The Newcastle Rail Line IS to be cut, announced 14 dec 2012

  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

I'm sorry, but I'm having trouble with the links.

from Maitland Mercury:
Txt generation joins the fight to save the railway
Teenager's social media campaign to be applauded
Rail protest to pick up steam at Steamfest

Letter to the editor from The Herald; Letter in support of keeping rail line

and you can see the difference in the tone of the comments. Those who support cutting it, are allowed to call those who support keeping the rail line, names, and allow what could be considered very inappropriate comments, but those who support keeping the rail line are not allowed to, the comments are edited, and sometimes heavily edited.

And those who support cutting the rail line seem to think that every person that supports keeping the rail line is a member of Save Our Rail.

Although they are the same media, the Maitland Mercury seems to have a more balanced view.

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  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Edit:Still having trouble with the formatting, I didn't include any size or colour tags. (Oh forget it, I can't fix them)

Maitland Mercury:
Facebook rail protest gathers pace: [size=2][/size]

Hannah's video here:


Let's try the other links again:
Mercury title: Vote 4 Railway (Txt generations joins SOR campaign. . .): [size=2][/size]

Teenager's social media campaign to be applauded: [size=2][/size]

Rail protest to pick up steam at Steamfest: [size=2][/size]

Newcastle Herald:
Letters: Cutting line will lead to rail rage: [size=2][/size]
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

A6et, their is still an issue with the links. Believe me, I've tried and I've tried, and still unable to fix them.
  a6et Minister for Railways

April 2, 2013, 11:30 p.m.I TRAVELLED  into Newcastle mid-morning from Fassifern on Easter Saturday.

There were many passengers with huge luggage – so much that a lot of luggage was on the  seats and in the aisles.  
I contemplated the much-discussed cutting of the rail line and tried to picture Saturday’s travellers struggling to get off the train and on to a bus at Wickham or wherever.
 Forget road rage, it will be rail rage and plenty of it.

From the last page link

If the links do not work, copy the first part of the heading prior to the link, into the search box of google that will bring up this RP thread as well as the main letter. It was short & sharp.
  HeadShunt Chief Train Controller

I don't mean to sound like a broken record on the subject of financial crises, but if it is true that we have not yet escaped the GFC, more trouble is on the way. Any new property development in the former rail corridor could well run into major financial problems if another (stage of the) economic crisis pays us a visit. Then, to add insult to injury, not only would there be no trains, there could also be empty, half-finished buildings (as occurred in many parts of the world), OR, just more empty spaces and general deadness, something of which Newcastle already has enough.

It's unlikely that I'll ever visit the non-existent 'CBD' of Newcastle if I can't get there on rails. Not that the developers care.
Like the removal of the Sydney (and Newcastle!) Tram Network, this decision will one day be seen as a tragedy by informed members of the general population.
  Mrs_O Station Master

Location: At a Station near You!
I agree kg3000. The best solution for the future of Newcastle would be to sink the line not to remove it.

I get the impression that Newcastle will be a repeat of what happened with Southport Queensland.

Amen to that.....
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Disregarding the issues of putting the line below ground (including issues with tour trains that are diesel and/or steam), developers such as McCloy don't want ANY thing on that rail land. They, including developers claim they are not after the rail land. INSERT Pigs are flying pictures!

You must ask yourselves why? It's nothing more than a land grab, and I wonder "how" developers have "persuaded." Owen. I believe he refuses to reply to emails that are about the rail line, if you support keeping it, and if you disagree with HIS figures in an official Hansard. The figures were only given to him by I believe Michelle Harris, so called transport journalist.

The Maitland Mercury had the more correct figures. Harris & Owen using her figures stated only 80 & 7 to save the rail line. RUBBISH. Maitland Mercury had the more correct figure of 250 - 300, with in excess of 100 (115 was the count) at the Politics In The Pub meeting about the rail line with a special guest. There was hardly any room left, that people had no choice but to sit on seats that were reserved.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

A certain person who was asking if people would like to sign petitions has stated that they went to a "business meeting" held at a well known place. They commented yet again, that it seemed like mainly like another "Hurry up and Cut the Rail" meeting. What this person did say however is that their was a suggestion, that they want to cut it at Hamilton.

