Windows 10 Update Fixes MSTS

  Gavin J Junior Train Controller

Location: Stawell
On my Windows 10 laptop, MSTS would not work, but bizarringly the Editors and Tools did.
OpenRails worked great and I would run MSTS with it.

2 days ago I wanted to make a few new activities, but the Editors and Tools would now not load up,
obviously an update had zapped them ?

I spent hours reading what all the boffins said to do....changed compatability settings etc, but all
to no avail, so I just just went and used my old Windows XP computer to make the activities.

The computer then wanted to put in the big Windows 10 update....4 hours later when it had finished, I
looked to see if anything was different.

Low and behold, in the 'properties' to the shortcut were 2 new boxes to tick, if you clicked on
"change high DPI settings".

I ticked both boxes , hit APPLY and   now   Editor and Tools worked !
I did the same for the MSTS game shortcut....and MSTS now worked !! for the first time on my Windows

I then loaded up some ancient old games from 1999, Microsoft Pinball and Midtown Madness and a Car
Rally game from 1998 , ticked the "change high DPI settings" and they all now worked !
A Microsoft update that actually fixed something !

I don't know if it is all just a coincidence, as some people were able to run MSTS on Windows 10
before , but it's worth a try, especially as the all important Editors and Tools is now accessible


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