Cylinder Cock Hissing sound for MSTS Steam locos

  SavyIsJoshoArts Station Staff

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland
Earlier on today, I was doing some coding and research regarding about adding the missing sound onto the Steam Locomotive's .SMS file to add the hissing sound file the steam locomotive makes when the cylinder cocks are opened when departing.
You guys are in for a surprise with how I was able to get around to adding that missing link (i.e. coding and sound file) to work.

there is good news and bad news.
The Good News being, I can confirm that this will work perfectly on Open Rails 1.3 release version. Bad news though, the cylinder sound will not work on the old MSTS program as it will have a pop-up with an Error to load .SMS file while doing so., after testing and using ConTEXT to code it properly and seeing nothing wrong. It will not work for MSTS alone. But will work with no errors on OR 1.3

I gave the cylinder cock sound some testing on Open Rails onto Team-ALCO's 3801 hauling my 3D Model rollingstock mixed consist of my S-Type Sets and N-Type Sets.

If you would like this done for your steam locomotives too. here's the coding to add to your .SMS files
Skip( **** Stream XX - Cylinder Cock sound. **** )

Priority( 5 )
Volume( 2.0 )
Triggers( 1

Discrete_Trigger (  137 StartLoopRelease ( 1  
File ( "yourfilename.wav" -1 )    
SelectionMethod ( SequentialSelection ) ) )
                                       Discrete_Trigger (  138 ReleaseLoopRelease () )

Here's a Video I uploaded showing 3801 & 3830 departing The Rock, NSW on Open Rails. Amazing now that it makes a hissing sound on departure as how a REAL Steam locomotive should disembark from the station. Very Happy

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