I had an opportunity to see how many have signed the petition. It was quite a lot, and I mean a lot. And someone stated that they have got hundreds of names on just their petition alone.

Also, it MAY have been suggested that the transport minister or a council has ordered the group, that are looking after the petitions, that they were not permitted to have a stall outside ON the road, or some CityRail staff may be sacked. That's a summary of what I was told anyway.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

It's in The Herald for tomorrow, but religion has once again stuck it's nose in NON-religious issues again. The Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Church supports the stupid idea of cutting the rail line.

Religion must stay out of NON-religious issues.

After a meeting put on by the HDC, where they said that the rail issue was not allowed to be discussed (they actually turned off the microphones of the public who wanted to speak), I found out that ANY submission for the Newcastle Urban Renewal that includes keeping the rail line will be ignored, so I contacted planning and at first; She said that is correct, any submission that includes keeping the rail line will still be able to be displayed, but will be not taken into account, due to that submission being deemed “not correct.”

I then asked two questions, that if any submissions support keeping the rail line, will they be ignored, and any submission that supports cutting the rail line, will not be ignored? All I got was a standard reply, that does not answer my questions. I sent it again, and stated that the reply did not answer my questions.

I have since contacted them (Planning) and this person stated to me, that they will not reply to me in writing to answer my two questions. But this time she claimed that all submissions will be considered.
  Speed Minister for Railways

Religious figures are public figures. While there's a clear separation between church and state, the separation between religious issues, moral issues and issues of government is a less clear one.

If the church only spoke on the topics of which former Commonwealth Treasurer Peter Costello approved, people would lose interest once they'd heard the resurrection story, the walking on water story and the loaves and fishes one.
The archbishop's Good Friday article seemed to echo the argument of another person who has been railing against the banks and the miners: the Federal Treasurer, Wayne Swan. He attacks miners and banks as a way of shoring up Labor's support base - a little bit of class warfare to get the faithful back into the fold. When your primary vote is about 30 per cent, there is some method in that madness. But I don't think it is going to work for the archbishop. Are people going to flock to church to hear sermons against miners and banks? Bank-bashers are a dime a dozen. You don't have to wait until Sunday to get an earful of that.

When the church speaks of its unique message - the life, death and resurrection of Christ - it draws on centuries of Christian thought and theology.
"Peter Costello"

PS: NewcastleExpress posted elsewhere a press release stating that the opinions reported by the Newcastle Herald were the opinions of a lay employee of the Diocese and not the Diocese's or Church's opinion.
  Showtime Chief Train Controller

A spokeswoman for the University of Newcastle was on local radio last week condemning the planned closing of the Newcastle line as the University forges ahead with it's planned Campus in central Newcastle.
However, they have pulled out of the purchase of the old Post Office Building leaving Tim Owen with another project to keep his mind off removing railways.

Also a good letter supporting the retention of the line in last Saturday's Herald.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Here is the article and the comments:

And update is that someone wrote to Letters to the Editor of a paper called John, and he went on a local talkback radio show, and said the has concerns of why Number 1 is the Maitland-Newcastle Catholic Church getting involved, but most importantly number 2, he mentioned did the person in charge of the Maitland-Catholic dioceses take it to all of their dioceses, all of their congregation/s to take this to a vote?

Without actually saying something, on the radio, this John person may have been "hinting" at something.
(Edit: This John person only wrote an email to a radio show)

Here is the person (as in single) from the Maitland-Newcastle dioceses submission here(1) . Interesting how it seems have "tones" similar to that of the HDC/HBC/Murphy group.

1. If the link doesn't work, just go to the exhibition page here: [size=2][/size], and do a find for the PDF titled CatholicDiocesesMaitlandNewcastle_McCallumB_Newcastle
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
The train was packed 10am Sunday on the up, probably going to the foreshore boat races.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Junction box, more correctly you need to and an "s" on to that train word.

