Question - Track Machines MMY028 and MMY019

  Jericbro Locomotive Driver

I was wondering whether anyone may be able to give me an insight into where either or both MMY019 (railgrinder) and MMY028 (stoneblower) may be operating for the next 7-10 days?
I am driving to Mackay from Sydney for a week to take photos for a model project I am working on and would like to get some of these 2 machines if I can track them down in my travels.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  bulldozed Deputy Commissioner

Hey mate,
It'd pay to find an excuse to stop at Dutton Park station (near Wooloongabba, on the south side of the city), as a number of track machines are stationed at a small depot in arms' reach of the station. Can't say for sure about the stone blower, but I'm sure I've seen the grinder there. They've got a CAT 09-16 there too... now who do I know that had a half-finished brass etch for one of those...  Wink
  Jericbro Locomotive Driver

Thanks Mate,
Will check Dutton out when I get to Brissy on Saturday. Did you do the 09-16 in N scale? I will let you know when I am due to get to Brisbane and if we can work it to catch up.
  Mickelaar The Ghost of George Stephenson

Location: At the layout, tinkering.
Not sure about now a day, but the Mater staff car park, you will probably get a good view of the track in question. Not sure of recent due to infrastructure upgrades in the area.

Good luck.
  2115A Locomotive Driver

There is a brand spanking new grinder sitting in Mackay yard .It is parked in the dead end siding near the angle.
  birdman Locomotive Driver

Location: Caboolture
There was a track machine at caboolture station this morning (20th November)
Didnt see what number it was or what type.
  EMBaldwin Chief Commissioner

Location: Amongst the Cane Fields
There is a brand spanking new grinder sitting in Mackay yard .It is parked in the dead end siding near the angle.

Would be the new Loram (?) MMY 030
  Johnmc Moderator

Location: Cloncurry, Queensland
There was definitely a railgrinder working between Cloncurry and Julia creek when I was last working - last weekend - and oddly enough, they were talking about a stoneblower stowed at Pentland, between Hughenden and Charters Towers.

But did I get numbers?  Of course... NOT! Embarassed
  coyote Chief Train Controller

Location: ..........On the other side of the Far side of the Black Stump beyond the back of Bourke.
I took a photo if it sitting in Charters Towers yard on the 2nd of this month, will have a look to see if I can read  its number and get back to you. Smile
  appleby Deputy Commissioner

Location: South of the Tweed - In Canberra.
Passing through Caboolture today, there is a machine sitting on the turntable and another sitting on the line into it.  Didn't see numbers and don't know the type. Embarassed
  inlander Train Controller

Location: Brisbane
That would be the undercutter MMY17 and its sibling MMA52
  EMBaldwin Chief Commissioner

Location: Amongst the Cane Fields
MMY 019 was stowed at Stuart on Tuesday afternoon around 1600hrs (25-11-08).  Sounds like it might be at Merinda this morning however from what I hear.
  A7EL Station Master

Location: At my desk
MMY030 was on the Jilalan wheel lathe yesterday, with MMY004 at the locoshed.
  awsgc24 Minister for Railways

Location: Sydney
What do the codes such as MMY stand for?
  EMBaldwin Chief Commissioner

Location: Amongst the Cane Fields
MMY 019 was parked up at Collinsville receiving some attention yesterday afternoon.
  EMBaldwin Chief Commissioner

Location: Amongst the Cane Fields
MMY is for "specialist" on-track machines

MMA is for tampers

MMB is for ballast regulators

Other than those though, there are  many different codes.  MMC, MMP, MMR etc etc, with various meanings, but the first three are more or less the standard ones I guess you could say.

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