Extend Lithgow line to Bowenfels Parkway

  Jim K Train Controller

Location: Well west of the Great Divide in NSW but not as far as South Australia
What light engine? We don't have any electric engines left.
Whilst 1985 person states there are two locomotives stored at Lithgow, you are correct. "We" don't have any. And I some how don't think the State will buy back a couple of 32 year old monster electric locos off El Zoro to do some light engine work.

A rather funny thread, re open Cooerwull? for all those numerous commuters?

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  blacktails1985 Station Master

Wow I had no idea my comment would be seen in that way.

My remark about the 86 class was just a humourous suggestion, not a plan to re-activate the line to Bowenfels or run services along there.

Although if they did eventually build that Maldon to Dombarton line, these might be good to use.

Both 86 class were both there about a month ago. I can't remember the date, but I will go back through my photos to see.

There were other locos in Lithgow yard as well that I got pictures of that day too, all SSR I think.

I suppose this is irrelevant, but I'll still post the info next time.
  blacktails1985 Station Master

To Jim K please refer to me by my whole user name thank you. Mere courtesy. And could you please clarify your justification at referring to these 86 class as 'monsters'.
  blacktails1985 Station Master

It was on the 2nd of May. There was trackwork and 8223, 8258, 8207, & 8253 with a load of
coal were waiting at Westmead on Platform 2.

My parents and I went out to Bathurst for the Weekend. While my mum saw her friend, my
father and I went up the mountain, played some Ten Pin, and took some pictures of the
Mini Railway they have around there.

In a siding over on the right (coming back) were three SSR G class, but I couldn't get
close enough to get a good picture, let alone discern numbers.

On the way back at Bathurst I think we went to a Fossil & Mineral Museum, and a Bike
Museum as well.

Coming into Lithgow, I took some pictures of SSR B61 and GM10, as well as SSR 4910 &
4904. Further along and over by itself was SSR GM27. I also spotted SSR 44204 with
'Paul Fitzgerald' written on the side.

Just before we headed up the mountain and out of Lithgow, we stopped and I went down to
the carpark area and spotted 8609 & 8622 in the roundhouse, along with a battered 4877 in
need of some TLC.
  Jim K Train Controller

Location: Well west of the Great Divide in NSW but not as far as South Australia
A Monster is an inefficent machine:

- Rating at over 4000hp, the network could hardly cope placing restrictions of movements of the trains,
- They were built poorly with the majority of the Units having structural cracks in the frames within 20 years of being buit.
- The couple left which are not owned by the state wont return to active service due to these issues (besides Maldon-Dombarton was only planned as a 25Kva line.)
  wally-wowser1 Train Controller

Location: overlooking the Mt vic washaway on Soldiers Pinch
Cause of the  sub frame  cracks was due the change of specs to a part of the suspension between the bogie & frame called a Elephants foot . This happened at the same time as  replacement of timber sleepers to concrete sleepers , less movement downwards to below track caused vibration stress upwards thru the main & sub frames resulting in cracking of various members . This only occurred on 86 class  loco's & only those  that had the new suspension components fitted.  Specs were changed to a harder material to save money with less component changeout required .


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