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A plan for a cut-price alternative to the underground Cross River Rail project has been described as a “thought bubble” by Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese.

However, the plan received the backing of Redlands Mayor Melva Hobson, whose constituents would be well-served by the light rail “Cleveland solution” proposed by the Southeast Queensland Council of Mayors.

But Mr Albanese had his reservations.

A new brand campaign launched yesterday by the, publisher of this website, will bring free public Wi-Fi to Queensland Rail trains.

The move also marks the first time QR has allowed a coordinated commercial marketing campaign on the inside of city trains, bringing the network more in line with rail operators overseas where internal advertising is standard practice.

A QR spokeswoman said the transport provider began testing expansions to the amount of space available to advertisers early this year.

She said extra space would help make QR more commercially viable with benefits passed on to rail users.

Southeast Queensland commuters could be assured their trains were safe, Transport Minister Scott Emerson said, despite Queensland Rail admitting there had been previous 'slip and slide' incidents before last month's train crash at Cleveland.

A commuter train failed to stop and ploughed into the Cleveland station, situated at the end of the line, on January 31, raising questions about braking issues surrounding particular classes of trains.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has been charged with investigating the incident east of Brisbane.

But Mr Emerson again sought to allay concerns - of both Queensland Rail drivers and passengers - that the service was safe.

Treasurer Wayne Swan will include money for the Ipswich Motorway and Brisbane’s Cross River Rail project in Labor’s sixth federal budget, several sources confirm.

Funding for the projects will be drawn from a $100 billion nation building plan backed by superannuation funds reported to be at the heart of the budget papers due to be handed down Tuesday night.

Such investment could see tenders for the highly-anticipated underground rail project released before the 2013 election a Queensland Department of Transport spokesman said on Monday.

When a late train isn't 'late'

Posted in Queensland Rail News on 2010-09-10 11:00:09

That tardy train you caught the other day? It might not have been “late” – if only you were living in Sydney, Melbourne or London.

With Queensland Rail's performance coming under the spotlight amid an overhaul of its standards, decided to take a look at how our suburban train services compare with those provided in other cities.

But we soon discovered how difficult it is to get a clear picture of how each system shapes up, as different operators report results in different ways and even disagree over what “late” means.

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