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Sightings for November 2004:


Sunday 7th November 2004:

Activity on the Derwent Valley line today included the following:

Y2 & cars; ABL2+ACS3 [Plenty shuttle trains].
Three runs, New Norfolk - Plenty & return between 1100hrs. & 1500hrs.

2004+2021+2101 light, ex Train # 131
arr. Grange, 1809hrs.
couple to 2003+2005+2006 (ex Train #'s 135 & 166) & Train # 132
2008+2007+2012 & combined Train #'s 131 & 138
standing in Boyer station yard on D.V. main.
2123 standing on coal road.
2101+2021+2004+2003+2005+2006 & Train # 132 [40 wagons (inc. 8 X 60')]
dept. Boyer (via Pine yard), 1824hrs.
via Bundella, 1833hrs.
via Dromedary, 1837hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1847hrs.
via Rogerville, 1855hrs.

Sunday 14th November 2004:

Sunday on the D.V. Line saw the currently regular (2nd & 4th Sunday)
operation of both the National Park and Plenty trains from New Norfolk.

The National Park trains comprised Y2 & cars ACS2+ACS4 running as Train Nos.
181 ~ N.N. to N.P.
182 ~ N.P. to Wwy.
183 ~ Wwy. to N.P.
184 ~ N.P. to N.N.

Meanwhile, the Plenty trains, comprising, X18 & cars ACS3+ABL2 ran as Train Nos.
186 ~ N.N. to Pty.
187 ~ Pty to N.N.
188 ~ N.N. to Pty.
189 ~ Pty. to N.N.
190 ~ N.N. to Pty.
191 ~ Pty. to N.N.

With all that, in addition to Trains 131 / 132 and 166 / 167 operating further down the line, the D.V. Line has become one of
the busiest lines in Tas. on a Sunday and the major pre-occupation of Train Control during the day!

Sunday 21st November 2004:

Train # 166 was noted passing Granton this afternoon at 1350hrs. comprising a D + DQ (2020+2003) and a very short rake of containers.
Subsequently, on heading out this evening to find Train # 132, I didn't have to look far, finding it between Ravenswood & Bridgewater.

2012+2101+2100+2020+2003 & Train # 132 [38 wagons (inc. 5 X 60')]
via Bridgewater, 1820hrs.
via Rogerville, 1824hrs.
via Brighton, 1830hrs.
via Tea Tree, 1838hrs.

The lead 'DQ' was dead (acting as a control cabin) with the remaining locos all powering. So the driver would have had a nice quiet ride!
With a relatively light train for a Sunday and four locos powering, including the 'ZP', 'ZR' & 'D', the train made particularly fast progress, with a rapid ascent of
Bridgewater bank. The mix of E.E. & 12 & 16cyl. G.M.'s made for an interesting aural cacophony!

Monday 22nd November 2004:

Observations today:

Western Junction:
Y2 (light engine) as Train # 284 (to Don (D'port))*
arr. 1230hrs.
2101+2012+2020 & Train # 231 (cross 284)
through, 1238hrs.
Y2 as Train # 284
dept. 1242hrs.

2020+2012+2101 & Train # 232 (41 wags. (inc. 9 X 60'))
through, 1906hrs.
via Rogerville, 1912hrs.

2112+2117+2113 & Train # 236
standing up end of station from c. 1915hrs**.
cut off train, dept. light, 2005hrs. (to Bridgewater to turn***)
return, arr. light, 2035hrs.
dept. with train, 2055hrs.

* Y2 ran light (cheaper than getting towed by PNT!) from New Norfolk to Don (Don River Rlwy) today, in preparation to return on Thursday with the
D.R.R.'s mainline carriage set, which is required to bolster the D.V.R.'s carriage set for a huge charter train scheduled for Saturday (the Norske Skog Boyer Paper Mill Christmas Picnic Train to National Park (400+ pax!)

** 2112 was getting mechanical attention due to a faulty diaphragm in a valve related to the air brake flow meter, which was causing the brakes to leak on.

*** Due to the unavailability of a replacement valve, the loco's were turned, so the faulty flow meter valve could be isolated. 2113, was then required to lead with it's flow meter functioning normally. However the locos ran into more trouble with the southern points at Bridgewater! Definitely not 36's night!

Saturday 27th November 2004:

A charter by Norske Skog Paper Mill at Boyer, of a train to take employees and their families to a Christmas Party at Mt. Field National Park today, resulted
in the biggest passenger train to run on the Upper Derwent Valley Line since 1978.

As mentioned in an earlier posting, Y2 ran solo to Devonport last Monday tocollect the Don River railway's main-line set of cars. The e.c.s. working arrived back down south on Thursday (missed it, as I was in Melbourne).

Anyway, this morning, the D.V.R. yard at New Norfolk was packed with carriages.To make room, there had been some shuffling round of the resident goods rolling
Parked on the coal road was a rake of wagons comprising: ZJ23+QJ5+FFC2+KG145+CC256+C505.
On the station yard dead end, in addition to resident wagons, A46+A142+OT6+CCC114, were, H149/E208 (U/frame+body) and DB14.

