Sydney Rail Services - who are they?

  JimYarin Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
who are these guys?

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  Fireman Dave Chief Commissioner

Location: Shh, I'm hiding
A small private rail freight operator.
  MikeyJackson Locomotive Driver

Location: Footscray, Victoria, Australia
they have a few locomotives. where do they run services?
  Termite Chief Commissioner

Location: NSW
They lease all their equipment from the likes of GreenTrains and CRL. They have leased CF class loco's at one stage briefly.

They operate a Sydney-Newcastle-Sydney container service utilising Port Botany and Cooks River in Sydney and Sandgate in Newcastle.

  JimYarin Chief Commissioner

Location: Adelaide, South Australia
thanks for the information. so they could be a mini el zorro ?
  Termite Chief Commissioner

Location: NSW
thanks for the information. so they could be a mini el zorro ?
When they started operations, they did run under the El Zorro accreditation, then once they went belly up, they moved over to ARHS ACT accreditation.

Mini El Zorro may not be the right term, but they are a fairly small operation and I believe it's very family orientated.
  craigd Deputy Commissioner

Location: A Thinktank near you
A small company set up by one Paul Stapleton who's formerly of LVRF/IRA then SSR now on his own again. Not sure if any other ex-LVRF/IRA folks are involved. They don't have their own accreditation apparently.

They're doing the Crawfords trains out of Sandgate since Qube bought IRA and then somehow the Sandgate contract landed in SRS's lap.

Not sure if anything else is in the wings but they might pick up the 'fish that John West rejects' ie. stuff that Mr Corrigan via Qube (aka Kaplan Funds Mgmt) thinks isn't worth snapping up.

  TE2815 Minister for Railways

Location: Mission control Minto or Thirlmere
Sandgate train went to SRS before the QUBE takeover of IRA. QUBE never had Sandgate contract.

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