Push-Pull and multiple units

  Sparkie Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney, NSW
In the version i currently have, push pull and multiple units only have one unit, i.e. The HST only gets one power unit and railmotors only get one as well.

Problem is, they run slower than an SH 40 electric. Can I fix this problem?


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  spottyrahr Chief Commissioner

you have to buy another engine, hold down CRTL while buying the train.
  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

Is there any way to make multiple engines individual "trains"?

In the latest ttdpatch you can only use the multiple engines as helpers ,and you can't put the "helper" engines at the front of a train.
  Webslave Site Admin

Location: Altona, Melbourne
Why would you wish to put a helper at the front of the train?
  spottyrahr Chief Commissioner

im not quite sure what you mean some other guy cause i put them at the front...

i opened the game just now just to show you what i mean...

heres a screenshot.

  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

Do those locos ur using there come with the latest ttd patch?

They look pretty ok.

Basically I buy a helper loco ,it spends it's life as a helper ,it can't pull a train by itself ,When I play I don't scrap locos when an industry closes and I gotta rip up the rail link to it ,I store the loco ,but if I'm using a helper then that helper cannot go to the depot by itself ,it is immobile without a lead loco!

I try to base my ttd games on practices in real life ,shunter locos integrated networks and so on. I allocate locos ,I don't build them to stay on one service forever regardless of wether it's viable or not.

Here's an example

I build a DEACCW loco for a coal service ,It doesnt have enuf power ,so I build a helper.

Then the production falls ,I take a few wagons off the train to reduce loading times then I decide I don't need that helper anymore ,however I can't put the helper loco on a new service to save the cost of building a new one cos I can only use it as a helper.
  350M-1196T-691M Chief Commissioner

Location: Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne
Which loco acts as a BU (Boster Unit (Bloody Useless))?  I know of none in TTDLX.
  GNR10 Chief Commissioner

All of em ,except with the patch they are built as one unit ,then by holding control you purchase how many more you need to pull the train to your satisfaction.

This is fixed in Openttd (see tt-forums.net)but not ttdpatch, it sux!

I can't provide screenshots or I would Razz.

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