Shunter U5 commenced shifting the rakes of carriages out of the depot from c. 0730hrs. Locos, Y2+X18 were fired up at 0832hrs., off-shed at 0908hrs. and
shunted over to the carriages at the platform at 0920hrs. The consist comprised: DB17+ACS2+ACS4+ACS3+ABL2+AAR2+BBL11+SS7+BBL12+AAL11+SSD2.

The train, having loaded several hundred N.S.A. employees and their families,departed New Norfolk at 0935hrs. and travelled via, Hayes @ 0948hrs., Macquarie
Plains @ 1010hrs., stopped Westerway from 1048 - 1056hrs. and arrived at National Park @ 1115hrs.

The return run, with locos X18+Y2 at the head and DB17 trialing, departed National Park @ 1420hrs., and travelled via Westerway c.1442hrs., Macquarie Plains @ 1518hrs., and Hayes @ 1540hrs., arriving back at New Norfolk @ 1552hrs.

The train was then split, the D.R.R. cars stabled on the station yard loop whilst the D.V.R. cars were put away in their normal spot in the depot yard. The
X & Y were stabled after the train was split, leaving U5 to again shunt the carriages

New Norfolk shall be a busy place again tomorrow morning with Y2 departing with the return e.c.s. rake of D.R.R. carriages to Devonport (Don) c. 0810hrs.
followed by X18 on the regular Sunday passenger service to National Park and Y4 coming up from the T.T.M.S. in Glenorchy to run the shuttles to Plenty.

Sunday 28th November 2004:

As foreshadowed yesterday, there was plenty of activity out of New Norfolk today.

At 0800hrs. DVR loco Y2 and DRR cars; SSD2+AAL11+BBL12+SS7+BBL11+AAR2 were standing in the loop awaiting departure for Devonport. Guards van DB17 was
sitting at the platform, having provided accommodation for the DRR crew overnight.

At 0814hrs. Y2 and the DRR cars departed, initially only as far as Boyer, due to a rake of NSA paper wagons occupying the main at Grange. It would be over an hour (almost two) before the 'Y' got through Boyer. (see below)

By 0835hrs. DVR loco X18 had shunted DB17 onto DB14 in the station yard dead-end, then collected cars; ACS2+ACS4+ACS3+ABL2 and placed them at the platform. The
rake was split in the middle, with the first two cars destined for National Park and the second two destined for Plenty.

At 1004hrs. X18 & cars; ACS2+ACS4 departed for National Park. Shortly afterwards, TTMS loco Y4 arrived light (ex Glenorchy) at 1008hrs. Y4 had earlier crossed Y2 at Boyer, the driver of the latter, by that time having cleared a path through Boyer by borrowing the resident ZB.

Y4 collected cars; ACS3+ABL2 then waited at the platform for the Plenty trips to commence. Y4 and the DVR cars then duly ran the Plenty shuttles as follows;

1st trip: Dept. New Norfolk, 1111hrs. ~ Arr. Plenty, 1136hrs. / Dept. Plenty, 1140hrs. ~ Arr. New Norfolk, 1210hrs.
2nd trip: Dept. New Norfolk, 1234hrs. ~ Arr. Plenty, 1300hrs. / Dept. Plenty, 1310hrs. ~ Arr. New Norfolk, 1336hrs.
3rd trip: Dept. New Norfolk, 1352hrs. ~ Arr. Plenty, 1420hrs. / Dept. Plenty, 1430hrs. ~ Arr. New Norfolk, 1457hrs.

Subsequent to the last trip, Y4 stabled it's cars back in the yard then stabled outside the loco shed awaiting it's transfer back to Glenorchy.
Y4 departed New Norfolk light, for it's home depot at 1550hrs. Shortly after it left, X18 arrived back at New Norfolk with it's train from National Park at 1556hrs.
X18 shunted across to the station yard dead-end, collected DB17+DB14+H149 (E208) and placed them on the southern dead end road in the depot. The carriages were then shunted into the depot and placed onto the cars from Plenty.

Whilst everything was coming and going at New Norfolk, Y2 and the DRR cars were struggling onwards northbound, with Y2 needing to stop frequently to avoid
overheating - especially on the way up to the tunnel. Y2's train finally got to Don, sometime at 1856hrs.

