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Scott Morrison Announces National Passenger Rail proposal for Australia

Scott Morrison announced in Canberra this morning Australia's National Passenger Rail Transport Department would begin discussions with rail groups to develop a national passenger rail service strategy and service portfolio similar to Amtrak in the USA.

Alstom driverless trains decision overturned by Federal court

Alstom Transport Australia has won a decision in the Federal court allowing it to import driverless trains free of tariffs.

ACT Government to launch Light Rail extension pre-feasibility studies

The ACT Government plans to commission pre-feasibility studies into extending the ACT Light Rail over a larger part of Canberra.

ACT government to fund studies on light rail extensions

Prefeasibility studies will be carried out on stages three and four of the Canberra Light Rail project, announced ACT Minister for Transport Chris Steel at the Australasian Railway Association’s Light Rail Conference in Canberra.

Opening Statement Senate Estimates – ARTC CEO – Wallan

ARTC CEO, John Fullerton, opening statement to the Senate Standing Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport, Canberra.


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Transnet scales back rail operation as South Africa enters lockdown

“As Transnet, our primary concern continues to be the health and safety of our employees and the local communities in which we live and work,” the company says.

First locomotive ready for new Guinea bauxite railway

SMB-Winning initially ordered two DF8B diesel locomotives in November 2019 followed by an order for another 14 3.

[SA] Prasa (!) in talks with Stadler Rail about Afro 4000s

Interesting news brought to you by the always informative website railwaysafrica.

Bruce Evans

It is with sadness that we report that Bruce Evans, our correspondent and contributor in South Africa, died on March 19.

Controlling railway crime with passenger counting and facial recognition technology

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) is mandated by government to provide passenger rail services across South Africa.

Airline News

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Qantas wants $4.2b from government to 'level playing field' if Virgin gets bailout

Qantas has told the Morrison government it expects a $4.

Air New Zealand to cut 3500 jobs, become ‘much smaller’ airline

Air New Zealand has announced plans to cut 3500 jobs and says it will probably emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic crisis 30 per cent smaller, and a predominantly domestic, carrier.

Charting the decline in air traffic caused by COVID-19

The spread of COVID-19 and response by the aviation industry has resulted in an unprecedented decline in global air traffic.

RP-C5880 accident in Manila

On 28 March an IAI 1124A Westwind II registered RP-C5880 suffered an accident in Manila.

Follow the final KLM 747 flights

This weekend, KLM will operate its final Boeing 747 passenger flights, bringing an end to nearly 50 years of service with the airline.

Arabian Rail News

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Vossloh wins Etihad Rail track contract

Rail fastenings and turnouts for Package 2A of the Etihad Rail network are to be supplied by Vossloh, under a contract awarded by the joint venture responsible for the 139 km Ruwais – Ghuweifat line.

Vossloh secures rail fasteners supply contract in UAE

Vossloh has secured a new contract for the supply of turnouts and rail fasteners for stage two of the railway line of the Gulf Cooperation Council in the UAE.

Vossloh awarded UAE Package 2A turnouts and fasteners contract

Stage 2 will extend the UAE network by 605km, running from Ghuweifat on the border with Saudi Arabia to Fujairah on the east coast.

Contract for new rail link in United Arab Emirates awarded to Vossloh

Following Vossolah’s successful completion of Phase One of the new rail link project in the United Arab Emirates – covering the 264km freight line operated by Etihad Rail between the gas fields at Shah and Habshan and the port and industrial city Ruwais.

Saudi Arabia to halt all public transport for 14 days

The government-ordered shut down affects all passenger trains, buses, taxis and domestic air services.


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'Air of unreality': Court explains ACCC's defeat in rail case

The threat of court sanction would be enough to ensure the new owner of a key east coast freight facility did not exploit its powerful position to the detriment of competitors, the judge behind a landmark case has said.

Freight train was travelling at 90km per hour when it derailed on the Nullarbor

An investigation into a train derailment on the Nullarbor last year has found the tracks failed to restore to the normal position after an east-bound train departed the line two hours prior.

New PN boss sets up old mining rivalry

Former BHP Billiton coal boss Dean Dalla Valle will replace David Irwin as chief executive officer of Pacific National, the bulk and intermodal operator announced on Monday.

Exports face disruption as union battles with network operators

EXPORTS of agricultural, mineral and timber products through Victorian ports face big disruptions from two rail industry battles over wage and work conditions.

PN industrial action costing Vic grains sector millions

DRAWN out negotiations between Victorian grain train drivers and freight business Pacific National (PN) is costing the grains industry millions of dollars due to train delays and cancellations.

Asian Rail News

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Pune Metro Taking Care of Labours Working on Metro Rail Project

Majority of the labours working on the Pune metro rail project has been staying in labour camps.

JICA signs Rs 15,295 crore loan pacts for major rail projects

A funding agency of Japanese govt named JICA has confirmed agreements of total Rs 15,295 cr with the Indian govt for 3 mega rail infrastructure projects.

