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Hi Everyone,

I've bought a few packs of the Auscision coil steel cradles and their coil steel loads as well as some others, but have just realised I don't know what kind of wagons to fit them to.

I've seen some in open wagons with the doors taken off, but am more interested in the flat wagons as shown in the Auscision page.

Some of the wagons appear to have a small end bolster, while others are completely flat.

Any help with wagon codes appreciated and / or where to get some RTR of kit versions of said wagons.


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  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

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You'll find a few appropriate wagons & codes at
  4464 Chief Commissioner

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The coil cradles Auscision produce only fit a couple of wagons.

RCAF - Ex SRA NODY underframes (2CM Bogies and Two Cradles)
RCBF - Barber S2 Bogies and Two Cradles
RCQF - Barber S2 bogies and Three Cradles.
The AFs and BFs normally have twistlocks fitted for a 20ft scrap container between the Cradles.

RCKF - Ex VR CSX/VCSX - these have been modified and lightend to fit two Jumbo cradles and either end in place of the original design.

RCJY - Ex ANR RMX 60ft container flat. Which have a cradle at either end over the bogies and normally twistlocks like the RCAF/BF for a scrap container.
RCEF - Ex ELX underframe then VQOF container wagon. These have been done in the last 12 months. Skeletal deck and a cradle either end.

Ive noticed that there is a Mk 2 version of the cradle Ive seen fitted to some BF,QF and JY's which will be easy to model. It has thin plate as bracing instead of the diagonal pieces on the end, rest in the same!

Currently there is no RTR wagon, just to chuck them on!
  Poath Junction Chief Commissioner

Location: In front of a computer most of the time.
Currently there is no RTR wagon, just to chuck them on!
There will be soon, Auscision RMX's for starters.
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I simply bought (recently) 6x Powerline open wagons (NODY?) and cut the doors out, repainted them a blue-ish colour and glued the orange Auscision cradles in place. I don't have any decals, but did paint the number boards a shade of white. I couldn't get any Auscision coiled steel rolls, so I bought some Walthers coiled steel (kit).

You may have guessed that I'm not a rivet counter and to my eye these relatively crude representations of coiled steel wagons look quite good in a train that also includes some Austrains out-of-gauge flat steel wagons (empty at this stage....but I plan to add some flat styrene sheet to represent steel slabs) and some Austrains bolster wagons onto which I have loaded a number of pieces of round steel bar, courtesy of an old 20" kids bike that was laying around.....the spokes were cut to length with my trusty Makita angle grinder.

By the way, the thing I really like about the Austrains wagons mentioned, is their inherent weight....most flat/open wagons suffer from being far too light and need to have a load added to bring their weight up to a reliable operating figure.


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