Just to add, I eventually found the main group's submission that supports keeping the rail line: Click on: (4.9MB PDF)

Edit: Part of the persons' NUR submission from the Maitland-Catholic dioceses:
The Catholic Diocese, as a major Stakeholder in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley fully endorses these
  mallows952005 Station Master

Location: Oatley N.S.W.
Has anyone considered the "new idea"of using the dead space above them rail corridor when building all these new offices/hotels. It has worked in sydney and has even enhanced the interaction between the transport system & all the extra people the new build will bring into the area.
  Watson374 Chief Commissioner

Location: Fully reclined at the pointy end.
Has anyone considered the "new idea"of using the dead space above them rail corridor when building all these new offices/hotels. It has worked in sydney and has even enhanced the interaction between the transport system & all the extra people the new build will bring into the area.
How is this new? Cities like Hong Kong and Singapore have been milking stations like this for a very long time.

It's not hard, once you get into the flow of things. Say you have a railway passing through a random suburban area. You build a station, next to which you build a mall and twelve-tower housing estate. Voila!

Rinse and repeat.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Has anyone considered the "new idea"of using the dead space above them rail corridor when building all these new offices/hotels.
The developers & Co don't want anything either on, above, or under the rail line land. Hmm!

But, but according to Greiner & his puppets(1), Newcastle Station is "not well used"  (video temporary deleted until further notice), and only has 25 passengers a day!
(Video is temporary deleted, but it shows the a crowd of passengers getting off)

1. Or is that the HDC & their puppets?

Wonder if the link works now. (If the link doesn't work just copy & paste this:
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

It has come to my attention that a representative of the group that supports keeping the rail is to be interviewed by person called Max (not sure his last name) on 2SM & most of their networked stations at approx. 12:30 am (about 15 minutes or so from now)

Unlike others on that station, he seems to be fairer, and allows calls from both sides of an issue, even if he may disagree.

  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Edit 1:33am: If I haven't lost count, it's been 8 callers to keep, and 1 against claiming it is ugly and said "all the businesses have moved out because of the rail line."

1:41am = 9 callers to keep, 1 to cut.

1:48am = 10 callers to keep, 2 to cut.  She said that she is new to the area, lives at Wickham, and claims that everyone else that rang up is from Save Our Rail. - How would she know? She (her view) claims that the majority support cutting it, which is not correct. She also claimed that only 10 to 15 use it.

2:50am = 10 callers to keep + 1 to stop Sydney trains at Broadmeadow while keeping Maitland trains to Newcastle, 2 to cut.

The first one to support cutting it was around 12:50am or so.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Max Delmege, a talkback host on 2SM (1233 in Sydney) has stated that he is to interview Brad Hazzard about the Newcastle Rail Line either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday morning. Not sure of the time.
  scott4570 Chief Train Controller

Max Delmege, a talkback host on 2SM (1233 in Sydney) has stated that he is to interview Brad Hazzard about the Newcastle Rail Line either tomorrow, Sunday or Monday morning. Not sure of the time.
"Newcastle Express"

Max is usually heard on 1269 2SM (AM Radio) Saturday and Sunday Mornings, 12Midnight-4am, amd Monday Morning 12Midnight-5am.

- Scott.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

I think this is appropriate for here.

What were the HDC clowns doing with a stall at a council event? HDC is state based.

I don't see where they were a candidate for the council elections.

RE Max Delmege (who is a former developer): Brad Hazzard's office told him that he was too busy and will be on sometime next weekend.
  ssaunders Train Controller

I need some help here guys, is there a link to anything that states Newcastle Councils position on either retain or trash?

  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

I need some help here guys, is there a link to anything that states Newcastle Councils position on either retain or trash?

Let's put this way, we know what the so called "mayor's" view is, or should I say is after!

At the moment, it's evenly split between Liberal & Labor, not including the "mayor" who we all know is a de-facto Liberal. One person has the balance of power.

Oh, yeah BOTH Civic & Newcastle Stations have recently had the opal ticket poles installed.
  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

The Lower Hunter Discussion Paper (LHDP) mentions cutting the rail line, and "public" forums were held about this LHDP.

Now it includes the cutting of the rail line, but while rail issues are important as well, but bring up about the Newcastle Rail Line issue in anyway at all, and they try to stop you from mentioning the issue, as they claimed that was for another time, even though it is part of the LHDP.

Interesting what a developer said as well.

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