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  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

G'day guys, hoping someone can educate me on this.

Just before 12pm today i was at a freight depot in Brooklyn adjacent to the line that swings around after Somerton Rd and heads for Tottenham.

An outbound freight was crawling uphill headed by G522-X41?-XR551 which leads me to my question.

XR552 was really revving hard but G522 and X41 were barely working at all, What's the reason for this?

Here a link to the video, XR552 is really singing

Regards, Andy.

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  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

I must correct myself, It was XR551, not XR552 as the video title and this thread says.

  Barrington Womble Photo Nazi

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The loco combo was G522 + X44 + XR551, and the train is the 9102 Up Merbein goods.
The XR may sound louder due to not being as muffled at the exhaust? The X is offline. Due to the windblowing, I can't really hear the G.
  andyfmx Locomotive Fireman

No worries thanks for the clarification and loco numbers.

The wind does wreak havoc with the sound quality but in person that XR was really noisey, i couldn't hear anything from the G.

Anyway, highlight of my day haha was a great combination to watch.
  G41 Chief Commissioner

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There are a number of factors why this may have been the case:

The G may have not been powering and switched (off-line) due to the fact that the horse power up front may not have been needed to haul the load behind.

The G may have suffered from a fault and thus, not powering.

The G is lead unit, and if it isn't required then the crew will switch off line to reduce noise in the cab.

The G may be powering, the wind in this video is too hard to tell.

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