HO NRPY/NRPX Type Cement Hopper Manufacturers

  Chooks_Bum Beginner

Location: Banned

Am looking at buying some kits and have a Qld company  in mind.
Have made these in the past and they make a very nice rake, especially when weathered in grime and cement dust.

I know I can super detail these kits, however, I was wondering if there are other brands about, or if some are planned as kits or RTR in the future?

Have  a few 'Austrains' VPCX hoppers and am gobsmacked by the quality and detail. I realise they are RTR and not the same hopper as above, so please don't think I'm knocking anyone.

Looking forward to any feedback


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  dthead Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia

AR KITS based in Warrick, QLD make the NSW cement wagons.  Modelling wise  I am happy with them but are not  a expert in them in any way.

But the owner of the company will help you out in any decent way, he's on here occasionally too.

David Head

  Geekboy Train Controller

Location: Banned
  railmod Chief Train Controller

Kieran Ryan does very nice etched walkways and ladders that will take the kits to the next level too.


Keiran's ARDP site should also have a heap of photos of the real thing that can be used for detailing purposes, if you need higher res photos PM me & I'll see what I can dig up , now I just gotta get around to making my ones.

Cheers Alex.

  Chipps Chief Train Controller

Location: NSW

Thanks for the feedback lads.

David: So it looks like AR Kits are still the only option for this hopper.

GB: "Kieran Ryan does very nice etched walkways and ladders"
Thanks for that. Will check out the site and see what's available.

Alex: Yes I also have the ARDP cd's hiding somewhere, but thanks for the kind offer. I  printed A4 copies of the hoppers involved in that derailment.
Who would have thought such a nasty incident would be a bonus  for modellers needing detail shots.


  Chipps Chief Train Controller

Location: NSW

Short update.

Have ordered some NRPY hoppers from AR Kits Very Happy
Also placed an order for the Keiran Ryan dress up kits.

Thanks for the feedback and advice everyone, am looking forward to this build session.


  4464 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gone, like a fart in a fan factory!
Thanks to Blair in the US, I used his PRX's as a reference for my NPRY's!

  Chipps Chief Train Controller

Location: NSW

Hey 4464, thanks for sharing the comparison photo.

Am a tad lost though....

Would you be kind enough to explain what is extra from the standard AR Kit hopper?
Looks like the blue hopper has extra detail underneath and the grey hopper some brass ladders/walkway (bit hard to see though).... Are these scratch or kit additions?

Also, any photos of other angles would be much appreciated.

Have you weighted them with anything like sinkers?


ETA: Oops, just realised these are not your hoppers Laughing
  gw0071 Deputy Commissioner

While the hardware detail items have been mentioned so far, would anybody have any tips on how to reproduce the dried cement generally found spilt about the fill points/along the top? I'm sure this advice would be generic for all cement hoppers
  wrongroad Deputy Commissioner

Location: Grafton
G'day Chipps,
You will not need to add any weight to the AR cement hoppers as they are nice runners as built. I do not know, or care, if they meet any weight standards set by various mobs.
I have quite a few of these unit covering several generations of 'company' logos and all look pretty good on the layout and they do not take all that long to put together as an out of the box kit. If you wish to detail them to a higher standard of finish, it will obviously take longer.
To get a good weathered finish, I simply airbrush them with several light coats of different greys. I use Tamiya paints....XF66, XF54, XF24, let them dry for at least a week or until you can not smell the paint and them dribble metho over the top and then down the sides of the wagon. The end result is different on each unit.
Put all your decals after the first couple of layers of paint and then one or two very light coats over the top of the decals.
The hopper body can be built seperate from the chassis and I glued all the hatches and the like from inside the body....
Because of the seperate chassis and body, you can fit a rear flashing light to the wagon with ease and all the circuit board and wiring tucks neatly inside the body.
Have fun with then and if you are not happy with the finish of any unit, wash it clean with metho and do it again.
Just take your time with the weathering and don't go too hard.
You can paint the unit with a metalic paint and then go with the greys but I did find going straight with the grey paint better for me.
Regards and respect
  Chipps Chief Train Controller

Location: NSW

Good stuff wrongroad.

Thanks for offering your tips, they are much appreciated.

Like the idea of leaving decals until later coats, makes a lot of sense. I would have applied them before first coat Rolling Eyes
Have an Paasche air brush  and will practice with those Tamiya colours.

Hi gw0071.

Perhaps make a very weak mix of pva/water, dribble over hatches and sprinkle a light coat of cement dust or talcum powder?

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