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  John_Bushell Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane

In this case not me that wants to sell something but Gwydir Valley Hobbies (GVH).  The web site is down and is taking a long time to fix so I will give him a hand by posting a flyer here.  See our directory for contact details of GVH.  Ah what the hell, here is his e-mail:

I hope this works.  If not the story is that GVH is now exclusive Australian distributor for Coffman Clamps from the States.  Just what all modellers need to hold things in place.  Right angle clamps and splice clamps.

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  VROllie Locomotive Fireman


Hi all,
I have for sale a Steam Era Models VR "J" class 2-8-0 Oil burner kit.
The kit is complete including the timber box for storage.
I'm asking $600.00 plus P&H.
Local pick up is welcome, I live in the Geelong area.
Please PM if your interested.

Cheers Ollie
  Ironside Locomotive Driver

Location: Knoxfield 3180

Large quantity (20 boxes) of wiring. All types including:
Phone wire - single strand (multi-coloured)
Phone wire - multiple pairs in looms (multi-coloured)
240 volt house wire
Fibre optic cable
Computer cable - some with sockets
Miscl. wire.

Too good to throw out.

Pick up from Knoxfield Vic. (near Ferntree Gully).

  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

For sale Auscision Freight Australia A class A71 decaled as Pacific National also fitted with scale kadee couples test run only on about 10 feet of track not weathered asking $275 plus postage or local pick up available
  St12NR18 Locomotive Driver

Location: Victoria
FOR SALE : Three 'The Ghan' carriages.

Only ever used for photos. Never ran perfect condition. All in original boxes

HL4024 "indian pacific power car"
HL4027 "the ghan coach" 2nd class
HL4030 "the ghan sleeping coach"

Only asking $120 Delivered for the lot. Can deliver myself to Victorian based people.
  fergus944 Beginner

FOR SALE:  Tyco "Santa Fe" Locomotive and Guards van in the boxes.  Starting price on Ebay is $29, free post in Australia.

I am located in Illawong, near Sutherland, Sydney and pickup will reduce the price.

John Ferguson

14th April -

** Starting price has just been reduced to $29 still with free post- Happy bidding !   ***
  Roachie Chief Commissioner

Location: Kadina SA (formerly NSW)
Up for sale is my long-owned, but little-used Dremel flexible shaft extension.

Basically, you remove the screw-on plastic cover up near the business end of your Dremel, and screw this shaft on there. It has a slim hand piece on the other end which accepts the same collets as the Dremel itself.

The overall length of the shaft is just over a meter.

I haven't used it for years, but it is still in top working condition, except for some slight surface rust (which has no effect on its ability to perform the task).

Asking $10- plus $10- for postage: $20-00 all up.

PM if interested.

Bill Roach
  evo_db Locomotive Fireman

Location: Melbourne
Hi All,

I am selling my fully operational Model railway layout with display cabinet in N scale. Below is a full description, if you have any further questions, my contact details are below.

Best regards,



You'll find more pictures at the end of this message.[/CENTER]

This layout was built to the highest standards. Even on model railway shows you don't often see this level of quality finish.
The layout comes with a display cabinet that consists of 18 individual tracks in transparent cases that can be taken out of the cabinet and connected to the layout, so that you can easily take trains from the cabinet and run them on the layout.
The layout can be demonstrated before you buy, everything works - there is nothing left to be done and nothing left to buy! See details below of what is included.

General description of the layout

At ground level there is a double track main line and a station with 4 tracks. Next to the station there is a small industrial area with some sidings, a sawmill and a goods shed. From the station, a single track side branch goes to the highest part of the layout (about 300mm above ground level) via a helix and 2 bridges. The side branch ends in another industrial area with a factory, a stone quarry, a few sidings and a return loop.
The main line goes off into a tunnel on the right to a fiddle yard with 4 storage tracks of 1.2 to 1.5m  long. On the left side of the layout the main line goes into a tunnel and appears again on a higher level on the right where the main line runs behind the town to a tunnel on the left side where there is another fiddle yard with 4 storage tracks of 1.2 to 1.5m long and a return loop.
At the front of the layout there is a bracket where you can fit one of the display cabinet cases, to put extra trains on the layout.
The combination of the 2 fiddle yards and the display cabinet cases allows you to run varied traffic. You can have 15 trains simultaneously on the track while only running 2-5 at the same time.