Timings and events were as follows:

Loco; DVR Y2 & cars; DRR SSD2+AAL11+BBL12+SS7+BBL12+AAR2 [Train # 194]

Dept. New Norfolk, 0812hrs. (sched. 0810hrs.)
stop Grange (derail), 0820 - 0924hrs. [awaiting clearance of paper wagons]
stop Boyer (stn), 0927 - 0958hrs. [cross Y4 (light engine)]
stop Bridgewater, 1021 - 1043hrs. (sched. 0900hrs.) [Y2 turned]
via Rogerville, 1047hrs.
via Brighton, 1053hrs.
via Tea Tree, 1102hrs.
via Campania, 1121hrs.
stop 47½KPS, 1130 - 1136hrs. [loco shut down - overheating]
stop 52KPS, 1145 - 1149hrs. [loco stopped - cool down]
via Colebrook, 1214hrs. (sched. 1015hrs.)
stop 64KPS, 1216 - 1218hrs. [loco stopped - cool down]
stop 67KPS, 1226 - 1229hrs. [loco stopped - cool down]
stop 70KPS, 1236 - 1241hrs. [loco stopped - cool down]
stop 71½KPS, 1246 - 1252hrs. [loco stopped - cool down]
via Parattah, 1317hrs. (sched. 1055hrs.)
via Antill Ponds, 1350hrs.
via Tunbridge, 1405hrs.(sched. 1145hrs.)
[cross 2101+2012+2020 & Train # 131]
via Ross, 1422hrs.
via Conara Jctn ., 1453hrs. (sched. 1315hrs.)
via Western Jctn., 1546hrs. (sched. 1410hrs.)
via Hagley, 1635hrs. (sched. 1500hrs.)
via Westbury, 1642hrs.
via Deloraine, 1706hrs. (sched. 1530hrs.)
via Dunorlan, 1724hrs.
via Railton, 1757hrs. (sched. 1630hrs.)
via Devonport, 1832hrs. (sched. 1705hrs.)
[cross 2006+2003+2004 & Train #135]
via Don Jctn., 1846hrs. (sched. 1715hrs.)
Arr. Don, 1856hrs.

With two 'Y's, an 'X' and Burnie Rails DP's trundling backwards and forwards all over, Train Control must have though it was the 1970's again! There was more preserved stock in action today than PNT's own!


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Location: Drowning in accreditation red tape!
Sightings for December 2004:

Friday 3rd December 2004:

Paper train sightings as follows:

Yesterday; noted ~
2008+2020+2101 & Train # 532 [38 wagons (inc. 8 X 60')]
between Bridgewater & Ravenswood, 1916hrs.

Today; in passing ~
2101+2020+2008 & Train # 631 [not noted]
south of Tunbridge (sometime around 1500hrs.)

Tuesday 7th December 2004:

Observed tonight as follows:

2011+QR2056+2005 & Train # 338
standing at Boyer station platform.
2123 shunting 'HF's on the
coal road, 1920hrs.

2113+2117+2111 & Train # 336 [40 wagons (inc. 16 X 60')]
stop Bridgewater, 1939hrs. (red signal at southern points)
dept. Bridgewater, 1942hrs.
via Rogerville, 1952hrs.


Wednesday 8th December 2004:

Observed tonight:

2110+2118+2112 & Train # 436 [40 wagons (inc. 12 X 60')]
via Granton, 1932hrs.
stop Bridgewater, 1936 - 1938hrs. (red aspect again on the southern inner home)
via Rogerville, 1947hrs.

Friday 10th December 2004:

Observed this afternoon:

2011+QR2056+2005 & Train # 538 [38 wagons (inc. 16 X 60', 31 container wags. (inc. 5 X empty) and 7 X pine))
via Granton, 1430hrs.
stop Bridgewater, 1435hrs.
dept. Bridgewater (to Boyer), 1440hrs.

Sunday 12th December 2004:

Sighted tonight on my way to work:

2005+QR2056+2011+2004+2123 & Train # 132 [wags. not counted]
via Bundella, 1846hrs.

Monday 13th December 2004:

2123 back at Boyer this morning.

Noted, again on my way to work (hence no time to count the consist!)

2020+2008+2101 & Train # 232
between Bundella & Dromedary, 1844hrs.

2110+2118+2113 X Train # 238
2123 (coal shunt)
Boyer yard, 1852hrs.

Wednesday 15th December 2004:

Noted tonight:

2112+2118+2110 & Train # 436 [34 wagons (inc. 15 X 60')]
via Granton, 1941hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1948hrs.
via Rogerville, 1956hrs.

Thursday 16th December 2004:

Observed tonight:

2007+2001+2006 (locos ex Train # 538*) & Train # 531* [34 wagons (inc. 3 X 60' & 7 X coal)]
via Dromedary, 2001hrs.
via Riverton, 2007hrs.
* As is usual when # 31 is late, # 38 locos trip worked # 32 to Tea Tree? to exchange consists with # 31's locos.

2113+2117+2111 & Train # 536 [35 wagons (inc. 11 X 60')]
via Rogerville, 2013hrs.
via Brighton, 2020hrs,
via Tea Tree, 2031hrs.

Thursday 23rd December 2004:

A busy evening of observation tonight.[By Tas. standards!!]

2112+2110 (ex Train # 538) & Train # 532 [22 wagons (inc. 7 X 60')]
dept. Boyer, 1912hrs.
via Dromedary, 1930hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1945hrs.
via Rogerville, 1952hrs.
via Brighton, 2003hrs.
arr. Tea Tree, 2017hrs.

2101+2003+2006+2020 ex Train # 531
standing light in loop.

