Moving from Passenger to Freight

  seb2351 Chief Commissioner

Location: Sydney
Hi, I wanted to see of there any members out there who have made the transition from Passenger driver to Freight train driver (especially from Cityrail).
What I wanted to know is basically what are your experiences. Do you regret making the move? Is the job more challenging or do you miss the running of ETR?

I am of two minds of how I want to progress in the rail industry, and wanted to see if there any specific side effects I should be aware of if I went over to freight (besides the obvious of poor rostering, lower job security and lower pay)

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  X_Class Junior Train Controller

Location: Hunter Valley
You'll make more money in freight, but definately at the cost of rostering and "cushiness".

I dont think Id like the suburban driving after doing long distance freight, but then again its no worse than doing coalies in the hunter - up and down one road every day.

I reckon the inter-urban side of city rail would be alright altough I'm not sure exactly where each depot runs to or how often etc. Did you ever look into the interurban roster?

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