46s to scrap and "Farewell to the U Boats" - video

  Bevan Wall Deputy Commissioner

Here are two more electric episodes for the catenary crowd.

One shows he movementof ten 46 class locos that had been stored at the carriage works at Redfern after undergoing asbestos removal to Sims Metal at Mascot by 8108 on Thursday July 9th,1998. The other features the last couple of days of regular U boat service and the “Farewell to the U Boats” tour in November 1996. (You will have to excuse the brushtail possum that decided to sit on the top of my camera when I was recording at Granville).




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  Newcastle Express Chief Commissioner

Aye, bring back the U-sets! (But knowing today's standards the seats would be as hard as rocks)!

If only I was able to upload a VHS-C video of the same tour.
  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Lovely memories there.
Did anyone notice in the 46 class vid that the blue 4630 in the final shot has its windscreen wipers going at the end furthest from the 81? Considering that there is no power coming from the Pans I am wondering if that locomotive might be possessed by the ghost of some forgotten driver!
  wally-wowser1 Train Controller

Location: overlooking the Mt vic washaway on Soldiers Pinch
Wipers were powered by air from air compressor ,  Must have had a valve open in that cab   for them to be  in use. There was a valve  to operate either side independently .

  5711 Assistant Commissioner

Ok - that answers that question pretty much - thought I might of been onto to some paranormal activity there!! oh well.

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