Patna Metro Project including road projects postponed due to lockdown in Bihar

The lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus may lead to delay in fulfilment of few infrastructure projects like flyovers, roads, foot overbridges etc.

Indian Railways to make ventilators and train coaches to be used as isolation wards

This is really the first time in the history that isolation wards in trains for rural and remote areas and manufacturing of ventilators in their factories are at the peak of the agenda for the Indian Railways as the govt plans for a long battle facing COVID-19.

The suspension of travel by Flight, Rail, Metro, buses are now extended till April 14

Many ministries and departments have determined to extend the discontinuing of public transport services over the country till April 14, 2020, in the extension of the steps taken for reducing the spread of COVID-19 by the Government of India.


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Rail stocks see rebound

While stock markets around the globe have seen a series of wild weeks with swings some of the largest they have been for a century, one area of safety is rail freight.

Aurizon’s revenue rises to $1.53bn

Aurizon Holdings Limited revenue has increased by $73.

Aurizon reports solid half year results

The company credits the result from improved Ebit performance.

Aurizon sharpens up for G&W's arrival in Queensland

Aurizon is cutting costs and lengthening contract terms as it prepares for competition from US railways giant Genesee & Wyoming in Queensland, and weaker coal haulage volumes.

Australian High Speed Rail

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Is it time Australia drops fast rail for 'fast...ish' trains? This expert thinks so

A rail expert says a true fast train — which can reach up to 250kph — is unrealistic in Australia and expectations should be downgraded for an easier-to-build, 'fast.

Is it time Australia drops fast rail for 'fast..ish trains? This expert thinks so

A rail expert says a true fast train — which can reach up to 250kph — is unrealistic in Australia and expectations should be downgraded for an easier-to-build, 'fast.

Start Sydney to Canberra high speed rail now: chief executives

The chief executive of Australia's largest property developer, Stockland's Mark Steinert, has joined calls for the federal government to commit to  funding a Sydney to Canberra high-speed train and other rail projects

Nothing moves slower in Australia than fast rail

Despite piles of reports, oodles of analysis and a substantial application of common sense, the federal government is proceeding at a glacial pace with plans for fast rail at scale.

A Tale of Two Cities…and Four Coastal Plains

This blog has discussed at length the fate of High Speed Rail in Australia.

Bus Transport News

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Timetable Tuesday #68: Stymied by SmartBus - the good but duplicative Route 293

Cross-suburban public transport connections across the Yarra are normally fairly limited.

Shared-Use Mobility Center to provide tech assistance for 25 mobility projects

SUMC’s involvement in the IMI program builds on its partnerships with FTA’s mobility innovation initiatives.

New York state makes $18.4M available for zero-emission buses

The transit bus replacement funds will be administered through NYSERDA’s New York Truck Voucher Incentive Program.

Homeland Security designates for-hire transportation as ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure’

Bus drivers and workers who provide or support intercity, commuter, and charter bus service in support of other essential services or functions.

All North East Operators to Share Tickets

By Monday 30th March all the region’s main bus operators will be running to emergency timetables in the face of the current Coronavirus crisis resulting in a 80-90% reduction in the demand for bus services.


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Teamsters Canada unhappy with Canadian National’s COVID-19 worker protection efforts

The Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) is taking issue with CN’s seeming lack of concern for its transportation workers.

Canadian National, Canadian Pacific confident of their post-pandemic response

The Canadian railways say they will have the network capacity available to handle an anticipated surge in volumes once the coronavirus pandemic plays out and consumer patterns shift back to normal.

Bombardier in Canada stops Railway and Aircraft production units

On Tuesday to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Bombardier declared that in support of the current mandates from the Govt of Quebec and Ontario, that it would discontinue all non-important work at most of their Canadian based operations beginning this evening at 11:59 pm.

Ottawa LRT Earns National Recognition Award

The Confederation Line runs 12.

Operation Lifesaver reports a drop in Canadian railway crossing incidents

The number of Canadians killed or seriously injured in railway crossing and trespassing incidents has dropped.

Cityrail News

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Public transport vandalism, drug use on the rise across Sydney

New transport crime figures reveal the parts of Sydney where more vandals deface public transport, as well as the hot spots where possession or use of drugs is rampant.

Jolly Joseph accused of breast grope on train

A woman who was sitting on a train when it’s alleged a man tried to brush her breast, took a photo of him before filing a police report that night, a court has heard.

Police charge man over sexual act on train at Wollongong

A man has been charged over alleged sexual acts on a city-bound train last week.

Coronavirus: Mum’s ‘disgusting’ find after cleaning NSW train seat

A woman who decided to clean her Sydney train seat to protect herself from the coronavirus has shared the grim results – and it’s eye-opening.

