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Hi from Aussietrainman,
Tumba Rail has reached another step on the Accreditation stairway, with our submission being recommended to be put forward. A visit next week of the ITSR/ONRSR gentleman responsible for accreditation is coming to Ladysmith to see our little corner of the Railyard.

Next stop Adelaide and then our License. The License is currently being prepared - I have the License Area showing our stop block limits.

The next step is updating our Certifications, photo ID, etc, which we are doing in the near future.

I have designed a float to go in the Narrandera 150th anniversary Street Parade on the Long Weekend in October this year. It is coming along nicely; I am using existing materials that I have on hand to construct the float, which will be a good asset to Tumba Rail as far as Publicity goes. It will be possible to go pretty well anywhere in the Riverina Area and be set up and going in less than half an hour with very little effort required.

Stationary displays and parades, even using it as an advertising hoarding just around town, are possible. We will certainly use it when the pieces of the trike running puzzle fit together.

We won't be able to run public passengers, though if anyone wants to run with us, becoming a member is all that is required, along with doing a track awareness course with us. If any one wants to drive trikes or run their own vehicles, we have suitable training courses for trike operation certification and Initial Inspection procedures for 'new' trikes in hand to enable this to be done.

Membership entails joining the Regional Heritage Transport Association-Junee, Inc. A membership application form is available on their website, which is listed on Railpage links.

At Tumba rail, we do things by the book. We would love to be able to have Associate Members or Members for a Day like the clubs, and all that do, but the Safety aspect would be compromised, and that is not on. The new RNSL and Regs are quite comprehensive, and they are there for a reason.


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  Barrington Womble Photo Nazi

Location: Banned
Thanks for the update, Phil.
  Valvegear Oliver Bullied, CME

Location: Richmond Vic
Now that is a report. . . . others may care to note the effort that Aussietrainman put in to keep us properly informed.
I second Brother Womble's comment - thanks.
  RustyRick Chief Commissioner

Location: South West Vic
BYO trike - thats sounds like fun Smile

I can see 1/4 mile timed events....


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