Denison Street Rockhampton

  bl262000 Junior Train Controller

G'day all,

Can anyone tell me if trains still proceed down Denison street in Rockhampton and if so when?


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  andrewstrains Assistant Commissioner

Location: Townsville, Where else but QLD
They sure do, there is no other way north apart from going via the coalfeilds.

As for frequency or time table ?????? no idea sorry

  bl262000 Junior Train Controller

Thanks Andrew,
I wasn't sure if there was another general pupose way around.

If anyone can provide some rought times of trains going north through Rocky over the weekend, it would be appreciated.

  Sulla1 Chief Commissioner

There's around sixteen freights a day plus two passenger trains most days. A few hours either side of sun rise should coincide with a group of northbound and southbound freights...perhaps four or five trains. But you should see at least one train every two hours or so throughout the day.
  bl262000 Junior Train Controller

Thanks Sulla1,
I did manage to get what I wanted and fortunately the day I went to get it there was a failure of the Fitzroy level crossing and so the section between the marshiling yard and the crossing point to the north required use of train authorities and made the scanner come alive with valuble info re trains, directions and times.


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