Police charge man over sexual act on train – Redfern

A man will face court today, charged over an alleged indecent act on a train in Sydney’s inner west yesterday.

Coronavirus Transport News

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3D printing expertise called in for fight against COVID-19

The skills and expertise of the rail industry have not only been demonstrated in ensuring that the movement of people and goods is uninhibited during the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic.

How to stay connected to clients and still make sales during the COVID-19 crisis

During a crisis such as COVID-19, the industry landscape can be changing daily.

Special Podcast Series—The Coronavirus and the Rail Industry: What’s Happening Abroad

International Railway Journal Editor-in-Chief Kevin Smith talks with the International Union of Railways on the COVID-19 response in Europe.


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Deutsche Bahn exceeds 150 million annual passengers for first time

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has set a new passenger record, transporting 151 million long-distance passengers in 2019.

Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region orders EMUs

Acting on behalf of the Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, SNCF has awarded Bombardier Transportation a firm order to supply 19 Regio 2N double-deck EMUs totalling 114 cars.

Costs of Norwegian rail infrastructure projects to increase – report

This includes a further increase of up to NKr 5bn ($US 477.

[FR / Expert] A call-off for Auvergne-Rhône Alpes: SNCF orders 19 more Omneos

On behalf of the Region Auvergne-Rhône Alpes region, French national railways SNCF has confirmed an order of 19 six-car double-deck electric multiple units to be operated around the town of Lyon.

Germany’s HLB orders 30 Coradia Lint regional trains

Germany-based regional transport company Hessische Landesbahn (HLB) has placed a €120m order with Alstom for 30 Coradia Lint regional trains.

Gunzelling Reports

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New Lindsay Reefer

The latest batch of Lindsay Transport reefers have arrived with the last two being marked up for Primary Connect.

Gheringhap Sightings w/e 28/3/2020

There were 92 sightings for this week; This is 2 sightings more than last week.

Gheringhap Sightings w/e 21/3/2020

There were 90 sightings for this week; This is 4 sightings more than last week.

Bororen Loop

Bororen is located 490 km north of Brisbane and around 45 km south of Gladstone on Queensland Rails North Coast Line.

Gheringhap Sightings w/e 14/3/2020

There were 86 sightings for this week; This is 3 sightings less than last week.

Inland Rail Project

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Inland rail to boost economy by $13.3 billion over 50 years

A new EY report suggests that regional communities around Australia will benefit from a $13.

Inland Rail’s $13.3 billion value add to boost regional Australia

Regional communities across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland will benefit from the boost of up to $13.

Plans don't hold water as clouds hang over $10bn inland rail project

The $10 billion Inland Rail project remains under a cloud, with key political stakeholders refusing to endorse the chosen route through southern Queensland despite crisis talks this week.

Inland Rail builder: We never said our flood modeling was flawed

INLAND Rail builder, the Australia Rail Track Corporation, says it has never stated that its flood modeling is flawed.

Sydney meeting: Inland Rail route crunch time

IT is crunch time for the Inland Rail, with landholders saying routes across either the Condamine River floodplain east of Millmerran or through the Felton Valley must be ruled out.

International Rail News

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[FR] SNCF: A colourful farewell for Patrick a.k.a. TGV 01 [updated]

An explosion of colors to say farewell to the first TGV Sud-Est high-speed train.

[DE] In the picture: Captrain’s EuroDual 159 101 in action

We mentioned its disembarkation, then it arrived in Pirna, and afterward, we saw it running as a light engine.

ARCO Bogotá Zipa Consortium awarded consultancy contract in Colombia

The ‘ARCO Bogotá Zipa’ Consortium – consisting of Ardanuy Ingeniería Colombia and Coral Delgado y Asociados – has announced that it has been chosen to oversee the contract supervision for the planned feasibility studies and designs concerning the freight and passenger railway development between Bogotá and Zipaquirá, Colombia.

UIC publishes its 2020-2022 Work Programme, endorsed by its members

The International Union of Railways (UIC) – the worldwide railway organisation – has, for the first time, published its work programme, endorsed by its members at the last general assembly in December 2019.

Universities collaborate to support Colombian railway revitalisation

Academics from Javeriana University in Bogotá and Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK have worked together to provide government officials with training in railway development.

Letters to the Editor

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Footy in crisis: Ranking the AFL's biggest sagas

AFL football is full of hyperbole.

Is HP Sauce really named after the Houses of Parliament

There’s a rather famous brown condiment, HP Sauce, which features a rather famous building, coincidentally called the Houses of Parliament, but is one named after the other?

Lecture videos to watch from home

With many of us being discouraged from going out, why not catch up on all those interesting lectures you missed in the past?

NSW Now: Stores emptied amid coronavirus fears, woman charged over stabbing

The rising fear of coronavirus sees some Sydney stores stripped of essential items, as an expert says it's concerning that health authorities do not know how a Sydney healthcare worker caught the disease.