Z+Z cut off consist, cross ZR+DQ+DQ+D and proceed to consist of 531.
ZR+DQ+DQ+D shunt to consist of 532.

2110+2112 & Train # 531 [39 wagons (inc. 8 X coal, 1 X 60')]
dept. Tea Tree (south) 2032hrs.

2020+2006+2003+2101 & Train # 532 [22 wagons (inc. 7 X 60')]
dept. Tea Tree (north) 2033hrs.
via Tea Tree Crossing, 2036hrs.

2110+2112 & Train # 531 [consist as above]
via Brighton, 2042hrs.
via Rogerville, 2050hrs.
via Bridgewater (to Boyer), 2058hrs.

2012+QR2056+2011+2117(d/a) & Train # 536 [41 wagons (inc, 14 X 60')]
dept. Granton, 2109hrs.
via Bridgewater, 2115hrs.
via Rogerville, 2123hrs.

NB. Today was a particularly warm day. Heat restrictions were apparently in effect, notable by the slow progress of 5-32 along the D.V. Line @ c. 30kph.

Friday 24th December 2004:

The paper was exchanged at Tea Tree (presumably?) again tonight.

2005+2007+2001 (ex T. # 638) & Train # 631 [38 wagons (inc. 5 X 60', 11 X coal, 28 X loaded)]
via Rogerville, 1932hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1939hrs.

2113+2115+2111 & Train # 636 [39 wagons (inc. 13 X 60')]
dept. K&D / Risby's, 1954hrs.
via Granton, 1958hrs.
via Bridgewater, 2006hrs.
via Rogerville, 2014hrs.

P.S. # 636 passed through Granton at a normal pace, but then slowed to a virtual stop at the Bridgewater down outer home. I am pretty sure it had a green aspect when I passed it. The driver may have been getting a warrant (or trying to), but I would have thought he would have taken care of that before he left K&D / Risby's Sdg's? Not having a scanner, I dont know what he was doing.

Sunday 26th December 2004:

Another day of both National Park and Plenty trains running on the D.V.R. today.

New Norfolk:
X18 was kicked into life at 0925hrs. From 0935 to 0955hrs. X18 shunted ACS2+ACS4 from the yard and shunted them to the loop, then upon the arrival of Y4 & AAL10+SP4 from Glenorchy, at 0945hrs., cut off the AAL & SP from the 'Y' and placed them in the loop. In the meantime, Y4 shunted to the other end of the loop, collected ACS2+ACS4 and placed them at the platform.

Y4 & ACS2+ACS4 departed New Norfolk for National Park at 1006hrs. Once the National Park train was clear, X18 shunted AAL10+SP4 from the loop to the yard, then collected ACS3+ABL2 and placed them at the platform, between 1013hrs. & 1025hrs.

X18 & ACS3+ABL2 departed New Norfolk for Plenty at 1100hrs. Timings for the Plenty trains were as follows: Arr. Plenty, 1124hrs. Dept. Plenty, 1135hrs. Arr. New Norfolk, 1210hrs. Dept. New Norfolk, 1215hrs. Arr. Plenty, 1240hrs. Dept. Plenty, 1300hrs. Arr. New Norfolk, 1324hrs. Dept. New Norfolk, 1340hrs. Arr. Plenty, 1405hrs. Dept. Plenty, 1434hrs. Arr. New Norfolk, 1457hrs.

X18 then shunted ABL2+ACS3 into the depot and collected SP4+AAL10 and placed them back in the loop between 1505hrs. & 1520hrs. Y4 & ACS4+ACS2 arrived back at New Norfolk from National Park at 1540hrs. X18 shunted to the rear of the train and picked up ACS4+ACS2 which were then shunted to the yard between 1545hrs. & 1605hrs. In the meantime, Y4, which had cut off the 'ACS's, shunted to the loop, collected SP4+AAL10, thence departed New Norfolk at 1555hrs for it's return run to Glenorchy.

Friday 31st December 2004:

A final observation for 2004:

2002+2008+2021+2011+2100 & Train # 631 [49 wagons (inc. 6 X 60', 11 X coal, 47 X loaded)]
via Bridgewater, 1919hrs.

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Sightings for January 2003:


Thursday 2nd January 2003:

Welcoming in 2003 in Boyer yard last night / today were; (usual suspects)

2116+2117+2114 ex T. # 343 and 2151.

Activity tonight was as follows;

A late changeover of the 'Paper' at Boyer saw,

2116+2117+2114 (ex Train # 543) with Train # 531 [30 wags. (inc. 6 X 60')]
Boyer Mill Entrance Rd.
Crossing at 1937hrs. clearing the main for;

2021+2009+2020 (ex Train # 531) with Train # 532 [34 wags (inc. 16 X 60')]dept. Boyer, 1935hrs.
via Bundella, 1943hrs.
via Ravenswood, 1951hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1955hrs.
via Rogerville, 2002hrs.

