Plans for second port in Darwin

  8077 Chief Train Controller

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If these plans do come forward rail access will be required  but who would have to build the rail access the port or the GWA guys?

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  Big J Deputy Commissioner

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Interesting tussle between the port owner wanting to access the Darwin to Adelaide traffic and the rail owner wanting more trains on their line.

So that will be negotiated. Normally the line owner would say to the source generator (like a mine) to pay for any line extensions, but they wouldn't want that traffic going to road. However as it is mooted as a government port, they will probably pick up the tab.

Long way to go on this. The only reason that this has any legs is the strategic value, certainly not due to capacity constraints.
  justapassenger Minister for Railways

It will depend on the usage.

If the primary user is the US military (including their contractors) you would expect that most supply would probably be via sea with small amounts of mostly food trickling in from Darwin by truck.

If there is no long term deal for shipping of bulk products, there is no real chance of a rail connection.

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