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  NoRockBurners Beginner

Hi Modellers,

For those who haven't yet heard, or as a reminder for those who already know, the Epping Model Railway Club Inc (EMRCI) is holding its 2016 Model Display & Open Modelling Competition during its annual exhibition. The exhibition is held at the Brickpit Stadium, Dartford Road, Thornleigh - over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, June 11-13. Models are invited for display over the three days of the exhibition, with the option of entering model/s for judging in the Open Modelling Competition.

This year, the modelling competition will include four categories:
•             Kit Built (loco's, rolling stock or structures)
•             Kit-bashed (loco's, rolling stock or structures)
•             Scratch built (loco's, rolling stock or structures),
and for the first time, to encourage modelling input into RTR (or any other ) loco or item of rolling stock…
•             Weathering!

There is no cost to enter either the display or competition option, though modellers will be limited to one entry in each category to control numbers. To minimise disruption on the opening morning of the exhibition, models will be accepted on set-up night from 5pm on Friday evening, 10 June - or by exception (and prior arrangement ONLY eg for interstate visitors) up to midday on Saturday morning during the exhibition. Models are available for collection from noon on the final day (Monday) of the exhibition.

To encourage participation in the Competition, entry of three or more models into the Competition will earn those modellers a free entry pass for the exhibition!

The Entry form, including your receipt, is posted on the club's Homepage, at [color=#0000ff][size=3][font=Calibri]http://www.eppingmodelrailway.org.au/index.html[/font][/size] . Opening the Entry form in Excel allows you to complete the form electronically so that you can print off a completed form, or just print a blank form using the PDF option and fill it in the old way? Just make sure that you complete one form for each model beforehand, and bring a copy when you drop it off each model. We're modellers that display models too, and having the Entry form available online eliminates the stress of forgetting to list half the details of what you've done, because you're filling-in forms on the spot & under pressure![/color]

The club is keen to encourage modellers to extend their skills by opting to have their model/s judged in the Open Modelling Competition. Subject to sufficient entries, the competition will recognise the first three places in each category with a cash prize, with the possibility of including HO modelling products supplied by the trade stands in attendance - which is currently being negotiated.

Have a browse around the Club's website when you get your Entry form, or Like "Epping Model Railway Club" on Facebook to keep up with things in the lead-up to the exhibition. If you're interested in joining the club, or want to come along to our Friday night meetings or events for a look, just sing-out to a club member at the exhibition - we'll be the ones in the Bright (!) Yellow shirts!

There's now less than 2 weeks until the exhibition, so complete that project you've been working on, or dust off something that you're proud of, and enter it in the exhibition? Either way, just come along and enter something!

Thanks folks,


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  Iain Chief Commissioner

Location: Concord, NSW
I think we would all like to see pictures of the entries and winners posted on a forum like Railpage so we can all see the standards reached and admire the models.

  Streamliner Junior Train Controller

Location: NSW South Coast
I went along yesterday to get my fix since I wasn't able to fly back to Adelaide for the AMRE, there was still a line up at 10.30 which was a good sign. I headed straight for the sellers stands to snap up any show specials, the bargain bin at Auscision was the best, and I picked up an unpainted XPT power car and carriage for $150 and $80. Not at all what I had planned to buy- I was hunting for a C class or an 82! Whilst there I had a look in the cabinet to admire the SAR ALX car carrier (can't wait) sadly nothing else that caught my eye.
After buying a few detailing items I enjoyed the walk around the layouts, even though they were mostly 'narrow gauge stuff' I have grown to like many of the NSW Locos since moving over here, much to my confusion! My favourite layout was 'GORDON' for the details and quaintness of a country station. The fact they had a couple of Locos painted the correct maroon and silver livery had no influence whatsoever Wink The most impressive was 'BETHRUNGA' with its helix around the hill and many bridges made for great watching. It was worth the drive and Sydney traffic, I look forward to the Liverpool show in October.


A hint to my XPT's livery






More photos can be found at my Flickr album here:
  danpickard Junior Train Controller

Location: Geelong
Thanks for providing some photo reports of the layouts that were on display across the exhibition.  

Something that does give me a bit of a laugh each time though, is all these layouts that make a decent effort of assembling a good quality layout for display, and then go and name the layout with a big bold sign...with the letters all fluffed up.  It does kind of take a little edge off the final little finish of the display.

Not to pick on this one layout in particular, because I've seen it on a considerable number of layouts over the years, but will mention this one just because there is a photo of the sign in those above albums.  "Bullenbung Creek" - where the first E is upside down, the second U is back to front, the C is upside down, as is the first E in creek.  Usually I only notice one letter glued on wrong in one of these sort of signs, so bonus points to this group for getting more than usual wrong Smile . Hot tip - print out the name first in something like Word using a similar font, and then copy it carefully before you commit to hitting it with the glue.

Dan Pickard

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