This train was followed by,

2112+2118+2111+2113 with Train # 536 [45 wags. (inc. 21 X 60')]
via Granton, 2006hrs.
stop Bridgewater, 2012 - 2016hrs.
via Rogerville, 2024hrs.
via Brighton, 2030hrs.
stop Tea Tree, 2042 - 2045hrs. (change driver)
stop Tea Tree Crossing 2048 - 2106hrs.

The last stop was a result of sticking brakes on a bogie on one of the trailing 20' container flats. The problem was still not satisfactorily resolved upon 36's departure, and the relieved driver had to go charging off after the train to again deal with it. No doubt he would have much rathered to have been going home!

Friday 3rd January 2003:

Activity later this evening was as follows;

2004+2006 & Train # 633 [10 wags. (inc. 3 X 60')]
{Note, 2004 only powering}
via Bridgewater, 2155hrs.
via Granton, 2200hrs.
via Austin's Ferry, 2207hrs.

2114+2117+2116 & Train # 644 [27 wagons]
{Note, 2114+2117 only powering}
via Bridgewater, 2220hrs.
stop Bridgewater Saleyards Xing (Rogerville) 2227 - 2237hrs. (crew change)
via Brighton, 2244hrs

Friday 24th January 2003:

Noted Train No. 636 tonight;

2112+2118+2111 & 33 wagons (inc. 9 X 60')
via Bridgewater, 1915hrs.
via Rogerville, 1923hrs.
via Brighton, 1934hrs.

I don't know what happened to the train just before Brighton? I heard it approach @ 1930hrs. (as expected) then all of a sudden all went quiet. I was just about to go looking for it, when it finally appeared.


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Location: Drowning in accreditation red tape!
Sightings for February 2003:

Tuesday 4th February 2003:

2110+2114+2116 & Train # 344 [23 wagons (inc. 4 X 60')]

via Bridgewater, 2232hrs.
stop Saleyards Crossing, 2235 - 2241hrs. (crew change)
stop Rogerville, 2242hrs. (commence log siding shunt).

The ascent of Bridgewater bank from the junction to the
East Derwent Highway
was suprisingly fast (almost 60kph!!) considering the need to slow considerably at Wylies Park Rd.and stop at the Saleyards.

Friday 14th February 2003:

Spotted crossing Wylie Park Crossing at Bridgewater this afternoon at 1440hrs.;

2118+2114+2116 & 22 'HF's / 'FD's

Fire wagon following, but so close they could have towed it with 43 and saved fuel!!

Saturday 22nd February 2003:

Observed transiting through Pine Yard at 2150hrs. tonight;

2111+2112+2113 & T. # 131

Quite a long train as well - unfortunatly, I didnt count the vehicles, as I was too busy trying to get around it in the 4X4 fire ute, up in the pine yard!!

[changeover in with T. # 1-32, noted passing thru Rogerville at 1843hrs. - Tea Tree? or further, as there was a long stretch between both trains?]

Tuesday 25th February 2003:

Noted in Boyer yard tonight at 1920hrs.;

2114+2116+2117 light, proceeding from station yard to Ralphs.

2151 back at Boyer, shunting the coal road.

Subsequently seen at Bridgewater;

2113+2118+2111 & Train # 436 (41 wags. (inc. 15 X 60'))
via Bridgewater, 1932hrs.
via Rogerville, 1936hrs.
via Brighton, 1940hrs.
via Tea Tree, 1950hrs.

Wednesday 26th February 2003:

A few units noted in action tonight:

2151 on Boyer coal road.

2114+2116+2117 (X T. # 443) with Train # 431 [34 wags. (inc. 4 X 60')]
Boyer Mill Entrance Rd.
Xing. 1927hrs. (to Pine Yard).

2009+2010+2008+2011 with Train # 432 [37 wags.
(inc. 19 X 60')]
Boyer, 1930hrs.
via Bundella, 1940hrs.
via Ravenswood, 1950hrs.
via Bridgewater, 1955hrs.
via Rogerville, 2003hrs.

2100+QR2056+2006+2004 with Train # 436 [44 wags. (inc. 17 X 60')]
via Granton, 2010hrs.
via Bridgewater, 2015hrs.
stop Rogerville, 2022hrs. (commence shunting).

Interesting to see two successive quads. G.M. audiophiles would have enjoyed the sound of both trains climbing Bridgewater bank - both with a fair load on. (Sometimes I wish I had a tape recorder handy!!)

  12CSVT Chief Commissioner

Location: Drowning in accreditation red tape!
Sightings for March 2003:

Saturday 1st March 2003:

With the Don River Rlwy suffering a diesel motive power crisis at the moment, the Derwent Valley Rlwy and Tas. Transport Museum are about to loan them locomotives X18 and Y4 (respectively) to help out. However, as Y4 hasn't run on the mainline under it's own power for quite some time and is somewhat an unknown quantity after recent traction motor repairs, it was considered wise to give a test run locally, prior to making the long journey north.

