A vote of thanks from Scott

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HI SCOTT thanks for making a great series, do you think you will get to do another one soon. YOU FILMED ME at parkes on one wet. cold night when i was checking a suspected hot box on the perth bound indian. you also filmed the shunters cuting that car out of the consist.  Laughing

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  xxxxlbear Token Booking Clerk

Location: Geelong
Ooops!! EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed

I've just realized that I posted my details way too late!! Anyone, please ignore my previous posting!
Moderators, could you delete my previous posting? It's just look silly... EmbarassedEmbarassedEmbarassed
Why don't you edit/delete it yourself?
Just look under 'Post' to the left of the offending post, and click either edit or delete! Very Happy

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