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  VRworks Beginner

Hi Folks,

Just completed my first foray into the world of 3DC.
Very interested in knocking up some more oz scenery items with gum trees high on the list.
Today I give you the Tool shed/Lamp Room or Thunderbox in classic VR colors... )

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  LowndesJ515 #TeamRog

Location: Not in Victoria
Looking good VRworks!

I use Rail Simulator quite alot, I love the game and to be able to have some aussie content is pretty exciting! Keep up the good work.
  21bobs Beginner

Congratulations on the creation of such excellent images.
I have been holding back on purchase of Railworks 3 as there does not appear to be any Australian content. Being a user of MSTS since its inception I have emassed a vast array of routes and models which have been created by very talented and dedicated people both past and present. Their efforts are very much appreciated every time I create an activity and drive an Aussie route. It will be a real shame to have to leave all this wonderful content behind.

It is unfortunate that interest in MSTS seems to have almost dissapeared, I guess the fact that it is over eleven years old means that it is considered to be past it's use by date.
Open Rails shows great promise and once the developers get to a stable revision I am sure that interest will return and many great Routes and rolling stock will be created using the extra features that Open Rails will provide.

Unfortunately, I do not have the talent to be able to create Aussie content for Railworks 3 and feel very envious of your efforts.
I wish you great success with your Aussie content for Railworks 3 as this sofware is superior to MSTS and it looks like there is an active group that will continue to improve it's performance.

I look forward to following your progress.
  snowy446 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Somewhere on a train
Screenshots - http://forums.uktrainsim.com/viewtopic.php?f=302&t=116046First NSW route
Zig Zag Railway
Lithgow - Bell 
Download Link - http://www.uktrainsim.com/filelib-info.php?form_fileid=26601 
  VRworks Beginner

Thanks for the comments gents,

Bob, fortunately one does not require too much talent for simple objects just a whole lot of patience and perserverance.
I wasn't a big fan of Railsimulator at the start and thought it was inferior compared to Msts (still is as far as content goes) but after building a new pc I gave Railworks 3 a shot and was very impressed.

Things like cab sway, weather/rain effects, friendly editor, 3d cabview, and just the overall graphical quality make it a great sim.
You do need a decent card and processor to run it nicely,  but I remember alot of people having the same issue back in 2001 with msts.

Anyways the first Victorian scenery item should be available for download on Train-sim.com tomorrow. Smile

  VRworks Beginner
  VRworks Beginner

Still got a bit to do texture wise,... my attempt at Daylesford Goods Shed

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