How many km's do you drive a year?

  libertyRS Junior Train Controller

Location: staring at the water
When I got my first car in 1998, my dad told me the average person drives 20,000km per year.. This time last year I bought my wife a new car and today I happened to drive it and to my surprise it has 51,000km on the clock. A tad shocked considering she drove it out of the yard with just 3km on the dash! So is 20,000km still used as the average amount people drive a year?? I also want to use this as proof that she does not need to drive the car to every bloody social event, coffee with friends, shopping trips in the city, lunch with friends, etc!!  Rolling Eyes

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  Foamer GEEWONG

Location: Geelong
I have a work truck and I do on average 4,500kms a month.
Most of this is the travel from Geelong to Melbourne daily.  The service calls I do are mostly Port Melbourne or Western Suburbs, all short trips from the workshop.
  wongm GEEWONG

Location: Geelong, Victoria
So is 20,000km still used as the average amount people drive a year??

It comes down to how you get to work, and how often you visit the countryside.

My car only gets used to drive to supermarket once a week, and to take my camera lineside to take photos of trains. Because of this I struggle to put 10,000 km on it in a year.

My mum works only a few kms from work, and is lucky to drive 20 km in a week. (or 1000 km a year)

My Dad likes to go fishing on his day off, which is a 250 km round trip once a week. (13,000 km a year in itself)

My mate drives from Geelong to Melbourne for work each day, doing over 40,000 km in a year.
  alstom_888m Chief Commissioner

I usually drive around 7-8,000km per year, and I live in a regional area. I use public transport whenever possible. If I lived in the suburban area, I would probably do away with owning a car, as much as I love driving, I have no tolerance for heavy traffic.
  R44 Chief Commissioner

Location: Moving paper
0, but I am planning on changing that
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
For me it all depends on what I'm doing. If I have a driving holiday I can easily rack up 10,000km in 4 or 5 weeks. My average would probably be around the 25,000km per year.
  billybaxter Chief Commissioner

Location: Bosnia Park, Fairfield
Work in two offices, one about 65 km from home, where I go three or four times a week, the other about 10km from home, plus a bit of driving around to clients. Bought my car with about 10k on the clock in 2006, it has about 125k today. So, about 20k a year is spot on. Most summers we head off for a 3 week camping holiday and run up 4 or 5 k in those few weeks.
  Draffa Chief Commissioner

About 2400km/yr.  Less if I got off my smeg and started riding again.
  Valvegear Dr Beeching

Location: Norda Fittazroy
My average is 24,500 km  a year.
  frosty Junior Train Controller

Had my current car for 8 months. 3 on the clock when I picked it up, 50,250 now.
So, about 75,000 annualised.
  seb2351 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
75000km per year. Mostly because there is no reliable  PT to get to work from where I live so driving is the only option.
  Graham4405 Minister for Railways

Location: Dalby Qld
My estimate above is for how far my vehicle travels in a year, not for how many kms I drive in a year. My vehicle is driven by both my wife and myself and I also drive work vehicles. I don't have any way to know how far I drive in a year...
  urailes0623 Assistant Commissioner

Location: HELP
26500 km in my private car used between 2 people,
120000-140000 km in my work ute used by me only,
80000 km in the 2 work trucks used by 4 people.
  Brendan03 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney

I am without drivers license.

I can't get on my high horse about Roads and Traffic but I certainly can about Public Transport, given I rely on it 100%

I'm okay with this, mostly... though it's changing.
  greasyrhys Chief Commissioner

Location: MacDonald Park, SA
Whenever I drive, usually 20km a day.