Today’s the 50th anniversary of the Highgate Vampire

It’s the evening of Friday 13th March 1970, and a mob break into Highgate Cemetery determined to deal with a den of vampires lurking in the graves.

Model Railways

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The newest project: A demolished factory

Although the "In the Meantime" layout is supposed to be temporary, it's looking more and more like it may end up a permanent layout.

Hocking Valley 3.0 Final Track Plan

Alright guys, after some more tweaking, here's the final plan.

Cab Ride on the CWE

Last month, Greg McComas stopped by for a visit.

Richland Oil Co

Haven't posted in awhile because I've been in a creative lull even though I have loads of time on my hands right now.

Finishing Line In Sight

Finally I can see the end of the Gwyrfai project - it at least my bit of it.

Narrow Gauge

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Inside Story

A few week ago I received the vital information I needed to complete the interior of Van 51 more accurately.

Help get steam locomotive Peter back on track at the Amberley Museum

The Amberley Museum is looking for donations towards oiler repairs and an overhaul of resident 101-year-old steam locomotive, Peter.

Isis Mill cane rail expansion on track

The construction of a 39km cane rail extension from Cordalba to Wallaville by Isis Central Sugar Mill is on track for completion by the 2020 crushing start.

Testing An NG/G16!

For those that don’t subscribe to social media, you might have missed the multitude of excellent photos and videos over recent weeks, showing the Garratt undergoing testing by the railway’s Workshop team.

Help complete a narrow gauge railway for South London

A few years ago a dream was announced, to create a narrow gauge railway in South London for visitors to the Victorian steam engines at Crossness.

New South Wales Rail News

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Covid-19: ARTC implements preventive measures

Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) has announced the implementation of various preventive measures on the North East Rail Line and Hunter Valley rail networks.

Tunnelling for Sydney Metro City and Southwest complete

Tunnel boring machine (TBM) Kathleen arrived north of the harbour on March 18, breaking through a wall of sandstone.

Sydney Harbour metro tunnelling now complete

Tunnelling has finished on the Sydney Metro City and Southwest project, after twin railway tunnels were completed under Sydney Harbour in a history-making project.

Councillor Cameron calls for Mullum to Byron rail link

A Notice of Motion by independent Cr Basil Cameron, for the March 26 Council meeting, will ask support for a rail link between Mullumbimby and Byron Bay ‘as the first stage of a multi use activation of the rail corridor’.

Tunnelling complete for Sydney Metro

The Sydney Metro has reached a major milestone, with all tunnelling now finished on the Sydney metro City & Southwest project.

New Zealand Rail News

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Payments fast-tracked for NZ transport contractors

The New Zealand Government is paying transport contractors in advance to enable suppliers to retain their workforces.

Wellington train passengers pack into carriages, break social distancing guidelines

Dozens of Wellington commuters were packed into a city-bound train this morning, with many forced to stand less than half a metre from others despite the Government's plea for Kiwis to practice social distancing.

Coronavirus: City Rail Link construction to halt immediately

Construction at all City Rail Link sites will stop immediately for a minimum of four weeks as the country moves into alert level four in its Covid-19 response.

Rail Trail operators supporting each other

Otago Central Rail Trail operators and providers are experiencing a downturn in the wake of Covid-19, but plans are under way to turn that around.

Coronavirus pushes switch from cash to card payment

Cash sales of tickets on the Metlink transport network in Greater Wellington will end on March 23, in a move which Metlink said was designed ‘to stay one step ahead of Covid-19 and give our passengers and staff more peace of mind’.

Northern Territory Rail News

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NT trains shut down for four hours after boys injured

Train services across the NT were disrupted for four hours yesterday after two boys jumped from a moving train.

Documents reveal 'extreme and ill-advised' secret plan to take land along the Ghan line

Federal cabinet documents kept secret for 20 years reveal a radical legislative proposal to acquire Aboriginal land to ensure the construction of the 1,400 kilometre rail line from the Red Centre to Darwin.

NAIF appoints Chris Wade as CEO

The Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF), a $5 billion lending organisation, has appointed senior investment official Chris Wade as its new chief executive officer.

Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility appoints new CEO

The Board of Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, commencing 20 January 2020.

Northern Australia infrastructure growth soaring

The Federal Government has delivered 85 per cent of the measures outlined in its 20-year Northern Australia White Paper – Our North, Our Future – since its publication in 2015.


103 stories | Newest story posted 3 months ago
Write to Urban Transport Infrastructure Magazine – Guest Post Guidelines

Great to have you here; Urban Transport News is now welcoming submissions from Guest Writers!

The Number One Article on Define Electrolyte in Chemistry

What You Need to Do About Define Electrolyte in Chemistry Before You Miss Your Chance

How does a modern successful enterprise work?

A successful business model in modern conditions is definitely characterized by mobility, openness, automation of numerous processes.

