Bulldog quin on Cowan bank

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

We had the rare spectacle of quin bulldogs climbing Cowan bank today.  Two works trains heading to Chullora from the Ulan line were amalgamated at Broadmeadow to form no.8M20, and Southern Shorthaul Railroad locomotives GM22, B61, GM27, GM10 & S317 put on an awesome performance hauling this huge load up Cowan bank.


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  Fred Scuttle Junior Train Controller

Location: Point Clare, NSW
So that's what I heard blasting through Point Clare just before midday! Excellent video, too! Smile
  Westie Train Controller

Bevan That was just awesome. Thanks to you for sharing it with us. Look forward to seeing it again on a future DVD
Cheers Ron
  shaved and dangerous Locomotive Fireman

Excellent video.

This appears to be the consist: RM900 Ballast Cleaner

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