Layout construction

The layout is 3.45 x 1.9 metres in size and consists of 4 modules which can be pulled apart for transport. The modules have removable legs and all electronics is done via connectors so no soldering/cutting is necessary when (dis)assembling.


All visible track is Peco code 55 and invisible track (in tunnels & fiddle yard) is Peco code 55. In total there is about 80m of track, with 38 points and 1 double slip.
There are 2 fiddle yards, one with 4 extra tracks and one with 6. Because the fiddle yard cannot be seen from the front of the layout, the control panel has LEDs that indicate whether there is a train on the fiddle yard track.


The track is currently operated with a DCC command station, but it is possible to convert the layout to DC if you so desire. The layout has 3 reversing loops and each of them is fitted with an electronic reverse loop module.
All points are driven by Peco point motors (invisably mounted under the board) and DCC decoders. In total there are 11 DCC decoders mounted under the board. These decoders are controlled through a switch board mounted at the front of the track. The points DCC is separate from the track DCC, so you could even operate the trains in DC and still use the DCC points.


The scenery is of very light construction, so the track is easy to transport. The following materials were used for scenery construction: plywood, styrofoam, flyscreen, tile adhesive and plaster. No paper-mache on this layout!
The buildings in the town and industrial area in the front are all high quality, very detailed kits and the factory buildings in the background have been made from Metcalfe kits.
All buildings have been weathered.

What is included?

The entire layout, including track, point motors, wiring and scenery.
Optionally the following may be included:
Control panel with DCC interface (encoder) and 11 DCC decoders for all points, this will work even if you want to run DC trains.
3 reverse loop modules (if you are going to run DCC trains).
Roco Multimaus DCC command station with 2 handsets (cabs), manuals and power supply (If you are going to run DCC trains and you don' t have a command station yet)
Rolling stock: I have several DCC Locomotives, carriages, and freight wagons you can choose from.

Only if you include all of the above, you will have a fully operational layout. If you choose not to include some or all of it, you may need to do a bit of work and/or buy some extra components before you can run trains.


The layout is currently installed in Parkdale, Victoria and can be demonstrated before disassembly.
The layout consists of 4 modules for easy transport, the module sizes are:
1.8 x 0.6 m
1.8 x 0.7 m
1.9 x 0.75 m
1.4 x 0.9 m
This will easily fit in a small truck, or even in a large van. I will help disassemble and load, and if you are not too far away and/or if you pay (travel) expenses, I will gladly help to install the layout on site.


The price will depend on what you would like to include in the buy. If you are genuinely interested and appreciate the cost and work that goes into a layout like this I am sure we can come to an agreement.
Please contact me if you are interested in buying the layout, either by phone: 0404 429 865 or email:


You may wonder why I am selling this layout. The reason is simple, for me the hobby is building a layout. Now that the layout is finished I would like to start working on a new one. I only have space for 1 layout at a time, so the time has come for this one to move on unfortunately...

  barryc Chief Train Controller

Location: Waiting for a train to Canungra

I have a pile of Australian Model Railway Magazines to sell.

I have the following issues:

13, 17, 32, 68, 99, 104, 105, 114, 118, 119, 125, 126, 127, 128, 130 to 269 (Less 161).

Condition varies from rugged to almost mint.  I am not selling them piecemeal and if you plan to avoid postage, I am in the northern Gold Coast hinterland area.

I have no idea how much they are worth.  If you are interested, pm me with your idea of a price.
  Fireman221133 Beginner

Train Table for sale.
Originaly designed for HO. Minimum 24" radius turns.
PM with email address for PDF of CAD drawing of table.
Size is 3610 X 4210
12mm ply top cover in 25mm polystyrene.
All frame work is 70 x 35mm studs.
Table comes apart for transport.
It is located near Forest Lake, Brisbane and would be pick up.
Asking $150.

