Do You Still Use MSTS

  metromelbourne Beginner

Location: Banned

Well My First Ever Forum And Poll On Railpage Australia. 

My question to you all is: 

Do you still use MSTS?

I am wondering because i have read lots of forums about how MSTS has died off. I know that myself and a lot of other people still do.MetroMelbourneStill A MSTS Lover Like Many Other People

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  railblogger Chief Commissioner

Location: At the back of the train, quitely doing exactly what you'd expect.
I play it every now and them when I feel like it.
  metromelbourne Beginner

Location: Banned
I play it every now and them when I feel like it.

It is interesting how people play it a lot. I mean for an old game. I love it and could not get enough of it
  snowy446 Deputy Commissioner

Location: Somewhere on a train
I play it very frequently
  woodford Chief Commissioner

Openrails has breathed a new lease of life into MSTS, the latest experimenatl versions being very good. While few now use it for the train sim, its required for the route and activity editor. That is until OR gets its own tools. One slight problem is that OR is out running MSTS particularly in regards to AI traffic as OR treats these as real with proper time tables and physics, something MSTS never really did. This makes some activities behave strangely.
  K160 Minister for Railways

Location: Bendigo
I've just got back into into this game in recent weeks. Been buying up the Team-ALCO VR packs that I never got when the first came out. Apart from not having a working turntable it is still an excellent game really.
  JGS Well. We'll see about THAT!

Location: Junee NSW
I'd reload it on my new PC if I could find my copy of MSTS which is somewhere in deep storage!

  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
My copy of MSTS always took ages to find (at least 45 minutes) when I wanted to reinstall it. But fortunately, it's sitting in my pile of games now.

I am slowly gathering information on a route I was interested in doing years ago, and I am around halfway laying the track. It includes a 56 kilometre long straight, and some sections of the line include stations that are more than 20 kilometres apart from others. It also features some interesting hairpin curves around some hills. At the moment, I'm waiting for the National Archives to find the second half of the gradient chart to the selected end point. There is no guarantee or promise of it being released. It's mainly something I'm working on just for the hell of it.

However, version 1 of the Northern Narrow Gauge is close to release now, due to the VM metre gauge being approved to be hosted on Steam4me.
  superheatedsteam Deputy Commissioner

Location: Perth, WA
I still use it when testing my models predominantly in external view (unless I'm working on a cab) .

I'm adding more detail to my models now and one has reached a point where MSTS will not load it even after passing through ShapeFileFixer.  OR on the other hand has no problems with this model.
  ARG706 Chief Commissioner

Location: SA
Just drove a passenger train with a 930 class at the front from Hallet to Burra (30 kilometres) in 20 minutes, stopping to pick up passengers at Mt Bryan . Almost the craziest acceleration and braking ever was necessary (example - putting the reverser in reverse, and setting the throttle to 100%). Would have been a fun NRM trip if it was still possible to operate trains on this section of track.

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