Rail Industry ready to work with President-Elect Biden


News article: Rail Industry ‘Ready to Work’ With President-Elect Biden

“On behalf of the entire industry, congratulations to President-Elect Biden on his victory,” said AAR President and CEO Ian Jefferies

  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

President-elect Biden was a key proponent of the rail industry during the Obama-era, and a daily rail commuter on Amtrak services between Washington and Wilmington on the North East Corridor. There are hopes the in-coming President will lead a revival for passenger rail in the United States, with the Federally controlled Amtrak having suffered serious on-board cutbacks during 2019 under ex-airline management drafted in by the Trump administration. This has been followed by long distance trains being reduced from daily to three-times per week across the nation and a steep fall in passenger numbers in 2020 resulting from the Covid-19 Pandemic.


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  The Vinelander Minister for Railways

Location: Ballan, Victoria on the Ballarat RFR Line
Agreed. This goes to what I wrote in these pages last week as soon as we realised Joe was going to win.

  freightgate Minister for Railways

Location: Albury, New South Wales
Well done guys.

I am hoping Amtrak will receive a much needed boost to assist with their increasing passenger numbers Pre pandemic and further rolling stock can be upgraded.

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