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I Understand that kate (O&K 0-4-0 from 1889?) is oN display there and that from the 1920s Till 50s there was a Railway Station. Can anyone tell me a bit about kate and This  railway as i have not found much info about these topics online

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Here's Kate at Margaret River, complete with the information sign on the side of the cab.

I'll dig out some info on Kate shortly - it will be documented in Light Railways.

The railway station precinct is probably best described here:
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There are lots of references to Kate in various Light Railways magazines. Perhaps the best summary is this written by Frank Stamford in LR 59, the January 1978 issue, in an article describing the Wyndham operations:

The second locomotive was Kate. an 0-4-0WT built by
T. Green & Sons Ltd. of Leeds. England (B / No. 132 of
1889). This locomotive arrived at Wyndham in 1917,
having previously been used in the south-west ofW.A. on
timber tramways owned by M.e. Davies Karri & Jarrah
Co. Ltd., ano Millars Karri & Jarrah (1902) Co. Ltd. It
was sold to the PWD in March 1917 and transferred to
Wyndham the following month. It was later converted to
burn oil fuel. By October 1953 it was out of use. In
November 1963 it was shipped south and is now on
display at Margaret River. not far from the timber
tramway on which it first worked.

There are also references to Kate in ARHS Bulletins, with an article titled "Kate of the MC Davies Karri & Jarrah Company" in the April 1966 issue.
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As far as the railway is concerned, a study was done for returning trains to Margaret River in the early noughties. It was pretty easy to Busselton as track was still in as far as Capel and the trackbed was not only intact but gazetted as future railway. The station site and track through Busselton had been lost but the station building was moved to a new site in an ideal location near the bus station. Partway along the by-pass you pick up the old teackbed on the right and it was pretty intact through to Margaret River near the visitor centre. The old railway continued to the cape at Augusta, serving the world's most southerly chip shop and you can follow it on google earth and maps. The report concluded that reopening to Busselton was viable, the alignment was suited to reasonable speed, say 130 k/h. Beyond there it was a winding hilly track not suited to any sort of speed. Busselton is a decent size place, bigger than many town getting trains in Victoria. I was a regular user of the Australind until they stopped providing a guaranteed connection for Dunsborough and points south

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