The running tonight of a D.V.R. charter train for Corus Hotels (Hobart - Valleyfield / Hayes & return), proved to be an excellent opportunity to re-acquaint Y4 with the main line. Classmate, Y2 with two 'ACS' cars (ACS4+ACS2) departed New Norfolk at 1625hrs., proceeding via Boyer, 1639hrs.; Dromedary, 1653hrs.; Bridgewater, 1708hrs.; stop Austin's Ferry, 1722hrs.; arrive Glenorchy, c.1730hrs.

Y4, idling on the TTMS siding shunted out to the main and coupled onto Y2 - both locos gleaming in their restored red and yellow liveries, making a fine sight. With Y2 thence being towed in idle, Y4 successfully hauled its first train on the main, for quite a few years, departing Glenorchy at 1747hrs. and arriving in Hobart at 1757hrs.

Having run around, Y2+Y4, now running in multiple, departed Hobart at 1852hrs. with the two (ironically identically numbered) 'ACS' cars, loaded with charterees. The train stopped at Bridgewater from 1932 to 1936hrs. then ventured off along the D.V. Line, via Dromedary, at 1947hrs.; Boyer at 2004hrs. (where briefly, 'Y's 2, 4 & 5 (aka 2151) converged) and New Norfolk at 2016hrs. The train continued on to the passengers destination of Valleyfield, continuing to Hayes to run around, eventually returning to Hobart, Glenorchy (then back to New Norfolk).

Despite a cold change and rain showers today, the late afternoon / early evening run of the two red 'Y's from Glenorchy - Hobart - New Norfolk (Valleyfield / Hayes) was luckily blessed with clear sun, allowing many great photo opportunities (camera reliability permitting!!), which was taken up by quite a few of the local enthusiast brigade.

Tuesday 4th March 2003:

As a means of transferring locomotives X18 and Y4 (ex DVR & TTMS) north to assist the DRR out of its diesel power shortage, as well as picking up some items from the north of the state required by the DVR, a couple vacuum
braked transfer trains are scheduled for the coming week.

The first was scheduled for today, with locomotives X18+Y4 hauling wagons CCC114+FFC2 and guards van DB17 (Train # 384) timetabled to depart New Norfolk at 0505hrs. and scheduled via Bridgewater, 0540hrs.; Parattah, 0740hrs.; Conara Jctn., 0920hrs.; Western Jctn., 1010hrs.; Railton, 1245hrs.; Devonport, 1315hrs. with arrival at Don at 1350hrs.

Despite 14 hours of Night shift last night, I enthusiastically set off from work at c. 0700hrs. this morning in chase of the above with my "Old Faithful" camera at the ready.

I caught up to Train # 384 [X18+Y4+CCC114+FFC2+DB17] just south of Tunbridge, getting my first rushed shots through Tunbridge at 0840hrs. A better prepared flurry of photos followed at Ross, at 0900hrs. The train stopped at Conara Junction from 0925 to 0937hrs. to change the Tasrail driver. The DVR crew stayed for the long haul! The entire train made its first ever passage through the new Powranna cutting (Midlands Highway underpass) at 1010hrs. There was a stop at Western
Junction from 1033 to 1041hrs. After Train # 384 cleared, Train # 343 passed through, at 1044hrs., ex E.T.J. to Conara, behind 2114+2116+2118 & 9 wags.

I fell behind on the chase (chatting to one of my Launceston based DRR compatriots), catching up again at Hagley, where X18 was smoking up the atmosphere, having just departed at 1135hrs. More shots were obtained at Westbury, at 1144hrs., between Westbury & Exton and near Exton. My final shots were at Deloraine at 1205hrs., by which time I decided I had ventured far enoughm from home. It was a nice change to see ex T.G.R. vacuum braked stock (and guards van!!) back on the main line!

Wednesday 5th March 2003:

Observed running late this morning;

2111+2117+2113 & T # 435 ex Rogerville 0648hrs.

Then noted stabled at Boyer at 0700hrs.;

2021+2020+2008 X T # 331 [No T # 332 last night?]

Friday 7th March 2003:

Today, locomotive X18 was scheduled to haul sand wagon ZS1 (ex SC1) from Launceston, dept. 0945hrs. via Western Jctn., 1010hrs. to Deloraine, arrive 1145hrs. There, X18 will form a consist comprising, ZS1+FFC2+CCC114+DB17 and depart Deloraine at 1345hrs. returning via, Western Jctn., 1505hrs.; Conara Jctn., 1555hrs.; Parattah, 1735hrs.; Bridgewater, 1955hrs. arriving back at New Norfolk at 2030hrs., where ZS1 will join the DVR's preserved wagon fleet.

I returned to Deloraine today to follow the above working back south.

Just as I arrived in Deloraine, X18 arrived as well, light engine, from East Tamar Jctn. at 2140hrs. Notably absent was the expected ZS1 (SC1), which the 'X' should have brought from E.T.J. Apparently, Tasrail still haven't managed to recover it from Longreach and do the necessary inspections, so the collection of the 'ZS' had to be deferred for now. Being auto coupled and air piped, it is a simple matter (or it should be!!) for Tasrail to tow it south on one of their scheduled services, in lieu of the DVR collecting it, in the (hopefully) near future.

