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Location: Adelaide SA
Hello all, long time listener, first time caller.

I noticed that DPTI was advertising for Suburban Train Driver Recruits at the end of last year. Personal and family circumstances prevented me from applying at the time, but I would definitely like to apply in future at the next intake. From memory the last time they recruited before then was 4-5 years ago, so I assume it will be a few years before the next intake.

I was hoping that any knowledgeable rail folk or current/former railcar drivers could provide some advice on what I could do to improve my chances in regards to qualification and training in the next few years?

Below are some of the questions from the pre-screening questionnaire

3. Do you have experience in operating light or heavy machinery or equipment?
4. Do you have any training or experience in dealing with conflict? Please provide an example:
8. What is your understanding of Work Health and Safety requirements. Please provide details:
10. What is your understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s cultural values and the social issues that may impact their ability to access services and programs?

From reading these questions and the position description I am wondering whether I should be undertaking any training such as an LR/MR truck licence, security or conflict training, OH&S training or qualifications etc that would make me appear as a more desirable candidate.

I already have a senior first aid certificate and I’m a part time uber driver so I have my SP driver accreditation and DCSI/National Police clearances.

Any other feedback or suggestions would be welcome – just want to give myself the best chance when the time comes. Thanks in advance!

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  SA_trains Deputy Commissioner

Location: ACT
Good on you for being proactive!

I refer you to the six "P's" of preparation....

Prior Preparation Prevents P!$$ Poor Performance!

See if you can do a fork lift, bob-cat, back hoe short course. The problem for you that I see with this is that you may need to be employed in a suitable role. Have a look at TAFE. Enrole in a course with them and see if you can pick up some CERT3 or CERT4 skills.

Conflict resolution is a tough one. Courses are out there but they are likely to be expensive. Most organisations sponsor those courses. That said, have you been employed? If yes, you probably have come across conflict in one way or another. Reflect on your experiences.

WH&S is pretty easy. Plenty on the internet about the responsibilities and requirements. The number one rule though is that WH&S is everyone's responsibility.

The Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander is also a search the internet. I'm sure that there would be heaps of resources out there.

Good luck and I hope that you do well!

  BrentonGolding Chief Commissioner

Location: Maldon Junction
Hello all, long time listener, first time caller.
Gold! Sorry i can't be of assistance but wanted to acknowledge a great intro line.


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