Grain operations near Harden

  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
Stopped off briefly at Harden a fortnight ago, saw two 48s, one a Graincorp rebuild, attach one to each end of a short rake of hoppers & leave on the Up. The rear 48 didn't appear to be doing any work & I caught the train a station or so Up the line at a silo. Each engine had a crew, seems an expensive way to move a short train. Does anyone know the reason for this?

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  KRviator Moderator

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Depends where they were going to load and where they were in turn taking the loaded train. Sometimes it is easier to have a loco & crew either end to reduce the time spent reversing direction.

If you caught up to them at Cunningar, there is no possibility of the locos running around the train as it is a single-ended siding with a single crossover. They probably would have propelled into the siding, loaded, come out onto the Up Main north of the crossover, then handed control to the crew on the southern end for the return to Harden or Coota, operating under their directions power-wise as required.

We regularly did this on the Vales Point-Teraba jobs, to avoid securing the train at Sulphide. Pull in, cut out the brakes, a quick leakage & continuity test by the crew at the other end, and depart southwards again.
  konkos Assistant Commissioner

Location: Live next door to half-bar
What K has been said is right.  The whole is actual a local shunt.  What also happens is at time is empty hoppers are dragged up from Harden which is swapped over for the full ones then taken back into Harden's yard and then later picked up later by a couple of mainline locos.  This arrangement comes about because Harden had a old open wagon without doors and used as a shunters truck but it was removed because of OHS reasons.
  The railway dog Train Controller

Location: Adelaide Hills
Thanks for the opinions folks. Looking at my system map, it would've been Cunningar where I saw the train.
Having lived interstate for years, & still getting over the demise of steam, I'm pretty ignorant of current NSW operations.

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