Metro to do a qantas and shut down the fleet??

  Sir Thomas Bent Minister for Railways

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First of all, if you like being fellated by sacrificed animals, that's cool. Incredibly creepy, but OK. Whatever works best for you... Just don't assume anyone else is that depraved.

Anyone, regardless of their job, would have recognised that it was a load of bollocks. Posting threads pretty much saying OH HAI I HERD SUMFINK ON 3AW or WHEREZ DA TIKIT INSPECTRS LOL is not helping, and it's my opinion that it's not good for the site.

I didn't realise that this was somehow worthy of smarm to express.

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  Webslave Site Admin

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...and it's my opinion...
"Sir Thomas Bent"

Lucky you said that - for a minute there I thought what you had to say may have been worth reading!
  wolfpac Minister for Railways

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Weather it is CH7, or 3AW, they are reputable news sources.


Double Laughing


Yeah, "reputable", that's it... Laughing

Rumors are just that, rumors. After all, it's the name of the segment!


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