Tickets Alert: A virtual flight though the history of flight

In 1919 two small aircraft firms were set up in the UK and through many mergers became British Airways, which is now marking its centenary with a vision of flight in another century hence.

Other Transport News

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DART authorizes GoLink pilot program expansion

The pilot is scheduled to begin summer of 2020.

Phoenix Motorcars delivers all-electric shuttles to Texas fleet

Park & Zoom partakes in many other green initiatives including an on-site infiltration pond, vehicle charging stations for their passengers and an eco-friendly LED light system in their parking structure.

Proterra names new chairman, CEO

Proterra’s board appointed current Chairman Jack Allen as chairman and CEO.

Momentum Dynamics, GreenPower to develop wirelessly-charged bus

The GreenPower EV Star with Momentum Dynamics wireless charging technology will be sold throughout the U.

For-hire transportation group urges 'essential business' designation

The industry continues to provide paratransit and non-emergency medical transportation to bring those with severe health issues to life-saving doctor appointments.

Pacific National News

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Inland Rail sparks discussions for rail-road-air intermodal hub in Toowoomba

Pacific National and Wagner Corporation have entered into detailed discussions for a major logistics hub at Wellcamp Business Park, in Toowoomba.

Troubled Murray Basin rail project subject of complaint to Victoria's IBAC

A complaint lodged with Victoria’s anti-corruption commission claims public funds in a $440 million rail project were misused.

It takes a village

Getting the community on board for a major transport project can be hard, but Pacific National found the people and businesses of St Marys to be their staunchest advocates.

Freight train hits car at Mallala, north of Adelaide

[size=2][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]Emergency services are at the scene of a serious crash between a train and a car at a level crossing at[/b][/font][/size][b][size=2][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif] [/font][/size][/b][size=2][font=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][b]Mallala, north of Adelaide.

Close call in flood water for Pacific National train at Prairie

An eastbound fully loaded Pacific National freight train has narrowly missed being derailed at the Prairie Creek rail bridge.

Press Releases

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SRHC Mt Buller Rail & Road Tour

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre invites you on a Special Heritage Train Tour from Southern Cross to Seymour, then travel to Mt Buller for a day in the snow or enjoy a Kelly Gang History Tour.

Mernda Test Trains To Run By The End Of September

The Andrews Labor Government’s $600 million Mernda Rail Extension is six months ahead of schedule, with the first test trains to Mernda to be running by the end of September.

An Epic, Adventurous Train Ride Across the Australian Outback

There are few places left on earth that are as untouched and wild as the Australian outback, a landscape that has captivated imaginations and attracted thrill-seekers for millennia.

Heritage Train with Breakfast in Historic Station Dining Room

Seymour Railway Heritage Centre invites you on board a special Heritage Train  tour to Tocumwal travelling the “freight only”  railway line.

Qube Logistics

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Qube blames virus for weaker profits forecast

Qube Holdings chief executive Maurice James has scaled back growth forecasts amid uncertainty over how badly the coronavirus will disrupt imports to Australia as the logistics group reported a 16 per cent drop in interim profits to $51.

Qube purchases four Australian-made locomotives

Qube has awarded the contract to build four locomotives to UGL, part of the CIMIC Group.

Headwinds see QUBE take annual profit growth breather

Just two weeks after swallowing port logistics firm Chalmers, Qube has seen a slight fall in net profits on a much larger rise in revenues and profits before non-recurring items.

Qube lifts lid on adelaide warehousing development

Qube Logistics has offered an insight into its warehousing development in Adleaide, comprising a new 10,000 square metre insulated facility at Outer Harbor in South Australia.

Queensland Rail News

2478 stories | Newest story posted 2 days ago
Virus hits Queensland’s rail, bus network

Long-haul train and bus services will be cut or cancelled entirely as Queensland fights to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Continuation of passenger rail services a priority

While official advice in Australia and New Zealand is to now limit all non-essential travel, authorities across both countries have prioritised keeping passenger rail services running to ensure that front-line health workers and other critical staff can get to work.

Rail infrastructure works an “essential service”

Major infrastructure projects are ensuring the safety of their staff while continuing to progress upgrades and significant works while COVID-19 mitigation measures close down other sectors.

Rail a major component in $50bn Qld infrastructure spend

Rail had the largest growth in funded infrastructure in Queensland in 2020, according to the recently released Queensland Major Project Pipeline (QLDMPP) report.

Gladstone Port

The following set of photos were taken on Saturday the 21/3/20 with unloading almost complete of the CHIPOL DONGHAI it's shipment of hopper wagons destined for coal service in Central Queensland with One Rail, formerly known as Genesee & Wyoming Australia.

Rail Events

541 stories | Newest story posted one week ago
Rail industry continuing during COVID-19

While the rail industry is still coming to terms with what impact COVID-19 will have on the sector, the industry’s peak body, the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) has been ensuring that it continues to act as a collaborative voice for the industry.

