Gawler Line: trains running slow

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I've taken a few trains out to Mawson Lakes this week and they are running much slower than usual. I took note of some places where they slow right down and it only seems to be outbound trains which are affected, with inbound trains travelling at their normal speed:

- around the Hawker St level crossing just before Ovingham
- around the Belford Ave level crossing just before Dudley Park
- At Kilburn and Dry Creek stations the trains slow down and almost stop
- under the Port Wakefield Rd Bridge
- just before and just after that cross-over track before reaching Mawson Lakes

I don't know why they're doing it as all the tracks and signals were replaced a year ago and electrification is no longer going ahead on this line. Anyone know what the cause of this is?

Cheers. ET.

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  defman70 Train Controller

I'll bite.....

You are incorrect on one count.... As they did not replace the rail, and there lies the problem.
They have been rail grinding and there have been some broken rails as well. So there have been speed restrictions in all those locations you mentioned. There were restrictions on the Up line a few weeks back when they worked on that line... Now it's the down line.
You may have noticed that since re opening, the up and down ride has been fine... But the sideways ride has been back breaking....
  ET423 Train Controller

Location: Earth
Thanks for the reply defman, that explains a lot. I was under the impression that rails were replaced in the works. Hopefully the service is restored to normal speeds soon.

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