CQAX's at Canberra

  rgmccau Junior Train Controller

Location: Canberra
I went past Kingston on Saturday (for the first time in ages), and there is a long line of CQAX 80ft container flats in the sidings near the old goods shed! When did they arrive in town?! Are they being stored/scrapped??

Regardless, it's a great opportunity to get up close and measure/photograph them, as you can drive right up beside them.

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  torana Station Master

Location: Menangle.N.S.W.
They were transported to Goulburn under the cover of Darkness, during the weekend and if you have a look through the pages on Facebook, they are being cut up in Goulburn Yard.

I hope that answers your question.

torana. Kings Park.N.S.W.
  monday Chief Commissioner

The correct answer is that the CQAY/X's are in storage in Canberra yard as there is nowhere else for them.

They have since been joined by a heap of CHAY and CHOY ore/ballast wagons.

The wagons being cut up in Goulburn yard are AGWF's, which were owned by Aurizon and the scrapping has nothing to do with CFCLA.

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