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  OK2RUN Assistant Commissioner

Hi all,
Need advice on how to change the date on a Flickr image, that is, when an image is in view and at bottom right details of user name, date "Taken on..." etc the default date in my case is date image was scanned from slide/negative, that is the date I wish to change to the correct subject date. I see when mouse is hovered over the date the popup shows date uploaded.
Hope this makes sense.

See attached image, highlighted date is the one I would like to alter.

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  duttonbay Minister for Railways

No idea whether FLickr will allow you to change that. I assume that Flickr gets its dates from the exif information in the image - although having just looked at the exif information from one of my scans, the only likely one is "File Modification Date/Time".  Perhaps you need change the file modification date, after scanning, and before uploading to Flickr.  I use "exiftool" to change these attributes - this command will change that date:

exiftool -FileModifyDate="yyyy:mm:dd hh:mm:ss"  file.jpg

This is a very powerful tool for changing image attributes. I use it in command line mode (in a Command window) - not certain whether it has a windows type of front end.

This seems to me to be easier than trying to change the file date in Windows or DOS. I use it regularly when I forget to change my camera's time to a different timezone - all photos in a folder can be adjusted plus or minus an amount. I also use it to change the orientation without having to open the image and save it, in cases where a vertical photo is appearing as a horizontal.
  OK2RUN Assistant Commissioner

Thanks to grahamH the answer has been found. Open image. Click on the three dots and go to the "Exif data". There is a field there which you can edit to the date you want. "Edit title, tags and dates" will give same result.

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