  Ardglen Junior Train Controller

Hi everyone,

I have the following up for sale;

Trainorama 44 class 4480 in Tuscan w/- silver pilots - $200
Trainorama 44 class 4483 in Tuscan w/- silver pilots - $200

Trainorama 42 class 4201 – 125 years livery - $350
Auscision Models 422 class 42205 in Tuscan as introduced - $280 - SOLD
Auscision Models 73 class 7320 in Tuscan - $250 - SOLD
Trainorama MHG pack 4 (grey livery) $- 100.00
Eureka Models CHG 10836 - $50

All items except the brake vans are brand new & never removed from boxes (and the brake vans are in excellent condition). I am not seeking to make a profit on the sale of these items; merely trying to recoup what I paid for them.
I also have the following 32mm live steam models for sale;
Roundhouse Taliesin Radio controlled - $2,500
Accucraft "Lyn" radio controlled - $1,000
Accucraft L & B rollingstock (4 x closed vans, 4 x open wagons + 2 bogie wagons - $500 lot)

Please PM if interested.


  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
For Sale, PM me for pictures.

Proto 2000 Erie E8 #825. Used condition, but not my me.

$70 posted
  gtrtorana Train Controller

Location: VIC, former home of the best loco's in OZ
Hi guys, I have an Auscision DT van in Vline pass MK1 livery that I would love to swap for another DT van in either Tea cup livery, modified tea cup/vline livery or Vline livery. They come in a twin pack and I only need the one DT in this livery. PM me if anyone is intersted in a swap. Thanks
  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Not very often that word comes up in this forum these days. But yes its true.
Offloading heaps of my railway and some aviation magazines. Big clean up and thought someone else would benefit from these....

38 issues of Motive Power.
23 issues of Model Railroader...includes specials and supplements
5 issues of "Trains" magazine
Various issues of Continental Modeller,Model Rail and European Railways (12 total )
Various issues of Railway Digest,Australian Railways Illustrated,Roundhouse and Locomotion.(10 total)

These mags are all dated in the past 4 years or so. They are in good condition, all with covers and no pages missing or torn .

And for those who might be interested in aviation I have the following:

16 mags covering Australian Aviation, Airliners, Combat Aircraft, Herpa Wings and Take off.

Conditions are:
First in first served. I will not divide up the collection and can not answer any questions on particular issues or articles because these are free and I want them gone in one hit.
Collection is in the Parramatta area in Sydneys west.
PM me if your interested and I will get back to you.
  5711 Assistant Commissioner

I have the following for sale:

Austrains 42104 reverse. Weathered by Toms hobbies with kadees and air hoses fitted. SOLD
Austrains 42101 Indian red. Weathered by Toms hobbies with kadees and air hoses...SOLD
Lima 42218 bicentennial . Weathered by Toms with full pilots, kadees,hoses and correct steps. SOLD
Trainorama 44100 shell faded Tuscan .$50 (SOLD)
Trainorama 44 un numbered shell faded Tuscan. $50 (SOLD)
Powerline BL27 box.sold sold
Post is $15 . Pick up Sydney is ok
PM me for more info if necessary.

  Huggies Chief Commissioner

Location: DFC Land :(
I have the following QR wagons for sale.

PYC 39024 2 x ANL Containers - Fitted with FRED / BOG and 9 volt battery.

PYC 39006 2 x RACE Containers

PYC 39001 2 x ACT Containers

PYC 39023 1 x Superpak Container

PYC 39007 1 x TNT Container

PYC 39002 2 x NZSC Container

PYC 39603 2 x COD Container

PYCP 37654 1 x CAST Container

KKB 13148 Cattle Wagon

CO 32352 Box Wagon

CCB 1900 Wooden Guards Van

All are fitted with Kadee Couplers and 12mm bogies. If you would like some photos them please PM me with your email address.

$40 each for all of the above + postage.
  allambi_mk2 Locomotive Fireman

Location: South Yarra, Victoria
I have the following locos up for sale as I’m trimming down my loco roster;

B63 – Auscision loco V/Line – weathered by Branchline and LokSound v3.5 sound decoder with DCCSound file loaded - $445.00 + P&H SOLD

B68 – Auscision loco VicRail Teacup – weathered by Branchline and DC only - $275.00 + P&H

B75 – Auscision loco VR Blue – weathered by Branchline and DC only - $275.00 + P&H SOLD

Y164 – Austrains loco VR / yellow handrails– weathered by Branchline and LokSound v3.5 sound decoder with DCCSound file loaded - $425.00  + P&H SOLD

T358 – Powerline loco VR / yellow handrails – weathered by Branchline and standard decoder as factory fitted - $275.00 + P&H SOLD

T386 – Powerline loco V/Line – non-weathered standard decoder as factory fitted - $275.00 + P&H SOLD

PM if interested. Postage & handling at cost or pick up from Blackburn, VIC.

