Which size "Radio Equipped" decal from Bills suits HO scale?

  defman Station Master

Hi all
I have been going through old VR pics and trying to work out if those radio equipped decals were all the one size, or were the ones generally on the sides of the cab a little smaller. Looking at getting some from Bills but I can't work out which size suits an HO scale loco.
Any help appreciated.

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  John_Bushell Chief Commissioner

Location: Brisbane
When I saw the thread title I thought, now there is something new.  How could they have put a radio within a decal?

Sorry, a red herring.  I have no idea about an answer.  No trains had radios in my time.
  Bills_Billboards Chief Commissioner

i have measured 2 sizes of radio equipped decal , the most common one is the smaller of the 2


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