Why is xpt power car 2017 missing its nose cowl?

  ANR Chief Commissioner

Just saw the dubbo for this morning. The lead power car has its front nose cowl held together with bits of wire. The trailer car is missing it entirely. Did it hit a kangaroo or something?

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  taggy Chief Commissioner

Location: At Fassifern watching double Garratts.
That could be it. Most of the time, they lose a lot cowling below the nose after hitting Cow's and Kangaroo's. In the case of 2015, it's damage comes from a level crossing accident.
  Junction box Chief Commissioner

Location: newy
NT25 was missing its spoiler yesterday, must be the same unit, gee they work them hard.
  Trainplanner Chief Commissioner

Location: Along the Line
They do indeed.  There have been articles stating that the XPT sets are the most intensely diesel trains in the world operating in a pretty harsh rail operating environment.  Often we overlook just how successful they have been from that perspective.  In the UK many HST sets are still providing front line high speeed 200km/hr operations.
  taggy Chief Commissioner

Location: At Fassifern watching double Garratts.
I believe that there are a few units running around with various degrees of damage on the front.
2015/2017 are the worst I think.

I think it's something like 5 hrs they are at Meeks Road.
I know that we would bring 34 into sydney and would more often than not, get that same set back to form 31.
If the  Melbourne set was overly late, 34 set would go out as 35 and we would get the Melbourne set for 31. I think somewhere around here is a list of what set went out where and their change overs once that run was completed.
  sashmo Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane Qld
Word i have it hit a cow near Casino a few weeks back.

  chuffa Junior Train Controller

Hope the Cow is ok.
  taggy Chief Commissioner

Location: At Fassifern watching double Garratts.
Hope the Cow is ok.

Not likely, anyone for steak?
Would have given the driver a fright!
  CMTheTrainGeek Locomotive Fireman

Location: Waiting at Revesby...
I'll take some XPT Steak!

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