Steamrail Snow Train 21-7-2013

  Barrington Womble Photo Nazi

Location: Banned
Signalling problems is what I have read, and this was from an official source.

I wouldn't believe much of what is written in TDU.

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  james13 Chief Commissioner

Location: At the Skunk Works
Here's the video
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
Approaching Hughesdale station
  warzy7 Chief Train Controller

Looks really good... Nice pics and vids.... Keep em coming..
  grime Locomotive Driver

Reported through Morwell on the up at 1920.
  grime Locomotive Driver

Reported through Morwell on the up at 1920.
Out of Warragul on the up at 2015.
  michaelgreenhill Administrator That's Numberwang!

Location: Melbourne
My photos from today are available here Smile
  speedemon08 Mary

Location: I think by now you should have figured it out
Out of Warragul on the up at 2015.
Crossed 9472 at Herne's Oak, and by Pakenham the Snow train was first through, with the Paper train a few minutes later.
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
A candidate for the Darwin Awards is seen during the beginning of tonights clip. The boom gates had lowered and safety gates closed on the pedestrian crossing, so the dimwitted young lady decided to ignore all the warnings and push her way through the emergency access gates. And naturally she's wearing headphones while bopping along to loud music, oblivious to the danger she has put herself into. And as you can probably guess, she then proceeded to cross the road beside my location at a clearly marked "don't walk" signal without bothering to look for traffic. Sadly this is not even close to the worst pedestrian offense I observed while waiting for the special to arrive.
  Carnot Minister for Railways

R707 & R761 under the Westall Rd overpass:
  VRfan Moderator

Location: In front of my computer :-p
Hi all,

Here's my video of the day. Photos to come later
  speedemon08 Mary
  NSWGR 3827 Deputy Commissioner

Location: South of the Border
I read on TDU on Facebook, That they got Track Blocked twice at Newport

Kind Regards

I Believe the correct term is Track Locked
  DavidJDowd Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A fantastic tour once again. The larger train really gave the occasion a sense of grandeur.
The climb out of Taralgon was stunning, we were in car A up front as the locos worked their hearts out, slipping and covering the town in clouds of thick black smoke.

The most magical experience however was the whistle play between Flinders Street and Southern Cross. I have never seen so many people come running to windows or stop dead in their tracks and start waving. I think every window of the open air cars had someone waving as the drivers up front gave it all they had. The noise filled the city and the drivers took it nice and slow to put on a show.
This made the majority of us forget about the late running.

Thanks again Steamrail for a well run Tour.
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
Steamrail's 8495 Snow Train to Traralgon at the following locations :


Approaching Princes Freeway bridge out of Drouin


Between Yarragon and Trafalgar

Hernes Oak passing under Haunted Hills Rd bridge

Carnegie on the return trip as 8494
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
The action of R707-R761 after being turned at Traralgon before darkness fell
R707-R761 backing onto their train

R761 showing off it's drivers and valvegear

A side profile of R707

R707-R761 have backed onto their train

R707-R761 and their train from above
  Michelle12 Moderator Photo Overlord

Location: Melbourne
After the sunset, R707-R761 strut their stuff at Traralgon station

Side profile of R707 'City of Melbourne'

R707 showing off its drivers and valvegear

R761 takes a back seat to R707 on the 8494 Snow Train
  sarail Chief Commissioner

Location: Redwood Park, Adelaide, South Australia
Well done to SRV for a wonderful day out - we did the side trip to Walhalla for lunch, and throughly enjoyed ourselves (and the trip on the WGR).

Below is a link to a video I took from onboard the train between Jollimont and Southern Cross, including the stirring trip accross the Flinders St Viaduct, with both loco's making their presence known to all!

Still photos can be found here:

Thanks again SRV - you did yourselves proud!
  GeoffreyHansen Minister for Railways

Location: In a FAM sleeper
Was one of the cars a formers West Coast Railway Car? It is an impressive consist.
  DavidJDowd Station Master

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
It was an ex West Coast Rail car and it was so nice being on such a large train.

We were in Car A behind the loco's, on departure and climb out from Taralgon the sound was magical. A few times one of the R's lost its feet and you could feel the vibrations and shudder through the seats.
  D3639 #TeamRog

Location: Melbourne, Vic
My shots from the day
  BM3801 Lobster

Location: Go Hard or Go Home!
A fair bit late (since I havnt had a chance in the past week to get them online) but here are some of my photos from the Snow Train. I drove down from NSW for the trip and had a fantastic time chasing the train! Due to the late departure, there are no photos besides one of the return as I filmed rather than photographed (rather unlike me, but no point photographing darkness!)

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