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Hi guys,

Meet Woody, my recent 0-4-2 arrival.

I just thought I'd start a brief journal chronicling the journey of Woody's return to service. As a bit of background, I bought Woody from its current owner in an inoperable state. This is not to say it was in a poor state, just simply not in operating condition. The loco was built around 1985 from the plans of Keith Watson and is classed as a "Heidi" design. The loco features Walschaerts valve gear, as opposed to the more common Hackworth normally found on this design of locomotive. Current items needed to return to service are

  • Washout plugs
  • Boiler washout, hyrdo and steam test
  • Rear axle moved back approx 25mm to facilitate ashpan and grate
  • New ashpan and grate
  • Blastpipe realignment
  • Firebox backplate replacement (The boiler is of the Briggs type, relatively common in Australia)
  • Drawbar lowering to facilitate a lower footwell on the tender
  • Lowering of the tender floor to create a footwell
  • Removal of the steam brake and replacement with air brake
  • Fitting of an compressed air reservoir
  • Through piping of train line air and fitting of a train brake
  • Fitting of auto couplers

This is not a complete list and there are many things on the list that are eventual items.

The boiler itself looks to be in good condition internally, as are the cylinder bores. The loco was originally fitted with a steam pump, which is unlikely to be replaced as it currently has twin injectors.

Some of the items are already underway, the rear axle was dropped out tonight and the rear frame spacer has been pushed back the required 25mm. In doing so, I can now finalise the design for the ashpan and grate and send them off for production. The blower valve piping is also underway, but will be finalised once the blast pipe has been realigned in the next week or so. Hopefully I will be able to complete a boiler washout at around this time and get rid of any remaining scale and gunk in the boiler to allow full internal inspection and hopefully hydro in the very near future.

Will be bringing more photos along shortly.

Kind Regards,


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Hi Owen.

Would be interested in hearing an update on this fine looking locomotive? I believe it is now based at DVR?

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