How about the price of unleaded? What a JOKE! My local BP had unleaded at $1.59 a litre. Just because other countries are having 'price hikes', doesn't mean we have to. The so called 'watchdog' isn't watching at all! Whoever is responsible for these 'joke of a price hike' for unleaded should be KILLED, and shamed for eternity. Enough said.
  Pressman Spirit of the Vine

Location: Wherever the Tin Chook or Qantas takes me
38,500kms per year averaged over the past 21 years - in 4 vehicles (Yep thats 808,500 in 21 years)
Then add to that an average of 5,000kms a year in rentals

Greasyrhys, I stopped complaining about fuel prices after a recent trip to Auckland NZ, (mid March)

Unleaded was $2.19.9 a litre over there and strangely Diesel was $1.59 a litre (Prices here that week were $1.42.9 for Unleaded and $1.56 for Diesel)

A massive difference for ULP yet Diesel was nearly the same!!  Rolling Eyes

Incidently, our prices are based on the Singapore refined fuel price as far as I know, so yes greasyrhys ourprice will go up and down with other countries prices
  R44 Chief Commissioner

Location: Moving paper
0, but I am planning on changing that

Got my L's today... Lets change this
  Jajb94 Deputy Commissioner

Location: In a BAM
I got my car with already 337000kms on the clock in feb last year, and I have done 22000kms in it to date, having said that it has spent about 2 months un-useable due to repairs to keep it roadworthy. I average about 400kms every week and I have only every put 98RON into it. I find the average price for most of last year for 98 was about 155c/L. But since January i have noticed the average shift to about 162c/L.
I travel about 35kms round trip to work 5 days a week, and cricket in summer on the weekends or I drive to play trains in the winter. I find that I have done up to 100kms a day about 2-3 times per week.
  Serviceton_Kev Chief Commissioner

Location: Fecking here!
When I was in Oz, I'd rack up at least 20 000 k per year. Since I've been in Thailand, I picked up a New Nissan March (Micra in Oz) with only 5 k on the clock back in the last week of December last year. So far I've racked up over 2500 k in it. It's the missus's car and I have to admit, it goes well for a 3 cylinder...nice little rasp to it plus no speed limits here! I regularly do speeds here that would've seen me lose my licence many times over back in Oz! It's not the speed that kills, it's the sudden stop! Mr. Green
  poppins122325 Chief Train Controller

Location: Hunter Valley
Average around 100km to get to work and home each day, then if theres special call outs can see me doing up to 150 on top of that as well.

Have to agree about the fuel too, had a mate i went to school with pay $1.79 per L for ULP last week, :S
  A78 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Banned
Probably 20-30km has had license for a year now but could of got them at end 2009 but got them early 2011
  whiteknight Locomotive Fireman

Location: Kings Park.N.S.W. 2148.
 They say that the average motorist drives 20,000 klms per year.But that all depends on what you use the car for.I up until 3 years ago used to be employed as a Professional Chauffeur,working for a Media Company here in Sydney.And i used to drive into the City along the M7/M2,Lane Cove Tunnel/Harbour Bridge to get to the office every day.I was lucky that the company picked up the tab for everything.Fuel,toll tag and Mobile phone.But i also worked long hours to drive the C.E.O. and Chairman of the Board around.Now this was no ordinary 9 to 5 job.

  But today i am retired and living the good life-trying to ,and i leave my car in the garage,and use it only of a weekend.And in 12 months i have covered some 15,000 klms.I do stil enjoy my driving, and now it all depends on where we need to go and for what reason.But today we live in an era where you need a car to get around.Public Transport is not the greatest especially out here in Sydneys North-West.It is more of a conventience thing,to just jump into the car and go.

I hope that my contribution has helped answer your question.
  andrewstrains Assistant Commissioner

Location: Townsville, Where else but QLD
I drive about 9000ish Ks a year in my car generally.

However in my work car I generally drive about the same a month as I do a year in my car.

Just to add to that a fair bit of my driving in the workcar is on the dirt, which is a whole new ballgame esp whne passing or overtaking tripple roadtrains....

  Nightfire Minister for Railways

Location: Gippsland
My average sits at around 38'400 km's per year.

In years gone past my average has been over 60'000 km's per year.
  Grantham Minister for Railways

Location: I'm with stupid!
In the reasonably distant past I've driven up to 100,000km in a year, but I've gotten away from that. Now I drive my old ute up to about 500km per year, unless I take it to Sydney during the year, at which point my annual mileage goes up to 800km. 8)

I put a few miles down on the Mrs' car though, because we commonly use it to go on hols a couple of times a year, and rack a few thousand up in a week or two.

Not much motoring, and happy with the bear minimum I do.


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