Where am I Victoria? - Non Cryptic - #3

  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
Could it be Dysart?

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  Rodo Chief Commissioner

Location: Southern Riverina
South of Seymour on the broad gauge has been where 2 tracks ran into one until early 20th centuary. Then it was double line over the bridge. Now the lines single to go over the bridge at about 100 km from Melbourne.
  mikesyd Chief Commissioner

Location: Lurking
Yes it is Dysart (aka Goulburn Junction) - which is the location that Rodo would be referring to as well.

Single Track at Opening in 1872 (when the line ended at Schoolhouse Lane, located on the south side of the road of the same name for a few months as the Bridges into Seymour were still under construction).

Duplication brought Double track in 1886, which ended just north of the former terminus as there were not the funds (sounds familiar) to construct the extra bridges into Seymour. That location became known as Goulburn Junction, where the two tracks merged into one to cross the river and associated flood plain.

Sidings for Military use (buildings still remain in the field on the Western side) appeared during World War 2.

World War 2 also caused the funds to be found to duplicate the bridges and Double Track reached Seymour in 1942 and the junction was abolished.

Then more funding shortages associated with the SG Project in 1961 caused the Eastern side Bridges to be surrendered to SG, so Goulburn Junction re-opened - and the arrangements continue to this day.

Valvegear was in first - over to you Sir.

(As an aside, does anyone know if there was Double Track on the North side into Seymour (and on to Mangalore) prior to 1942, or was that a later addition?).

Edit - question answered as VicSig says duplication reached Mangalore in 1889.

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