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what if a qualified operated operated mvhr track and got income from various freight
Exactly what freight did you have in mind, remembering freight needs to generally be hauled longer distances on rail to make a profit for the train operator and be of any real world value to the local producer. The same truck that collects the farm or factory product can carry it straight to the Brisbane wharves or other Brisbane regional destinations well within the total time required by the connecting Mary Valley branch line train and associated mainline connection Gympie for Brisbane. This was the underlying problem with the Mary Valley pineapple traffic which only was railed to the Brisbane cannery. The farm loaded truck could easily carry it to the Brisbane cannery much quicker so in better condition and without trans shipping problems.

Brisbane Gympie has a highway allowing truck haulage times not able to be matched by rail when you consider the time from farm to branch line rail depot, time for the branch line train to arrive and be loaded, time for the same train to load at other branch line stations enroute, time to wait at Gympie for the connecting train to Brisbane, time for the train to Brisbane to sit out the curfew due to the Brisbane commuter train peak hours, time to fit in amongst the frequent suburban timetable once it does eventually get into the Brisbane area, then port rail terminal time.

The huge Gympie Nescafe / Nestle coffee factory material inbound and outbound is road hauled to and from Brisbane as is the local dairy produce. Check the huge Nestle coffee factory at 30 Pine Street, Gympie, Qld on Google Earth or check the following Gympie website to what goes on there

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read the table Graham.

I did. My purpose in posting it was to show how inconclusive it was in proving or disproving what was posted on Facebook.

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