  HWYRNR1984 Station Staff

Location: Chasing a white line somewhere...
For Sale. USED


- SL-E95 MEDIUM RADIUS RIGHT HAND POINT X 12..........................$12.00EACH
- SL-E88 LARGE RADIUS RIGHT HAND POINT   X 3............................$12.00EACH
- SL-E96 MEDIUM RADIUS LEFT HAND POINT   X 10..........................$12.00EACH
- SL-E89 LARGE RADIUS LEFT HAND POINT     X 5............................$12.00EACH

PECO PL-10 POINT MOTORS  X 29.................................................$6.00EACH


All items are USED and were working at the time of removal from an operating layout. I have cleaned the ballast off the points, though they weren't ballasted near the point blades so shouldn't have any conductivity issues. As far as I can tell the points were NOT painted either.
I have no means of testing the point motors, but they all slide freely from side to side by hand.
The Kadee magnets should work as new. They were only bluetacked down, NOT glued.

I will consider reasonable offers on larger amounts, say over 10 points?
Or if you are interested in the whole lot, PLEASE, PM me and we can discuss price. Total value as is $594 just to give you a basis for any offers.
POSTAGE. I think a small parcel starts at around $6.00 with aust post. Little more if you want registered or signed for etc. Budget for $6.00 minimum, then we can work out any extra for registered etc. Orders over $150 will be FREE POSTAGE
PAYMENT. Payment can be via either PAYPAL, or MONEY ORDER. If this is an issue let me know, maybe we can work something out.
Any questions, offers, etc please PM me.
Also I have tried to price the items at around 50% RRP, PLEASE if you have seen NEW items cheaper than double my prices, let me know, I'm not trying to rip anyone off or sell used stuff at new prices.
  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
Well i'll start the 45 class selling frenzy.

1x AR Kits 3513 (i think), still as new in original packagaing as purchased with handrails not fitted $150 posted

1x AR Kits 45 class undecorated, complete and as new in original packaging $100 posted (SOLD)

  Fireman221133 Beginner

Train Table for sale.
Originaly designed for HO. Minimum 24" radius turns.
PM with email address for PDF of CAD drawing of table.
Size is 3610 X 4210
12mm ply top cover in 25mm polystyrene.
All frame work is 70 x 35mm studs.
Table comes apart for transport.
It is located near Forest Lake, Brisbane and would be pick up.
Asking $350.

Train table has to go so i am open to offers.
  4464 Chief Commissioner

Location: Gone, like a fart in a fan factory!
7 x Lima Southern Aurora cars, all still original condition, no box asking $50.00 each + Postage,
3 x Ozzy Under-carriage detailing kits for above carriages, asking $10.00 each + Postage
  mattrawls Chief Train Controller

Location: Newport Workshops (Steamrail)
For Sale:

HOn3 United Brass K-28 2-8-2

asking $600 ONO

  lms6201 Beginner

fair condition $12 each , good runners , 0412708957
  jd4980 Chief Commissioner

Location: Grafton
Eureka 6030 Factory DCC and Sound unweathered, fair used condition, i'm the 2nd owner and had performed fine the few times i have used it $800

2x Hirail/Trainorama BRH’s $80

2x Hirail/Trainorama FRH fertiliser hoppers $70

3x Hirail/Trainorama BCH coal hoppers $100

3x Hirail/Trainorama BCH coal hoppers (loaded and weathered) $125

3x Hirail/Trainorama BWH wheat hoppers (weathered) $125

1x Autrains Basix 4whl tankers (in original packaging) $100

4x Austrains K trucks $120

4x Austrains K Trucks (with Kadees fitted) $140

4x Austrains K Trucks (with Kadees fitted) $140

1x ILM SHG guards van kit (unopened) $40

1x AR Kits BPV kit (unopened) $25

1x Berg’s MLV kit $25

Just the first bunch of rollingstock for sale. Unless otherwise state, models are unweathered and unboxed and may have some corrosion on kadees and other metal parts.

  lustychant Chief Commissioner

Auscision Candy 42202 BNIB $300 plus postage. Need the cash for an N set before they sell out! *Sold

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