Sitting in the goods platform siding at Deloraine, in the meantime, were CCC114 (now loaded with the DVR's allocated spare 'X' class motor (collected from Don) and sleepers, FFC2, also loaded with sleepers and DB17.

Before X18 could shunt across and pick up the wagons, the southbound Paper Train (Train # 631) passed through comprising locos, 2021+2020+2008 and 52 wagons (35 loaded) [inc. 4 X 60'] at 1300hrs. When the yard limits were clear, X18 shunted across to the goods loop at 1310hrs.

Train # 683, comprising X18+CCC114+FFC2+DB17
departed Deloraine c. 1335hrs. The journey proceeded as follows;
via Westbury, 1403hrs.;
via Hagley Loop, 1410hrs.
stop Longford, c. 1450? - 1508hrs.;
stop Perth, 1515 - 1520hrs.;
via Western Jctn., 1538 - 1542hrs.;
via Powranna, 1621hrs.;
via Conara Jctn., 1653hrs.;
via Campbell Town, 1708hrs.;
via Ross, 1725hrs.;
via Tunbridge, 1744hrs.;
via Antill Ponds, 1757hrs.;
via Andover, 1830hrs.;
via Parattah, 1836hrs.;
via Rhyndaston, 1859hrs.;
stop Colebrook, 1923 - 1927hrs.
via Danby, 1941hrs.;
via Lowdina, 1949hrs.;
via Campania 1956hrs.;
via Rekuna 2004hrs.;
stop Tea Tree, 2014hrs.

Thence wait to cross;
2008+2020+2021 and Train # 632 (36 wags. ( inc. 11X 60')),
which went through at, 2017hrs.

This was followed by Train # 636 which ran through a short while later comprising;
2111+2117+2113 (46 wags. (inc. 21 X 60'))
which departed Tea Tree at 2036hrs.

X18 and Train # 6-83
departed Tea Tree at 2042hrs.;
passed Brighton at 2050hrs.;
Rogerville, at 2055hrs. and
Bridgewater at 2100hrs.,
which is where I finally left it, diverging onto the D.V. Line, heading for New Norfolk.

Good weather hopefully contributed to the photos taken at each location mentioned above, up until the train passed through Antill Ponds.

Whilst disappointed at not being able to collect the 'ZS' wagon yet, the loaded wagons and van behind the 'X' still looked quite nostalgic on its journey south.

Tuesday 11th March 2003;

Boyer, 0730hrs.
2008+2020+2021 ex T. # 231
stabled overnight (T. # 232 / 331 cancelled)

Boyer, 1900hrs.
2116+2114 + T # 344
awaiting departure from outside station.

Thursday 13th March 2003;

Boyer, 1920hrs.
2020+2003+2021 + T. # 532
awaiting departure from outside station.

Friday 14th March 2003;

D.V. Line;
2114+2116 + T. # 643 [19 wagons]
via Bundella, 1920hrs. (late)

M.S. Line;
2006+QR2056+2100 + T. # 636 [37 wagons (inc. 19 X 60')]
via Brighton, 1935hrs.
via Tea Tree, 1946hrs.

Wednesday 19th March 2003;

2021+2003+2020 & T. # 431 through, 1845hrs.

2117+2116 & T. # 444 reversing into station, 2148hrs.

Friday 21st March 2003;

2114+2117 & T. # 644
standing opposite coal unloading shed,
2151 hauling 'HF's off coal road, 1925hrs.

Thursday 27th March 2003:

As part of Sustainable Transport Week, a commuter train was run from Brighton to Hobart, utilising articulated railmotor DP26 from the Tasmanian Transport Museum collection.

The empty train was due off Glenorchy at 0610h, but didn't get away until 0710h, after Train No. 435 arrived in Hobart. Some time was saved on the outward section by not turning the railcar at Bridgewater and cutting out the wait at Brighton.
DP26 arrived at Brighton at 0740hrs.

After loading passengers and changing ends, it departed Brighton at 0747hrs.
Bridgewater was passed at 0758hrs.,  
Granton was cleared at 0802hrs.,
Austins Ferry was at 0807hrs. and
Berriedale at 0813hrs.

Arrival at Glenorchy was 0818h (scheduled 0730h), with departure at 0820h (scheduled 0735h).
Corneilian Bay was passed at 0834hrs.
A 6 minute stop was made at the 5 KPS for a new Track Warrant.
Arrival at Hobart (Regatta Grounds) was at 0840(scheduled 0800h).

2113+2110+2111 ex 435 were shunting the yard.
Passengers then enjoyed breakfast on the lawn before leaving.

DP26 then departed Hobart at 0858h (Scheduled 0830h),
It passed Moonah at 0910hrs.
arriving back at Glenorchy about 0920h (scheduled 0845h)

For what was only its second mainline run in over 20 years, DP26 performed well.
Although the train ran late due to circumstances beyond the operators control, the passenger seemed fairly happy and were very positive about the whole trip.