Australasian rail events updates

After a national cabinet meeting on March 17, the Australian Commonwealth and state and territory governments announced restrictions on indoor gatherings of greater than 100 people from Wednesday, March 18.

Rail Baltica Global Forum to be conducted online; in-person event rescheduled to October

The Rail Baltica Global Forum organisers are carefully monitoring the public health situation in Europe and, considering the progressive spread of COVID-19, have decided to conduct the event online.

Coronavirus takes its toll on rail events

The International Railway Congress in Vienna, organised by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and Russian Railways (RZD), originally scheduled for March 26–27 has been postponed until autumn 2020.

Modal shift a key Forum focus

Australian Logistics Council (ALC) CEO Kirk Coningham talks about the goals of the ALC’s upcoming Forum.

Rail News

4209 stories | Newest story posted 2 days ago
Cascade Sub Backdrop Timelapse

With unexpected time for working on the railroad I was able to complete the base painting of the backdrops on the upper level.

Joint communiqué affirms indispensability of rail freight

Australia’s largest rail freight operators and infrastructure managers have welcomed statements by Australian governments ensuring that rail freight services continue despite state border closures and shutdowns of non-essential services.

The effect of extreme weather on rail and track infrastructure

As severe weather events become more intense and frequent, rail infrastructure owners and mangers are responding to this new reality.

Infrastructure works an “essential service”

Major infrastructure projects are ensuring the safety of their staff while continuing to progress upgrades and significant works while COVID-19 mitigation measures close down other sectors.

Rail Travel

284 stories | Newest story posted one week ago
Great Australian Rail Journeys

Australia has some wonderful rail journeys on offer.

Portugal – The Douro Valley and beyond on a rail, river and wine adventure

Portugal’s key location on the Western edge of Europe has enriched its character with layers of history and culture fitting with our Railway Adventures slogan as a “rail and culture” destination.

Should you travel? No

Unless you have to, NO.

Premier Inn less helpful than North Korea in emergency situations

A UK couple were forced to cancel their North Korea trip after that isolated nation closed its borders to the virus.

CoronaVirus- Health Info Country by Country

The Coronavirus COVID-19 is here to stay for a while and so too are the rumours, myths and truths which seem to be spreading faster than  the virus.

Railpage Australia News

143 stories | Newest story posted 2 years ago
A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Railpage

From Railpage to all our loyal users, moderators and administrators, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year.

New version of the All Australian Tracks Google Earth overlay

Railpage has available for download the new 2018 version of the All Australia Tracks Google Earth overlay.

Calling for software testing volunteers

Railpage is calling for 6 or so volunteers to become core team members of the RP testing team for the new developer software releases.

Submissions open for September 2017 photo comp

Submissions are now open for our monthly international photo competition.

July 2017 photo comp

Congratulations to L-1172 who has won the July 2017 photo competition with 9 votes.

Railway History

82 stories | Newest story posted 10 hours ago
Update 29-03-2020

The Next completed Newsletter will be released on the 21st of May 2020.

Railways in Iran – Part 4 – 1970s

My recollections of the 1960s are vague.

Railways in Iran – Part 3 – 1945 to the 1960s

In June 1945, shortly after the end of the War in Europe, “the allied military authorities returned the operating responsibility for the Trans-Iranian Railway to the Iranian Government.

Fairfax, Virginia and the Railroad

Fairfax, Virginia is a suburb of Washington, D.

Historical Map: Metropolitan Railway Plan for Stockholm, 1965

Here’s a great mid-20th Century planning map showing proposed extensions to the Stockholm Metro in 1965.

Railway Preservation

631 stories | Newest story posted 14 hours ago
Tubular Hells

Hello and welcome to another update from the Maldon workshop of the Victorian Goldfields Railway.

Recent repair work on steam locomotive 30925 Cheltenham

Following the recent update from the Wednesday Gang, which can be found here, an update from the Tuesday Gang’s work at the Mid Hants Railway on Tuesday 10th of March has been released.

The Severn Valley Railway needs your help!

The Severn Valley Railway has released an important update from the three companies in the Severn Valley Railway Group – Severn Valley Railway Ltd.

Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust release Washford update

The Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust has sent RailAdvent another statement regarding their position with their Washford site and the dispute between themselves and the West Somerset Railway.

Update on steam locomotive Tornado’s Winter Maintenance Work

The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust have continued in March on carrying out winter maintenance work to their new build London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) Peppercorn A1 No.

Railway Publications

127 stories | Newest story posted 14 hours ago
Railways of the Great War: Book Review

The Railways of the Great War by Colette Hooper (with Michael Portillo).

Submission – Unofficial Map: Bay Area Transit Strip Map by Pablo Kusnetzoff-Hahn

A few weeks ago, i made a fairly rough strip map of almost all Bay Area passenger rail services using some pens and graph paper.

