Hunter Valley - Which services are operated by Hunter Rail Cars?

  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
I understand that some services between Newcastle and Maitland are operated by Hunter Railcars as opposed to Endeavours. Which services are operated by the Hunters especially on a weekend? I'm hoping to go for a ride on a Hunter in the near future.

Thanks in advance.

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  steelwheels Station Staff

I was up that way two weekends ago, staying next to the line in Wickham and it appeared most Maitland services were Hunters. Only Endeavour I saw appeared to be stabled near Broadmeadow.
  Aurora8 Assistant Commissioner

Location: Sydney
From what I recall, they all are served by Hunter Railcars these days. I'd say expecially on the weekend with less services to run.

Not sure if they perhaps occasionally run an Endeavour in place of one though if, for whatever reason, a Hunter set is unavailable.
  Raichase Captain Rant!

Location: Sydney, NSW
I'm sure someone with a better knowledge of the timetable will correct me (this is no bad thing), but I believe that all trains are rostered in the SWTT as Hunter sets. The Endeavour sets are used on an as required basis, cycling through as if they were Hunter sets. I recall reading a few years ago when the Hunters were introduced that residents on the Telarah - Dungog and Maitland - Scone sections requested specifically that Endeavours be used on their services, due to the lower height of platforms and the step-less Hunter cars making it difficult for elderly passengers (among others) to board the trains. That being said, be it that this is no longer the case, or that set availability was not suitable, I've shot an even mix of Hunter and Endeavour sets on these long distance services. In some regards, the Hunters are preferable to the Endeavours, better pickup and braking, and more security features for crew and passengers.
  bowralcommuter Chief Commissioner

Location: Asleep on a Manly Ferry
IIRC Endeavours usually do/did the Scone and Muswellbrook services.
  WayneTedrow Junior Train Controller

The majority of Maitland/Telarah services are worked by Hunters especially after 09:00 until 15:00 weekdays and all day weekends. AFIK all Scone/Dungog services are Hunters as well.
If the service you wish to catch happens to be an Endeavour, wait for the next service which should be a Hunter or ride the Endeavour to Maitland and return on a Hunter.
While travelling on the Hunter you'll able to marvel at the artistic talents of the local 'artistes' especially in the vestibule areas!!
  Shacks Ghanzel

Location: Sir Big Lens of the Distant Upper Hunter
No set service is allocated to just Hunter Cars or Endeavor Cars. They are used as required and each service may vary from day to day. I regularly see both types used on all runs.
  4461 Station Master

No set service is allocated to just Hunter Cars or Endeavor Cars. They are used as required and each service may vary from day to day. I regularly see both types used on all runs.

Shacks is right. I catch the train to the university at Warabrook 4 days a week and at least from an observational standpoint their seems to be no real pattern of operations as to what service gets and Endeavour and what gets a Hunter Car. The same Newcastle to Dungog was a Hunter two days and and Endeavour the other two. If you come to the Hunter wishing to ride a Hunter i'd do whats already been said and just wait till one comes along.

Would just like to premise that as stated this is purely observational and someone who works for Railcorp may prove me wrong.
  HMC1989 Chief Commissioner

Location: Behind a desk.
Geoff there are 7 Hunter and 3 Endeavour sets that make up the fleet in Newcastle so you would have a good chance of riding one. Off the top of my head, they only use 7 sets for the timetable. It may have changed as I left ESC nearly 3 years ago now. I miss working on the Hunter cars.

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