Wimmera backs passenger train push


News article: Wimmera backs passenger train push

WIMMERA residents have thrown their support behind Horsham Rural City Council’s push for passenger trains.

  bevans Site Admin

Location: Melbourne, Australia
One would have to say the change of Albury to SG for passenger and freight has not been good. Track issues, freight lost to road and passenger services unreliable with no end in sight. Are vline punch drunk?

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  don_dunstan Dr Beeching

Location: Adelaide proud
To some extent you can blame ARTC but they in turn would blame the appalling condition of the broad gauge line prior to its handover.  Yes, the whole thing ended up being a mess and it's still not resolved but it's no reason to completely discount further broad to standard conversions on the basis that the most recent one wasn't handled well.  Ultimately Victoria's broad gauge network will have to be converted for it to have any hope of longer term survival - interoperation with the rest of Australia's network vehicles, avoiding trans-shipping etc are costs that will be too great to bear in the longer term.

In relation to re-introduction of a train service to Stawell, Horsham and beyond, it has to be (somehow) reunited with Ballarat... it's the main destination for many people travelling from the Grampians/Wimmera regions.

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