  12CSVT Chief Commissioner

Location: Drowning in accreditation red tape!
Sightings for April 2003:

Monday 21st April 2003:

Noted stabled in Boyer yard overnight were:

2009+2004 (ex 166)

and usual resident, 2151.

Saturday 26th April 2003:

The first purely enthusiast oriented rail excursion for some years ran yesterday, utilising T.T.M.S. aticulated railcar, DP26. An overall pleasant and successful trip brought together members of the TTMS, DVRPS, VDLRS (DRR), ARHS, IBR and others, benefiting from glorious weather (although a cold start) and enjoyable accommodation c/- DP26.

Following is a run-down of the railcars travels, inc. my approximate timings.

Departed TTMS Station, Glenorchy, 1005h - reverse on main, depart Glenorchy, 1010h. (northbound - motor end leading)
via Berriedale, 1014h., stop near Lowestoft, 1015 - 1017h. (track obstructions)
via Austins Ferry, 1024h.
stop St. Virgils, 1026 - 1032h. (photostop)
via Granton, 1037h.
stop Bridgewater, 1042 - 1105h. (railcar reverse onto D.V. Line from M.S. Line via north lead of wye)
stop Hughes Crossing, 1111 - 1114h. (photostop)
via Dromedary, 1118h.
stop Boyer East Pine Yard Jctn. 1129 - 1134h. (photostop)
stop Boyer 1136 - 1159h. (photos & reverse) - Note 2151 arrive in yard during stop with empty pine wagon shunt.
via Dromedary, 1211h.
stop Bridgewater 1220 - 1258h. (photos & lunch stop)
via Rogerville, 1304h.
via Brighton, 1309h.
via Tea Tree, 1319h.
via Rekuna, 1327h.
stop Campania, 1336 - 1349h. (photos & reverse)
stop c. 41.6KPS, 1353 - 1414h. (runby & photos on reverse curves)
via Rekuna, 1426h.
stop Tea Tree 1435 - 1507h. (await cross with Train # 736)
cross 2011+2100+2006+2012 & 39 wagons (25 loaded), 1503h.
stop Brighton, 1516 - 1519h. (photos)
via Rogerville, 1526h.
via Bridgewater, 1532h.
via Granton, 1536h.
via Austins Ferry, 1541h.
via Berriedale, 1548h.
via Glenorchy, 1551h.
via Derwent Park, 1554h.
via Moonah, 1556h.
stop Hobart Goods Yard - Bottom Yard, 1608h. (shunt to Top Yard)
dept. Hobart Goods Yard - Top Yard, 1639h.
via Moonah, 1652h.
stop Derwent Park 1654 - 1703h. (track inspection - obstruction)
stop Glenorchy, 1705h.
arr. TTMS Station, 1709h.

Variations on the original timetable were as follows:
Section, Boyer to New Norfolk, cancelled - stock for Train # 132 blocking line at 'The Grange'
Section, Brighton to Campania, added.
Section, Derwent Park to Gormanston Rd. (Risdon Line) cancelled - track condition.

The trip was hopefully a precursor to future meanderings by DP26 around the state - a great vehicle for long distance tours - comfortable, smooth riding, fast (if allowed) and flexible. Shame there is only one left in the state!!

Thanks to the Tasrail, DVR and TTMS train staff, the TTMS & ARHS organisers and the fine company of fellow enthusiasts who all contributed to an excellent day.

Wednesday 30th April 2003:

Observed this evening;

At Boyer;
2113+2114+2117 (ex Train # 443) with Train # 432,
through Boyer (to Ralphs) 1915h.
exchange consists with Train # 431,
2117+2114+2113 with Train # 431 [28 wagons (inc. 4 X 60')],
across Boyer Mill Entrance Road Crossing (to Pine yard & Warehouse), 1945h.

2001+2003+2021 & Train # 432 [39 wagons (inc. 15 X 60')],
dept. Boyer, 1950h.
via Dromedary, 2003h.
via Ravenswood, 2008h.
via Bridgewater, 2012h.
via Rogerville, 2020h.

At Granton,
2110+2116+2118+2111 & Train # 436 [40 wagons (inc. 23 X 60')],
dept. Granton, 2033h.
via Bridgewater, 2040h.
via Rogerville, 2048h.
via Brighton, 2054h.
via Tea Tree, 2104h.

Trains, 31, 32 & 36 were slightly later than normal but not overly so, considering the delays this morning. Noticeable in the dark was a particularly hot exhaust from ZA3 (2116). It had a very distinct glow (more so than it's class mates), then on the climb up Brighton bank, a rather impressive flame from the stack help illuminate the countryside, whilst roaring up the hill! Although not unusually long, Train 436 must have been well up on tonnage (ie. the 20 plus 60 footers) as the 'Z(A)'s were working pretty solidly up the grades. The 'DQ's were making their own efforts pretty obvious on preceding Train 432, in the best way they know - noise!

An entertaining evening.


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