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the eBayer still has several 1020s and I have one ordered.
Having received the correct Mashima 1020, I pushed on with re-motoring my Ixion C32.

As the flywheel was no longer needed, shaft at that end of the 1020 motor (opposite to worm gear) was first cut off. Wires to the OEM motor were unsoldered and the motor removed. Now to retrieve the worm gear from OEM motor for re-use. I had no trouble getting the flywheel off the shaft, but the worm would not budge. I decided to sacrifice the motor and then gripped the armature while pulling the worm. You guessed it, the armature came off the shaft, with the worm still stuck solid. I then gripped the (now bent) shaft and finally got the worm off without damaging it. Now to bore out the worm to fit a 1.5mm shaft. I have no lathe, and only 1.25 and 1.5mm drill bits, so a two-step bore. I chose to drill from the worm end only, and after completing the bore noticed that the drill had run slightly off-centre, yuck! Anyway, the worm was a reasonable fit to the 1020 shaft and I secured it with Loctite 243. Hopefully it is not too eccentric...

Next yuck was the chassis motor cradle which has to be ground out to accept the Mashima 1020. Unfortunately lugs that secure the motor retaining cage were ground too thin and broke away, leaving the cage retained at one end only. I examined this and scratched my head for about an hour, but concluded that a repair of the lugs was too difficult, so I have bonded the unsecured end of the motor to the chassis using silicon sealant, which is removable. The cage retains the motor at the worm end only, which ought to be adequate to counter driveline forces. Not entirely happy with this solution – perhaps a Mashima 1015 would have fitted with less grinding? Another minor issue to deal with is longer wires needed to reach the 1020.

I attempted to fit lead around the flywheel area, but clearances were really too tight, and I abandoned that idea. There is no way that a Mashima 1024 would fit this area. I already have the Ixion up from 157 grams to a respectable 178 grams, with lead in the sides of the firebox, over the gearbox, in the sandboxes, keeper plate, and under the dome and chimney.

Overall more work to re-motor than I anticipated, but hopefully the running improvement will be worth the effort.

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