, Phil
  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Hence you shouldn't spend $50 on software unless you're absolutely certain it will work on your system. Think about getting at least 4GB of RAM, or 3 if you're on XP, and save up a couple of hundred for a decent video card with 512MB or a gig of onboard RAM.
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
I'll quickly answer here, but will also on UK Trainsim.

Yes i have created content. Why haven't i released it. Either i've lost interest in it or because its not ready or the standard is 'low'. The main issue is the bar has been raised so high that what would be acceptable in MSTS isn't in RS. If I use the 'xxx' cab from an American loco on my Aussie Flat top T it wouldn't be acceptable. And the same sound wise.

What are we looking for in Australia. MSTS type objects or High Quality stuff. No one wants to take it on. The bar is too high or my stuff isn't good enough scenario.

Also RS/RW is more of a 'group' effort then a one man show. We need people to create vegetation, others buildings and some to build locos/rollingstock. Others to work on physics and getting them into the sim. Then we need someone to 'put it all together'.

IMHO I doubt that Team Alco will 'come to the rescue'. They seem to want to continue working with something that 'works'. Face it, more people have MSTS than RS/RW. This will change but how long into the future are we looking at? But then again we won't get anywhere if nothing gets built NOW!

To make this work we need your input.

So guys, if you can do something speak up now. I'm willing to coach people through. For instance AC16, thats why I made those 2 tutorials a few months ago. Only this week have I got a comment back on it. So is it worth making them. I can bang up similar ones for Buildings, Vegetation, locos, Rollingstock but is there a crowd for it.  

Superheatedsteam and Me seem to be amongst the few doing anything for RS/RW in Aust. Decapod might bring a small pressie but there isn't anyone screaming for Aust stuff so doubt it will happen. Mike Simpson is battling away to make it a 'workable' sim so i think his plate is rather full on that front.

Also we need a specific forum here. Microsoft TrainSimulator X is dead. Face it.  

Think thats enough from me.

  woodford Chief Commissioner

I apologise in advance if this seems a bit of an aggresive post , it is something I am that concerns me greatly

While I have never released a route for any train sim although I have worked with both route editors in both MSTS and RS as far as I am concerned I am not interested at ALL with high detail routes. These are train simulators not country side or city simulators. The route that most made me feel what it was like to be a driver was the Adelaide hills and SE route that is all I wish for in a sim, you do NOT need high detail for this.
Being shot down because I choose to do a low detail route but accurate in railway terms is not  and never will be my idea of fun. This is something the the RS people and users do not appear to have any kind of a handle on.

Another reason why I have not obtained RW is that I am not interested in being controled by the "man" via steam.
  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
Being shot down because I choose to do a low detail route but accurate in railway terms is not  and never will be my idea of fun.

Who is shooting you down?  You buy whatever simulators you like and make whatever you like with them to satisfy yourself.

Who it telling you to do otherwise?
  Brock_05 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Swinging Spanners under Trucks
Superheatedsteam I think that he was making a generalisation rather than being personally affected. The ideas of rail sims is of course driving 'trains'.

Getting track laid is rather 'easy' in my opinion. Accurately is another thing. I laid the track for the Cudgewa route between Bullioh to Cudgewa in a week. Whilst roughly the looking right, the grades in places arn't accurate.

The main issue is placing the many thousands of trees quickly.

I've had a quick look at your 'issue' and i should have it up and running in a week, hopefully.  Then we'll have to look at building a cab and hunting up some sounds and figuring that out. Hmmm.......


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