Ex NSWGR Locos With Things to lower Pollution

  Dangersdan707 Chief Commissioner

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I have read somewhere that either a Ex NSWGR 44,45 or 48 has been fitted with some sort of device to lower its pollution. Can anyone tell witch locos they are?

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  michaelgm Chief Commissioner

IIRC, 4498 was fitted with some sort of LPG injection device in a bid to improve efficiency.
Think it had notices on the sides, warming of gas bottles on board.
Might look for reference latter. There may have been others also.
  theanimal Chief Commissioner

in the late 1990s Silverton trialled some 48 class with gas injection, apparently without thinkin how a driver wouls see forward when running long end leading with the walkway loaded with gas bottles
  jcouch Assistant Commissioner

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Are you thinking about the 48's with the scrubbers on the exhausts?

  ThyRiverina Station Master

Tim Elderton of Lithgow Railway Workshop was behind the fitting of gas cylinders on 4498, he should be able to supply further information on the project.

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