Inland rail creates grand challenges


News article: Inland rail creates grand challenges

RAIL is the most economical and safest way for Woolworths to transport from distribution centres to stores.

  x31 Chief Commissioner

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Now we have a customer coming out and supporting the inland rail project rather than an operator.

Woolworths says they will increase use of rail which is also good but inland rail is not going to assist between Adelaide and Perth and Adelaide and Melbourne.

Do Woolworths have their own distribution centres where rail could be added?

Inland rail creates grand challenges

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  SinickleBird Assistant Commissioner

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Woolworths, in their corporate wisdom, have located their distribution centres alongside motorways - Minchinbury (M4) and Hoxton Park (M7).

Empty words to me. Minister for Railways

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Also they are at Barnawartha, working closely with SCT.....

IMO the inland rail business case was very interesting in that it looked through the operators and went to the end users like Woolies.  It looked at the underlying demand, not what the rail operators wanted to carry of it.
  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

Woolworths primary hub in Queensland is at Warwick. Containers are received and despatched from there by road for transfer to rail at Moolabin and Acacia Ridge to the north and south.
  cuthbert Train Controller

For SE QLD, do a bit of a search on Bromelton Industrial Precinct, PN, ARTC and SCT own huge plots of land on each side of the Interstate Rail Line, already upgraded to DG to Acacia Ridge. ARTC plans to have the IR use that section of track to go to Bromelton and Acacia Ridge. There is heaps of space on these lots for intermodal depots and enormous warehousing facilities for any customer's rent money.

On the point of Coal, the QLD Gov wants to divert the western coal away from the pas rail network to run on this future section of IR from Toowoomba to ACR. That combined with the POB pushing for a connection to it from IR as well, ARTC is indeed focusing on what customers want, not the rail operators.

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