Transfer from Preston to Malvern or Glenhuntly

  route14 Chief Commissioner

Hi all,
    A photo on Vicsig shows a Z class turning right from Collins into Spring St. on a transfer from Preston Workshop to Glenhuntly.  Obviously it's making use of the two curves for the new route 48 and the connecting curve at Riversdale & Glenferrie Rds.  However from impression there is a left turn curve from Victoria Pde. into Nicholson St.  If the tram used that, it could complete the transfer without changing ends.  (Not after Thornbury anyway.  I don't know how they car out of Preston anymore) Does that curve at Victoria / Nicholson still exist?  Or are there any difficulties preventing trams doing that route?  Thanks.

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  kitchgp Chief Commissioner

The intersection of Victoria Parade/Street and Nicholson Street is still a three-quarter union, with no NE connection.
  Heihachi_73 Chief Commissioner

Location: Terminating at Ringwood
Last time I saw a Z3 in unfamiliar territory (last year) it was running outbound on the 75 in Power St just past Hawthorn station.

Edited for clarity: The Z3 I spotted was "Tram on Test" and was most likely heading to Malvern Depot via Glenferrie Rd. Z3s haven't run in revenue service on the 75 in well over a decade (if not two decades).
  route14 Chief Commissioner

That is rare.  The long term lease of Z3 class from the former Swanston Trams were all returned when the C1 class trams were all delivered.  Sometimes Southbank leases trams from former M tram depots when they are there for maintenance anyway.  Camberwell usually leases Kew trams if it has to.  Well, since two networks have merged quite a while ago, I suppose anything is possible.

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