Bells & Whistles—3/20/20

Due to technical difficulties on YouTube’s end, please go to the following link to view the latest Bells & Whistles

Rail Group On Air Podcast: Interview With Union Pacific COO Jim Vena

Listen to Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C.

Railway Stories

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New Elkhart Location Featured in the News!

New Elkhart Location Featured in the News!

Marathon du Medoc & other 2020 Plans

Thinking through my year’s travel plans.

Travelling on the Overland from Melbourne to Adelaide - A Trip Report

Arrived as Southern Cross station at 0700, the ticket and website said to be there at least one hour before departure.

Why can’t normal train services run on snow and ice?

Preparing for winter is a crucial task at Network Rail.

The Glasson Dock Branch

Glasson Dock sits at the mouth of the Lune Estuary to the Southwest of the City of Lancaster.

Russian Rail News

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TOAZ orders high-capacity fertiliser wagons

Chemical producer Togliattiazot has ordered 200 mineral fertiliser hopper wagons from United Wagon Co, with deliveries from the Tikhvin plant anticipated by the end of May.

Covid-19: Russian Railways suspends services with Eastern Europe

Visit our Covid-19 microsite for the latest coronavirus news, analysis and updates

United Wagon Company receives 200 hopper car order from TOAZ

The United Wagon Company (UWC), the largest producer of freight cars in Russia, has announced that it has signed a contract with Togliattiazot (TOAZ), one of Russia’s largest producers of chemicals, for the supply of 200 Tikhvin-produced hopper cars.

United Wagon wins fertilizer hopper wagon contract

The wagons will be produced at UWC’s Tikhvin plant and will be shipped to the customer by the end of May.

Russia suspends rail links with Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia to curb COVID-19 spread

Russian Railways said Sunday that it will suspend international rail links between Russia and Ukraine, Moldova and Latvia indefinitely from March 17 to curb the spread of COVID-19.

South Australian Rail News

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The Overland in limbo, public transport numbers crash

The future of embattled Adelaide-Melbourne train service The Overland is in limbo due to coronavirus, with a lifeline to keep it operating expiring tomorrow.

Viterra doubles the size of typical rail movement

Michael Hill, Viterra Operations Manager said it’s the first time Viterra has loaded a 100-wagon train to service interstate demand for South Australian grain.

UGL secures $180m rail sector contracts in Australia

CIMIC Group’s Australia-based subsidiary UGL has secured two rail sector contracts worth more than $180m in New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia.

Consortium for Adelaide tram network announced

Contracts for the operation of light rail services in Adelaide have been awarded to Torrens Connect.

New SA port to utilise rail connection for iron ore export

Mining company Havilah Resources has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Port Augusta Operations (PAO) for the use of a port and transhipment services for iron ore export.

Tasmanian Rail News

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Tourist train scare with a trail bike on the track

Two people on a motorbike are lucky to be alive after a near miss with a tourist train in Devonport on Sunday.

The fight for passenger rail in Hobart

A community-based action group is advocating for a passenger rail solution in Hobart, where the only public transport option is the bus.

TasRail awards track maintenance deal

TasRail has awarded a track maintenance contract incorporating project management, site management and supervision for a range of below rail infrastructure components.

Stephen Cantwell named TasRail chair

Samantha Hogg will leave TasRail as chair and Stephen Cantwell will take over from 1 January 2020.

Technology News

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White Paper: The Benefits of Consolidating Data Silos for Track Maintenance

While rail and transit organizations are great at collecting various forms of data, they typically struggle to effectively analyze it in order to inform decision making.

Hytch Rewards app launches ‘Shelter in Place’ feature

Hytch Rewards, a technology solution that incentivizes smarter mobility decisions, announced Shelter in Place, a new feature for its popular mobile app.

Duos: “We Ended the Year on a High Note”

This significant increase in total revenue was partially the result of timing shifts from previous quarters and was also driven by the current strength of the projects portion of the Duos’ business with additional contributions from maintenance and technical support as well as its IT asset management (ITAM) division.

Introducing quieter tunnels for the rail projects of the future

It might be quiet on our rail systems now, but with major rail infrastructure projects in the pipeline, we must be able to reduce noise and insulation to ensure optimum comfort on the systems of the future.

TRRA Selects CloudMoyo Crew Management

“The next-generation, cloud-based CCM solution leverages the scale of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and harnesses the power of advanced AI and analytics to optimize crew boards,” CloudMoyo said.

Train Simulator News

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Andrew Constances Newcastle light rail review cycling safety review an 'admission', Labor contends

A REVIEW that NSW Minister for Transport Andrew Constance said found safety risks to cyclists near Newcastle's light rail amounts to an "extraordinary admission", Labor contends.

New Bus To Help Avoca Sporting Clubs Hit The Road Safely

Avoca’s sporting clubs have access to a brand-new minibus to ensure players and supporters can travel safely to and from matches and events thanks to the Andrews Labor Government’s Flexible Local Transport Solutions program.

Metro Exodus

With 'Metro Exodus', there is now a computer game playing in a dystopian near-future railroad world.

Trainz YouTube Livestream!!!

Hey everybody, I'd like to announce the start of bi-weekly Trainz Livestreams.

TS18: GP40-2 Coast-to-Coast Railroading!

Two new High Iron Simulations scenario mini-packs put the Electro-Motive GP40-2 to work coast-to-coast!

Tram and Light Rail News

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New issue of Bellcord is now available for download

Edition 45 of "The Bellcord" - the journal of the Melbourne Tram Museum - is now available for download for both members and non-members.

Joint venture wins award for design of Ottawa's Confederation Line

The Confederation Line runs approximately 7.

Sound Transit, Microsoft disagree on land value for Redmond line

When friends become enemies it is always a messy situation.

Manchester Metrolink network passes 100km as Trafford Park line opens

The line opened seven months earlier than planned.

Special Report: In the Trenches: Sound Transit hit hard financially by coronavirus pandemic

The state of Washington was to first feel the impact of the coronavirus.


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Somerset railway line reopens after nine days of improvements

Network Rail has announced that a number of improvements have been made to a section of railway between Taunton and Castle Cary in Somerset has reopened, allowing key workers to get to work.

Freight keeps Britain’s lights on

The rail freight industry is working together to ensure millions of homes and businesses in Britain have electricity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rail passengers in the north told to ‘stay at home and leave rail free for essential travel’

On Friday the 27th of March, Transport for the North, rail operating companies, Network Rail, and the British Transport Police have announced that rail passengers in the North should only use the region’s railway for essential travel only.

FirstGroup receives Direct Award for Great Western Railway operations

FirstGroup has signed a Direct Award with the UK’s Department for Transport (DfT) for the continued operation of the Great Western Railway (GWR).

How the London Underground tried to extend the Bakerloo line to Dartford

In the 1930s, the London Underground looked at extending the Bakerloo line southwards, and while most plans were modest, one looked at taking it all the way out to Dartford.


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FreightCar America temporarily suspends production at Alabama facility

FreightCar America (NASDAQ: RAIL) has temporarily suspended production at its facility in Shoals, Alabama, after an employee tested positive for the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19.

Texas Central says coronavirus could impact high-speed project delivery

Texas Central says that the project is now ‘shovel ready,’ and following collaboration with the federal government, the state of Texas and a team of experts, it is ready to begin the construction phase once global financial markets stabilise and the federal approvals process is complete.

[US] In the picture: A second Alstom Avelia for Amtrak appears (and it is different)

It was only a month ago when we got a good glimpse at the #NewAcela for Amtrak.

Stonepeak Acquires TRAC Intermodal

The completed transaction “provides Stonepeak with an industry leader to strengthen its infrastructure and transportation market portfolio, while TRAC gains a new sponsor and support for future growth.

Victorian Rail News

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Operators contend with drops in passenger numbers

As government advice has encouraged people to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, passenger transport numbers have plummeted.

[Scoop] Melbourne's getting a transport museum!

Not that it's open at the moment but London has a fantastic transport museum.

Heritage-listed tree saved at a Melbourne train station

Metro Trains has confirmed that urgent works will commence at Newmarket Station in Inner Melbourne, including saving the river red gum and peppercorn trees.

Track gangs and passing trains

It might surprise you, but plenty of work happens on Melbourne’s railway network while trains are still running.

Western Australian Rail News

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Major rail radio systems replacement contract falls through

Trade restrictions imposed by the US Government have halted the Radio Systems Replacement project for the Western Australia’s Public Transport Authority (PTA).

Metronet to unlock development precincts

The Metronet project in Perth will drive transport-oriented development, with project areas declared around the Bayswater and Forrestfield stations.

WA transport minister defends railcar manufacturing in Bellevue

Liza Harvey, leader of the opposition in Western Australia, has labelled railcar manufacturing as a practise from a bygone era.

Construction begins on METRONET manufacturing facility

Construction has begun on METRONET’S Bellevue manufacturing facility, where future METRONET railcars will be built.

Construction begins on Bellevue railcar manufacturing site

Work has begun on the Bellevue manufacturing site, where Western Australia’s fleet of railcars will be built, tested, and maintained.

Yarra Trams

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What tram do I catch? An incomplete history of Melbourne tram route numbers

Visitors to our museum often ask about the rationale behind Melbourne’s tram route numbers, and how they came to be allocated.

Metro Tunnel – Town Hall Station works

Monday 23 March to Sunday 29 March, first to last tram.

St Kilda Road, High Street and Kooyong Rail Square

9pm Friday 3 April to 5am Sunday 12 April

Disruption - Route 16

Route 16 trams have resumed along their normal lines following an earlier disruption.

Disruption - Route 59

Due to a police request in Mt Alexander Rd at Mooltan St

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